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A Note to the People of Britain
June 3, 2009

A Note to the People of Britain (June 3, 2009)

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From: Mr J. R [last name omitted]
Sent: Jun 3, 2009
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: England's fascism

Hello there,

England's ruling system is now that of intermediate fascism. It won't be long before foreign nationals (non-European) will be deported among the dreaded ID card system introduction. Cameras are everywhere and the police have become power hungry; un-moral mobs aswell as the majority.



Hello JR,

Concerning the growth of Big Brother tyranny in Britain, I realize that it has reached an appalling stage of development. We, of course, are following suit here, but at a slower pace than in the UK, since America is so much bigger and has so many pesky pro-constitution citizens balking at the conversion into a satanic, One World feudal society (which is so carefully scripted and strategized at those Bilderberger and G20 summits they hold every few months to fine tune the enslavement process).

Britons, in order to surmount this encroaching enslavement, must organize on the local, neighborhood level to plot strategies of NON-COOPERATION against government and police stooges acting on behalf of the NWO planners. You need to bring societal pressure to bear against those automatons (police, politicians, government bureaucrats, etc) who are enabling the NWO agenda.

Politicians and police constables who enable and condone fascist manners and enslaving legislation need to be subjected to public ridicule and CONTEMPT in every way imaginable. They need to be hounded and picketed wherever they go. Their FAMILY members need to be subjected to public contempt as well in order to make it clear that cooperation with the NWO enslavement agenda is the very height of betrayal of public trust and deserves the fullest measure of public scorn and vilification.

The government needs your money, labor and cooperation to continue installing their fascist nightmare. You must deny them one or all of those elements to thwart their plans. Do not use credit cards or smart cards and do not participate in the banking system on any level.. Organize locally to become self sufficient in food production and self health care. Except for life-threatening emergencies such as a car crash or heart attack, you don't need the orthodox medical system to treat routine medical conditions or degenerative diseases which you can learn how to diagnose and treat yourself with non-pharmaceutical methodologies and natural substances. The books of Dr Hulda Clark are GOLDMINES of information on self health care. Read them, study them and apply her information, and you can cut the Prescription drug tethers to the entire allopathic medical industry overnight.

Learn about BARTERING methodologies as a means of exchanging goods and services even if denied the use of paper currency. Look into pooling resources and get involved in the BOATING industry. Britain is an island surrounded by water and has a long tradition as a sea faring nation. Use that tradition. Maybe a lot more people should consider the boat excursion business. Maybe people are growing tired of being photographed, fingerprinted, bio-metrically scanned, labeled, and tracked each time they want to go somewhere. Maybe there are other ways to get around.

British people have as much imagination and intelligence as American patriots and are perfectly capable of figuring out what it takes to throw a spanner wrench into the NWO machinery and stop that evil monstrosity in its tracks. But it IS high time to start plotting that Resistance strategy and get organized locally.

The government and police are not going to change unless you FORCE them to change back into civil SERVANTS, and not Gestapo masters serving the Illuminated Ones. In the meantime, you need to establish other plans to survive and thrive until the happy day arrives when we're back to the relative level of liberty and freedom we enjoyed, say, 15 or 20 years ago.

In this country, many will not cooperate in the upcoming 2010 Census, except perhaps to identify the NUMBER of people living in a household, but give NO OTHER INFORMATION BEYOND THAT.

Even today, there are automatons working on behalf of Imposter Obama's political machinery called ACORN members (lower class, mostly unemployed people) who have been tasked with GPS marking every doorstep in America. Awakened Americans are going to post "No Trespassing" signs on their property and specifically identify ACORN and Census gatherers as TRESPASSERS who will be subject to arrest if they come onto private property.

These are only some examples on HOW TO RESIST the imposition of tyranny. You know the local situation far better than I . Britons need to follow suit and get into the Game. It's high time to PUSH BACK. It's not going to be easy or convenient, but IT MUST BE DONE.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

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