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British Officer Stuns Former Schoolmate with Attack Dog Mentality
August 21, 2004

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This is the first email I've sent to this website. I'm a long time reader but never opened my mouth (so to speak) until now. So what makes me break my silence? Well, after tonight I really don't know who/where to turn to, but I have to tell someone, else I will go crazy. I am an educated academic from England but tonight made me doubt the integrity and intelligence of the human race. You see, a friend of mine that began his undergraduate degree at the same college as myself, and who I've previously considered an intelligent individual, tonight demonstrated that an education does not necessarily give one the power of independent thought.

Cut a long story short, he is a captain in the British army, we got talking about his dealings in Iraq and I made my point clear that I believe that the weapons of mass destruction was an elaborate con in order to get the people to lend their support to the British government (i.e. Blair and his sycophants) to illegally invade Iraq along with their American overlords. My friend believes so passionately in these lies that he his blinkered by his hatred for the former Iraqi regime (fair enough I suppose) but this has transmuted into a hatred for all Iraqis that try to display any inclination of national or religious pride! I told him plainly that if I were an Iraqi I would probably be doing the same as the so called 'insurgents'! I tried to draw a parallel of England being invaded by a foreign power that designed to remove our government and install one of their own design (not an inconveivable thought for people of my parent's age or older) . Unfortunately, my friend failed to see the connection :-(

What troubled me tonight was the total and immutable conviction of my friend that the current regime of hardship, beatings, shootings and general persecution of Iraqis (of which I can't even begin to describe... a good starting point for interested readers would be to read Robert Fisks's articles for the Indepedent newspaper is justified simply by the fact that the previous regime of Saddam was so much worse. I'm sorry, but with that logic you can say that it is ok to replace Stalin with Ceausescu!

But what really scared me was the hate and fear that my friend portrayed. Hate of anything remotely Arab and/or Muslim (obviously the UK military have done fanstastic job of brainwashing their drones) and fear of the truth. Understand that my long time 'friend' tried to strangle me when I voiced my opinion!!! Luckily for me I have always been quite stocky and muscular and could push my friend away (despite his many years of military training) with relative ease. God help anyone who is much more fragile that voices a similar opinion!

If this is what a British army captain tries to do to his friend, what are they doing to the innocent men, women and children of Iraq???

I pray for common sense to prevail in this crazy world! I pray that Iraq will soon find peace and independence from the oil-hungry west.

Peace and love,





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