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British Occult Influences & Caribbean People

[Editor's Note: Aug. 28, 2006. The first e-mail that I received from a woman whom I shall call "Diana" was in response to a Letter to the Editor that I had posted which included some remarks I added about the Jon Bennet Ramsey murder and the mind controlled patsy, Karr, who recently "confessed" to the Ramsey murder (by the way, I just heard on the news tonight that they dropped the charges against Karr for the Ramsey murder. I guess even Colorado prosecutors aren't willing to appear that foolish {or complicit} in a sham indictment). After Diana's first note, I sent back a brief reply and asked her if she wanted to share more about that which she hinted of in her first letter. She sent two additional e-mails which are reprinted below. I included her first e-mail as well so you can follow the story line in its entirety.

It's important to remember that people who are drawn into demonic practices are victimized themselves at an early age. Depending on the 'soul strength' or spiritual integrity of the person involved, they may eventually capitulate to the Dark Side and become deeply immersed in that activity or they may resist the attempts at induction, even though the party may be subjected to satanic rituals or even near-miss human sacrifice, as was the case with this woman when she was almost murdered on two occasions by her mother. People who allow themselves to be drawn into the Dark Side will often lose the ability to control their own bodies and will become possessed by a stronger demonic entity, at least during occult rituals. That may or may not have been the case with this woman's mother. Family members who witness or are involved in these rituals usually don't remember most details since drugs are often used to keep victims knocked out prior to the sacrifice. Years after the events, family members are trying to piece together fragments of memories and strange conversations inadvertently overheard. They can't talk about it with many people because most people don't realize just how wide spread satanic activity has become and the level of infiltration it has achieved at all levels of society- whether American, European, Caribbean, Pacific, or Asian.

It's far better to ventilate this issue than not talk about it. When parents, or even society in general, become educated about the growing reality of satanism, people become more alert and notice the tell-tale signs of satanic influencing, which are always directed at the most vulnerable group of any society- children. ...Ken]
August 27, 2006

British Occult Influences & Caribbean People (Aug. 28, 2006)

1. Subject: Jon Bennet Ramsey
From: Diana
Date: Sat, August 26, 2006 9:30 am
To: Editor

Dear Ken:

I am the first born child of a woman whom I have every reason (based on my life with her) to belive is a Satanic Priestess. Your reference to the ceremony called 'The Last Bulb On The Christmass Tree' intrigued me because I KNOW that my mother attempted to sacrifice me in a most gruesome manner, but I was rescued by someone. 

I would be most grateful if you would please direct me to any resourcethat you are aware of that would inform me about what the consequences are for 'failing' to kill the intended victim.

Thank you,

2. Subject: Re: Jon Bennet Ramsey
From: Diana
Date: Sun, August 27, 2006 6:08 pm
To: Editor

Dear Ken:

Thank you for your prompt response. I read David Icke's "The Biggest Secret" more than a couple of years ago and also have the video tape of his interview with Arizona Wilder. After reading his book I both cried and wondered about some of the strange similarities in my life including my mother's absolute terror of lizards. My surprise at her abject fear of the little critters will become clearer later. I cannot say that every account of what Icke writes about fits my story to the letter, however, I have found some stark realities in key areas that have given me food for thought. I do think it's time though, for me to review both book and video tape again. I will be getting Brian Desborough's book ASAP.

I feel it would be important to reference a bit about my background and share with you some of the people and occurrences that shaped me. I am from the Caribbean. My mother was a very bright child who was schooled by British teachers in the fifties at one of the very best schools in her country at that time. One day after sports activities at school, she was about to change back into her school uniform when she discovered a white powder in both of her shoes. In a hurry to get back to her regular classes, she simply dusted the powder out, put her shoes on and ran to her next class. Before she got to her class she collapsed. Here is where the story gets even stranger, for instead of taking her to one of the doctors in town where her school was, or to hospital, the teachers took her to a nearby Anglican church. The teachers met with the Anglican priest who was British as well and they took my mother into a dark room and placed her on an elevated platform. While on this elevated platform the priest proceeded to perform some sort of bizarre ritual while my mother was in a state of trance. All of this was done outside of her parents presence, knowledge or consent. Interestingly, I have a memory of also being in a somewhat of similar ritual. But more on that later.

I mention this story about my mother because I believe that she may have been 'marked' or identified as someone from a particular bloodline. You see, my mother's grandmother who was born in the late 1800s personally met with queen Elizabeth to discuss her country's cessation from England. My grandmother had always told me this bit of family history rather proudly when I was a child. Of course I did not doubt her, but many years after her death, my mother was contacted by the government of her country in 1996 and given an award on behalf of my great-grandmother for her role in bringing about the independence of that nation. My reason for thinking that my great-grandmother may have been from a particular bloodline of 'interest' to the crown is because the country had its own British governor and also a representative called a Premier, so I am left wondering both why my great-grandmother, and who is she to them?

I will attempt to abbreviate my history as much as possible without diminishing the gist.

I am a first born twin. Even though I survived, I am told that I was quite literally near death for about one whole year. My twin sister however, died the same day we were born. To this day I do not know where she was buried. When I ask my mother about her, she responds, but never gives a direct answer. However, at the age of fourteen, I heard my mother tell a bizarre story to her friend Rose. The two were in the kitchen and I was about to enter but stopped in horror at what I heard. My mother, with a glazed look in her eyes, yet her face smiling as if in glee, told Rose that at age eighteen, she had been to the island of Dominica. She told of being in the house of an older woman who had placed a newborn baby in a huge container one night. I remember her saying that the container was filled with blood. Based upon her description, I gathered that it could not be the blood of one single child. But I don't know. Anyway, she continued, that the woman drank some of the baby's blood, transformed into a bird, flew up to an open window and off into the dark, then returned. Whose baby was this? I wondered. Where did the woman get this baby from? And why did the woman feel comfortable committing such vile deeds in the presence of my mother? Did my mother drink the baby's blood too? Or was she simply an observer? I noticed that she didn't say. But I certainly wonder. After reading Icke's book, imagine my surprise to find out not only that such things were a regular occurrence but that they also occurred in Occidental countries.

One of the most influential persons in my mother's life is her older brother. She seemed to both adore and fear him at the same time. Even as a child, I was very aware of my uncle's far-reaching control over her. He was deeply involved in the occult and left a poverty stricken home at the age of seventeen after having built a very large home in the early sixties complete with all the amenities of a monied New Yorker. To this day he is an extraordinarily wealthy man even by American standards. My uncle and mother infrequently talked of a ritual involving other participants at the site of a church where one of them raised a spirit which foretold the future. In fact they only talked about the event because an overawed cousin who was present at the ritual would bring it up.

One night my mother sent my younger brother and sister on a trip to her brother's house. This was highly unusual. In fact it had never happened before, ever. The house belonged to my grandmother who was sent on a trip to one of the US Virgin Islands. This too, was unusual. As soon as my grandmother left, my mother and uncle began emptying the house of its furniture bit by bit at night. My uncle's daughter, who is three years older than me, lived with us. She had the same love/fear worship of my mother, similar to the relationship my mother had with her own brother. My young cousin was being schooled in the occult by my mother.

Anyway, the house was emptied, and my mother, my cousin and I remained in the house. I had a sense that something was going to happen but I did not know what. My cousin and mother were constantly together and always talking in hushed tones. No one informed me of what was going on. In fact, I seemed to be a non entity as far as they were concerned. Yet it was very obvious that I was left with them for a reason. That night my mother had all three of us sleep on a single mattress on the floor. The mattress did not even have sheets on it. At some point in the dead of night I awoke to a rather acrimonious odor. I rubbed my eyes and finally made out a figure in the dark. It was my mother. She was dousing a liquid onto the corners of the wall. Looking around, I saw my cousin at the back door with a bundle in her arms. "Get out now," my mother yelled to her and she did. My mother then turned to me and ordered me to sit still on the mattress. I sat still in a sort of yogi position obediently. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion, but I know now that it happened very fast. I saw my mother strike a match, toss it into the corner where she had earlier doused gasoline. she exited the door in a hurry and fastened it shut leaving me behind. The fire roared, and I mean literally. The walls of my grandmother's old house began to crumble. I could here neighbors screaming as they realized that I was in the burning house. A policeman locked eyes with me, ran through the flames, picked me up then ran back out. I clung to him quite dazedly. Remarkably, neither of us were burned. Throughout the whole ordeal I never cried. I cried about this for the first time twenty years later.

The next incident I recall involves being taken from my bed during the night. My sleep seemed to be drug induced in retrospect. I remember being aware of all that was happening despite my eyes being closed. The next thing that I recall is being placed upon a narrow platform the size of a twin bed. It seemed like an altar. Ken, I saw all of this yet my eyes were closed. Two other women were present besides my mother. A curtain was drawn around the platform. One woman stood to the right of my mother, while the other sat in a nearby room. The other woman is an old woman. She has strange eyes. She sees and observes everything in the room where we were. My mother proceeded to hold a very large cross shaped knife in both of her hands. Raising the knife above her forehead she proceeded to bring it back down to my chest. At that point I opened my eyes and looked right into my mother's eyes. The old woman in the other room saw that my eyes were opened and screamed to my mother to stop! Speaking of me, the old woman screamed, "She opened her eyes, she is a witch, stop. Get her out of here. Now!" Later, I shared this occurrence with my sister. The two of us share a bedroom throughout our lives as children. She remembers awakening during the night and discovering that I was gone. She also recalls me coming home the next morning and telling her that I was taken to an old woman's home, but she does not remember if I told her anymore about the particulars than that. I am quite sure that some of my memories are blocked.

Thank you,

3. Subject: Re: Jon Bennet Ramsey
From: Diana
Date: Mon, August 28, 2006 6:42 pm
To: Editor

Dear Ken:

In my last e-mail to you I made a slight reference to my mother's absolute terror of lizards. I would like to follow up on that. Her fear was no ordinary phobia. It can only be described as abject terror. The country she is from has a nominal amount of small green tree lizards, a smaller population of slighly larger brown lizards that lives in holes underground, and fewer salamanders. They are all afraid of humans. They are all non-threatening, but the ones that lives in trees will put on an act of staring in hopes they will be left alone.

I suspect that my mother has a deep inner memory of either seeing or interacting with lizards of a rather grand and fearsome stature. I preface with this to say that though my mother told her friend Rose that the old woman in Dominica transformed into a bird after consuming the blood of a baby, it is my belief that it was indeed a winged creature, but not truly a bird. I feel that a bird was her only 'conscious' logical point of reference for the creature she saw. After reading Icke's book I suspect she saw a winged reptile, something like a pterodactyl. (In some Caribbean countries there is an old folklore regarding sightings of humanoid appearing entities with scaly claws. The sightings tend to occur mostly at night especially when individuals are travelling alone. The pronouciation of what these creatures are called is Soo-Koo-Nah. It is said that they drink human blood.)

Icke's assessment that the energy field around these entities which kept us from seeing them are breaking down resonates as true to me. I have two personal experiences in that regard. One is of dating a man in Atlanta, GA. One morning this man sat up in bed and gave me a rather sheepish look. He said he had a dream that he was a lizard. He described in particular the shape of his head, the size of his body, and his color. I simply thought it was a dream, although I was certainly more intrigued with the look he was giving me than the dream. His behavior in retrospect, seemed as someone confessing something. Years later when I saw the video tape of Arizona Wilder and she described the color of one of the shapeshifters from England, at first I thought, gee, that sounds odd. It was not only until later that I remembered it was the EXACT SAME description that the man I was seeing in Georgia gave to me of himself. With spots and all! By the way, my child and I frequently felt and saw a rather heavy grey aura around this man. I did not stay with him much longer for a number of reasons.

The other incident occurred when my child was in elementary. I went to pick her up at the backdoor where all the little children would rush out cheering from being penned up in school all day. A few children ran close to me, stopped, and waited for their parents. As they were noisily chatting a cute little boy caught my eye. My god, I could'nt believe what I was seeing. The child's eyes were yellow and his pupils were slits like a reptile. I thought, this isn't happening. Perhaps he has some kind of deformity. I was determined to take a better look. As I looked at him it was unmistakeable. I actually had to do some self talk to stop myself from continually staring at him. He appeared not to be looking at me, but whenever I moved to get a closer look he moved in a manner that seemed to be an attempt to block my vision. Looking at the other children, I watched to see what was their response to him, but they seemed oblivious to his appearance. Were they used to seeing his eyes this way, I wondered. Later I discussed what I had seen with a friend, who said to me,"What made you think they could see his eyes as anything other than human? It is possible that you could see him while others could not." Ken, I can tell you this, if I had to guess I would never have guessed a child. Never.


4. Subject: Re: Jon Bennet Ramsey
From: Diana
Date: Tue, August 29, 2006 10:08 am
To: Editor

Dear Ken:

I want to say thank you because I've just check your website and noticed the postings. Thank you because through your work, more and more of The Parasites are being exposed, and they can only function within the framework of humanity's complicity through ignorance.

Some of their exposure though, is due to their own arrogance in thinking that all of us are so deceived that they can sell us any contrived 'lone nut' scenario and we will buy it. In other words, what worked before on the populace should work now.

A good example is indeed the case of the man that was recently charged as the person who killed Jon Bennet Ramsey. Looking at the man's eyes he seemed 'de-souled' to me. A physical human shell with some vital part missing. I believe The Parasites had to abandon their rallying cries for a public crucifixion of Mr. Karr because even the usual fools found this sudden confession untenable. Just imagine after going through hoops not to be found out, Karr simply could not control himself when faced with a microphone and TV cameras and blurted out, " I loved Jon Bennet Ramsey. She died accidentally."


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