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Blood Electrification and the Skeptical Mind
October 4, 2010

Blood Electrification and the Skeptical Mind (Oct. 4, 2010)

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From: Tyler M
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Monday, October 04, 2010
Subject: Blood Electrification

Howdy Ken,

I send you this on a whim... I google'd blood electrification and was directed to this:

a letter do the editor two years ago.

I don't suffer from any sort of disease.. I was merely looking for some truth on the matter. So, I wanted to know.. honestly.. before I begin spouting this information to others.. is there reason to believe it works? Can the gov't really cover something like this up?

Get back to me when you can.. thankya for your time,



Hi Ty,

I run into this skeptical sort of reaction quite a bit. Let me try to enlighten you from my perspective.

Why would I make something up if I knew it wasn't true? Why would I take the time to write long articles which take time to organize and polish and tell people something that I didn't know to be ture? Why would I do that?

The lack of information about this topic and ignorance of the facts is something under which YOU suffer, not I. When you ask: "honestly,... is there any reason to believe this works" IMPLIES that Bob Beck or I are making things up or exaggerating, which IMPLIES that we are lying. That's insulting and disrespectful.

Skepticism about something like this is mostly borne of ignorance. People who don't know the facts, make all sorts of false assumptions based on common perceptions, but common perceptions are often SHAPED FOR US by vested interests, political propagandists, and dishonest institutional education materials.

I can see that you're not aware of the reality of our government when you ask "Can the government cover something like that up?" (Do hens lay eggs?)

Read all of the Beck material FIRST, view his DVD lectures and workshops SECOND, and then arrive at some conclusions ~ not before.

Regards, Ken

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