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Blossom Goodchild. Oct. 14, 2008 & Illuminati Deception
October 16, 2008

Blossom Goodchild. Oct. 14, 2008 & Illuminati Deception (Oct. 16, 2008)

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From: France L
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Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2008
Subject: Re: More info on Blossom Goodchild

Hi Ken:

I have read your personal opinion of the notice that went around with respect to First Contact but I would like to add something to it for your information.

Remember Nancy on the Zeta Talk site where there was a continued prediction of Planet X coming? I strongly think the scenario is the same.
Blossom has a message up on her site and you can see she is totally devastated. She put her heart and trust on the line and she has been crushed. She has been given no explanation, excuse, etc. She has received mounds of hate mail, totally devastated as to where she goes from here.

My thoughts she is a victim of mind control to raise the hopes of humanity then dash them, to cause total distrust in the public etc.
My heart goes out to her. I sent her an email but doubt she will get it as she seems to be closing things down.

France L (Canada)


Hi France,

Yes, in my opinion, that seems to be the most plausible explanation.

They use people who become convinced that space brother 'whoever' is going to show up on a particular date and do something spectacular and then when it doesn't happen, the misled heralder takes the brunt of the criticism, rather than the manipulators in the background who maneuvered the "messenger" in the first place. The manipulators are usually the CIA, NASA, NSA, military intelligence, ONI, etc.

It's hard to know whether the messenger is truly under mind control or merely an individual who has been duped into believing X, Y, and Z. In almost every case, the messenger is a well intentioned person who has become convinced that her "contacts' are on the level, but they usually find out too late that they've been duped.

I could same the say of myself when it came to Nancy Leider and Zeta Talk with her/their prediction of world wide, catastrophic earth changes in late May of 2003. I stumbled across her web site in late 1995 and thought it was the most astounding revelations that I had ever encountered in my life. I did not have a web site at the time.

I thought that the Zeta Talk revelations were important enough to at least relay to my relatives and friends in a letter and that was the genesis of a lengthy synopsis that I later titled "Coming Attractions." After starting my first web site in 1996, I posted Coming Attractions and sent it around to a few well known outlets like David Icke. Being an absolute 'nobody' and unknown in any public capacity, I assumed that only a handful of people might read it, but it was better than doing nothing.

Thankfully, I received information in 2002 from Carol Croft and others, that the expected Biblical-proportioned calamity predicted by Zeta Talk and Nancy Leider, to occur in late May or early June of 2003 was NOT going to happen. After asking, Carol Croft told me point blank that Nancy Leider was under mind control and that the whole Zeta Talk scenario was a put-up job by the CIA and NASA.

I can't say that I was totally relieved, but her words took 60% of the worry off my mind. I was later assured by yet another man with good "contacts" , that the 2003 calamity was NOT going to happen. That took another 25% of my worry away, but I still had a residual 15% anxiety quotient as we went into May and June of 2003, but nothing happened--thankfully-- and I posted my reaction a year later to that non-event with an article titled "Planet-X, the Sequel" (;04.shtml)

Today, I realize that I was a Babe in the Woods. I was simply an ordinary citizen who accepted these personages-like Nancy Leider- at face value and accepted her presentations as real and sincere. And, likely, from her perspective at least, she WAS being sincere and helpful. The last person to realize that they are being used and manipulated is the mind controlled victim herself.

On a conscious level, they view themselves as helpful servants to humanity. I understand that and hold no hard feelings towards them, however, I have an obligation to expose deception and adhere to the truth as I see it, so goodbye Zeta Talk and all of the CIA/NASA distorted/misleading information contained within that web site.

This is the same conclusion that I eventually arrived at concerning the Messages from Matthew. The mother of Matthew Ward (who died in an auto accident in the 1980s) is completely sincere and honest in my opinion, however, I believe that she's on the receiving end of CIA satellite transmissions-- which she thinks is that of her dead son talking to her from the Spirit World.

I had assumed that the Matthew material was on the level until it became painfully obvious to me that Matthew's "messages" were too closely aligning with the general BS that the Illuminati was trying to convince us about from other disinfo outlets. I couldn't STAND it anymore and I had to express my feelings and stop posting those Illuminati-spiked "messages". (

The very last thing I'm going to do is to KNOWINGLY allow myself to be used as a disinformation tool for the Illuminati and their scheming minions in the Pentagon, CIA, NASA, NSA, etc.

Today, I understand the Illuminati takeover game better than before. I now know that the use of "channeled" information and the use of deceived individuals like Nancy Leider or Susan Ward are part of the deception package being foisted upon the American public and the world.

You have to be super careful and DISCERN who is on the level and who is carrying water for the Illuminati. I am not infallible, of course. I give my readers the best info I have based on the most current information available to me and that's all that I can do. I believe that James Casbolt is on a similar mission of truth seeking and that's why I recently published his material. Anyone can be manipulated without his knowing it, so you have to look INWARD for inner guidance and ask yourself if it feels right or not. You'll usually get the correct impression if you apply yourself.

Kind Regards, Ken


October 14, 2008 and Alien Ships in the Sky (Oct. 14, 2008)

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