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New Web Site: Break The Matrix.org

June 9, 2012

New Web Site: Break The Matrix.org (June 9, 2012)


How did we get so unhealthy?

Today, 45% of the U.S. population is inflicted with chronic disease and 26% have multiple chronic diseases. Diabetes for example was an uncommon, but understood disease at the turn of the 20th century, and by 1933 had grown 1000% in incidence. Today, the picture is even more grim.

If you go to a corporate grocer, Walmart or fast-food restaurant and take an honest look around you, what kind of people do you see? It’s not a pretty picture out there. While we have made vast progress with sanitation and thereby infectious disease prevention, western society suffers from a relatively new phenomenon - chronic, degenerative disease. Many new degenerative diseases exist today that never existed before in human history, and many that were extremely rare affect a quarter of today’s U.S. population. Today, a multi-trillion dollar system has grown to benefit from all of it. This system is so massive and so deeply entrenched into all parts of society - from regulation to education to production - that the only feasible solution for most of us is to become educated and change what we buy and how we live. I think most people are starting to realize it’s time to stop complaining, it’s time to buck up and take our health back ourselves.

Where are the real solutions?

There is a limitless supply of information on other sites detailing how we got here, how the system works, and who benefits from it. The goal of this website is not to explain the system.. The goal is to provide the best solutions to the debilitating effects of it. Unfortunately, much of the usual advice is impractical, expensive, and limited in scope. Even worse, you’re dependent on the seller! You have to keep buying those supplements or exotic, pristine foods every time you’re not feeling quite right. Is this really how you thrive in optimal health? Pristine foods and supplements definitely have their role, but I’m far more interested in things you can use over and over and over again, in your own home, quickly, on your own.

Every day I learn more from this vast resource of information and distill it down to what works the best for me and the people I know. I write on this website honestly and from a place of experience, not from speculation. For this reason I try to only recommend the best products and actions based on the results I’ve gotten for seen from them.

The big names in alternative medicine have tons of great information and products - Dr. Mercola, Dr. Weil, David Wolfe and others. The problem is that the information they provide is overwhelming for most people who don’t spend their lives thinking about health… most people just want something that works quickly and easily. Choosing from a selection of 3000 solutions, many of them only aimed at one narrow, specific health problem is not a good solution.

Why does this site exist?

Lack of reasonable alternatives and coherently organized information is what inspired me to make this site. For the past several years I have compulsively studied our branded, patented, greed infected society and looked for ways to subvert it. I began with the open-minded premise that anything is possible, we have the technology and capacity to change any aspect of our bodies and health - it’s only a matter of being determined enough to figure out how. I believe that somewhere out there is a solution for every problem we face in the quality of our life and the quality of our environment, and while I can’t provide every solution on my site, I’ll continue to seek the best, cheapest, easiest, most self-reliant techniques and incorporate them into my site.

My belief is that no disease is incurable, no condition is unresolvable. In the same way it came on, it can come off. If you eradicate poison foods from your diet, detoxify through colon cleansing, eat close to nature, drink clean water, get sunshine, protect yourself from EMFs, breathe fresh air, exercise, and allow your nervous systems and endocrine system to function properly through endonasal balloon inflations - you will resolve the vast majority of conditions. Whether it’s asthma, acid reflux or alzheimers, the solutions are almost always simple. We complicate and compartmentalize and seek magic pills - but the vast majority of suffering can be eliminated simply by becoming truly healthy. Not by getting "a good blood pressure" and "a high vitamin D count." You’re healthy when you look and feel healthy and you’ve got no more symptoms. You don’t need a fancy diet, you don’t need to follow an 80/10/10 plan or follow a strict raw food lifestyle. You just need to flush the crap out, stop adding crap in, and live a healthy lifestyle. It’s not as hard as people make it seem, but it requires a good education because modern humans are under chemical, radiological, biological, electrical, and structural assault.

This website has no advertisements and only has two means of earning revenue - people use Amazon through it or contribute through PayPal. The information I provide is totally free and open. The only instance where I do not readily provide all of the how-to details is with skeletal/facial restructuring, because I spent over $5500 on it through doctors before learning it could be safely and effectively self-performed indefinitely for only $15. Because I spent countless hours seeking the best solutions and am still currently in debt, have no money, and refuse to sell-out to 9-5 slave labor, I would appreciate any type of contribution.

Ben Stratton


I am a 25 year old college graduate with a passion for the truth in all things. I woke up several years ago to the fact that there is a very powerful, persistent system keeping humanity weak, dependent, and unconscious. Since then I have collected vast amounts of information on how to undermine and destabilize this system for my own benefit. What I’ve discovered is that there are simple things everyone can do to take their health and livelihoods back, to enjoy life and live easily.. Ben Stratton






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