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Brice Taylor Commentary
May 3, 2004

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From: Don Weeks
Sent: Tuesday, May 04, 2004 7:52 AM
Subject: Brice Taylor commentary

This morning I was reading some of the crude things posted on "Educate Yourself" that people were saying about Sue Ford; aka Brice Taylor. I talked to Sue last year and she is 'still' a very, very attractive woman. I believe everything she has written about the leaders/personalities of our country and all that she has told me in private about her torment. She would have much preferred to have been a private person raising her family without all of the trappings her beauty and intelligence (not to mention her SRA 'heritage') has brought her. It has been and is very hard on her and her family. I have known Sue for several years and I can testify that she is a fine person. Kind, giving; always generous to others in need and it offends me deeply that anyone would talk about her in that manner. Obviously these "commentators" do not know the Living God who has delivered Sue and who is guiding her s teps. May the Lord forgive and deliver those crude people! Shame on anyone who would not feel compassion for this fine woman!






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