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Zionist Thugs Are Behind America's Growing Police State
May 28, 2011

Zionist Thugs Are Behind America's Growing Police State (vid. from Br. Nathaniel) May 28, 2011

Keith Howe sent me another Stinger missile from Brother Nathanael, who gets it right 98% of the time. In this video, Br. Nathanael accurately pegs Zionist NWO sellouts Joseph Lieberman, Jane Harmon, and Michael Chertoff as the wind underneath lesbo Napolitano's wings molding the Department of Homeland Security into a Nazi style Thug Corps that trains local police to behave with the same ruthless disregard for its citizens rights as the new Nazis.

What these Nazis-in-training don't understand is that they are engendering a storm of resentment against them for their heavy handed mistreatment of America's citizens which may someday unleash itself with an unexpected fury, much like the killer tornado which left 135 dead in Joplin, Missouri a couple of days ago.

'What goes around comes around;' meaning you cannot evade a karmic debt.

Many fools in uniforms may someday learn the truth of that adage in a most abrupt and unexpected way. I just heard a news story yesterday on the radio that reported a California motorcycle policeman had collided with yet another motorcycle policeman, while both were part of a funeral procession for yet another policeman who had died. One motorcycle policeman had died while the other suffered a broken leg. The radio commentator said it was so odd and "strange" that a motorcycle cop, as part of the funeral procession, should himself die. To which I would respond: "no, it's not at all strange". It's the sort of thing that happens to people who create karmic debt.

By the way, in the video clip seen below, you will see MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, a "news" reporter who just happens to be married to Alan Greenspan, former head of the Rothchild's privately held Federal Reserve Bank, introduce Zionist, NWO sellout Jane Harmon. Of course, all of this is pure coincidence. There is no controlling cabal of Talmudic Zionists who dominate our media, our politicians, much of the military, and our intelligence agencies. It's all just an "odd" and "strange" coincidence.

Zionist ‘Thugs’ Behind America’s Police State


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