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There Are None So Blind

From Ken Adachi, Editor
July 12, 2011

There Are None So Blind (July 12, 2011)

I'm posting part of a letter forwarded to me today by Don Nicoloff from a woman named Caroline. I'm only re-posting the part of her letter that addresses the concepts embraced by a number of American fundamentalist sects who refer to themselves as Christians. Her words reveal the frustrations that many feel within the ranks of Christian fundamentalists, but are afraid to openly voice due to fear of censure or rejection.

I'm not on a mission to tell people what to believe. My purpose in ventilating the subject of fundamentalism is to illustrate the calculated deceptions which have been layered into Christian fundamentalist beliefs since roughly the latter half of the 19th century.

Technically, fundamentalists are Protestants, but the deceptive beliefs structures which concern me most have nothing to do with the issues that Martin Luther raised with the advent of the Protestant Reformation. Too many fundamentalist Christians blindly adhere to precepts that have nothing to do with the principles of Christianity or the teachings of Jesus Christ (There are none so blind as those who think themselves 'righteous').

These ideas have been inculcated by millions though endless repetition and subliminal re-enforcement via that fundamentalist preacher network that began in the revival tents of the 1920s and 30s, continued into radio, and then into 'Christian' television, such as the very Illuminated, British Israel flagship station, Timidity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

The so-called Zionist Christians are the most deceived of all. The Israeli rabbis who appear on stage with 'Pastor' John Hagee are staunch Talmudists who study and follow the teachings of the Talmud, a book which hurls endless slanders and curses against the name of Jesus Christ.

The ultimate goals of Zionism (which include Talmudists) are spelled out in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion (also spelled Zion) Read it and understand the intentional deception which they advocate against all who believe in a Christian God.

How can anyone who calls himself a Christian openly consort with those who ascribe to teachings which curse and slander the very Founder of Christianity? That's simply NUTS, and yet that's what we are witnessing with the brain washed individuals who applaud and cheer for "Pastor" Hagee and his Israeli rabbinical friends who wish to "re-unite" Christians and Jews in the 'homeland' of Israel. This is deception on an unprecedented level.

The idea of a wrathful, revengeful, and damming God is taken from the Old Testament which has been hugely influenced by ancient Sumerian epic texts (usually referred to as Scriptures); the story of Noah and the Ark being a prime example. The condemnation and judgment of others, which is endemic in Christian fundamentalism, is WRONG and is NOT what Jesus taught while on earth; quite the opposite. The Armageddon/Rapture scenario-along with the entire End Times doom & gloom psyops is a British Israel deception from top to bottom.

These are the relevant comments on fundamentalist Christianity that I excerpted from Caroline's letter to Don:

"Most people are good it would seem. Most people are simply programmed and acting just the way we are expected to act by the tyrants and overlords that have always kept all the important information from us throughout all history. I don't know what is expected of people so put upon that actually have no idea that they are 'put upon'. I have no one in my entire realm of friends or family that will listen to any of the information or facts that I have researched over many years since dropping out of one of the very groups that was mentioned by Ken on his web site..., The Worldwide Church of God.

Yes I was one those who thought that I had all the answers and was a totally brain washed person. My very own oldest son belongs to a Fundamentalist Church group and spends countless hours in activities involved with that church. These folks think they are acting perfectly and exactly as God would have them act and behave!!! I was one of them, I understand how they are so confident. They are happy, they feel no need for anything and are totally devoted to 'love' as they know it. However, they can also be supportive of war.

Well, when I left that church in l982 or 83. I went away from Christianity and anything that smacked of it. I was burnt good. You would be amazed at the books I have in my library and how I have searched and searched and read and read books from all religions all over the world and even practiced some of them, Buddhism being only one of them.

The latest thing I have been studying and following is the group mentioned above who also claimed contact with an alien his name being Rael. He changed his name once he encountered the small person who stepped from a flying saucer in a remote area of France some..., oh I don't know.., I have forgotten.., maybe 25 years ago, and proceeded to tell this person who was to become Rael the history of the world and also took him to his home planet. So.., don't know if you've ever read or heard of this fella, but he has a
lot of forward thinking, but some of his ideas ard not so very acceptable to me. Anyway, I hope you can see and perhaps convey this to your friend who is this General Jeremiah and help these people of this Federation understand that if only people were to have a chance at the truth. But I'm telling you..., they think they already HAVE it!!

I cannot talk to my son that belongs to this church group about anything really meaningful. He once just basically lost it when I questioned him about a God that would send people to a place like Hell..., anyone.., including the devil himself!! I cannot believer or follow such a God. I would just think there isn't one if that's what he's like. My other son who is the younger of the two is an atheist. I cannot talk with him either about things that really matter. His mind is made up in that direction. I must admit sitting and listening to you and Ken and ZSL talking about all of these things is the most pleasurable thing I have listened to in a very long time. I've just been back onto his web site since this past Friday I think it was and I have been going non stop trying to 'catch up' with all the things Ken has accomplished since I last was following his site. I have even written to Ken on a few occasions too, and a time or two my comments made it to

I just want to try to help the whole situation and I don't know what to do. NO ONE,..., but NO ONe will listen in my immediate circle of acquaintances and friends. They all are Christians of one type or another, and when I try to bring something up they just quote scripture or change the subject. We are all so disconnected and so over laden with baloney and bull crap from ancient times that I don't know how anyone could expect us to get up and do something about the situation. I know people do get angry and march and carry on.., but really how much good does that do anyway? They just put them down and don't let others know it's even happening. And don't even start to bring up 911! I promise you I am not a brain surgeon.., but the DAY that was happening in front of my eyes I KNEW that the story coming down was a pile of crap!! There is NO WAY that an airplane could bring down an entire building so perfectly straight like that. Come ON!!! How can people be so DUMB!!

They swallow everything the government feeds them. Sometimes I think we aren't even worth saving because we have been dumbed down so much.. perhaps it's just best to wipe us out and start over from scratch. But I do think of the many many people that are honest and who totally believe they are doing the right thing and they have no reason to want to change. I have no answer for this and I wondered if you do or if your friend Jeremiah does or someone else in his company of friends and associates. What is the answer for us.

I need to close. I know you are probably thinking..., I've heard all this before, or something like that and that's fine..., perhaps you have, but I just needed to tell you how I felt and see if you perhaps could find a moment sometime to enlighten me with some answers if you will.

Thank you so very very much for all you are doing. I totally appreciate it and I wish you well every moment of your life.

Take care always,
Sincerely, Carolline

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