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Brother Was Never The Same After Vietnam
September 23, 2005

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My brother Bill had the choice between accepting an offer to play oboe for the New York Philharmonic or going to Nam. He became a young Lt. and forward observer (not an easy job in the Army). Meanwhile I was on a three year probation for drugs, and my P.O. was constantly attempting to get me in the military.

My brother didn't mince words to me ("Don't you fucking dare"). He learned very quickly what Nam was about, though he would not discuss it other than telling me once about weapons and drugs being shipped back in the place of bodies.

[Editor's Note: The issue of drugs being shipped back to Fort Bragg (and other US military bases) inside the body cavities of dead solders killed in Vietnam, was revealed in great detail to Ted Gunderson in a video taped and signed confession made by Helena Stoeckley on May 21, 1982. Helena was found dead later that same year. Helena was one of a group of satanic cult members who had entered the home of Green Beret Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald (who lived on base at Fort Bragg, North Carolina) on February 17, 1970 and were responsible for murdering MacDonald's wife and two small children. MacDonald was framed for the murders and is now serving three consecutive life sentences in prison. Helena said that there was a huige drug smuggling operation going on involving the CIA and many other covert elements in the government and the military. She was prepared to name names very high up if the government would give her immunity from prosecution. Of course, they did no such thing. They used the judge in the MacDoanld case to belittle and marginalize her testimony and put her life in jeopardy. Contact me by e-mail if you wish to obtain an audio tape ($10) or video tape ($18) of Helena's ]

He was very much like me, not materialistic at all. His career interest was to manage a wine store. Nobody would hire him for this because he was "overqualified". He was my oldest brother, a man of integrity, honesty and compassion whom I looked up to.

He was not the same when he came back, something inside was tearing him up. He would break into tears at any time for several years afterwards, got divorced, and worked as a hospital administrator.

He went on vacation in Reno and drove his car at a high speed into a wall and was comatose for nine years before crossing over. He grew up influenced by movies in which fighting for country was an honorable duty. He wrote many poems when he returned. One always stood out to me, perhaps because it seemed to be when his eyes started to open. You can read it at

I believe even he would have been surprised at the extreme evil that has been exposed in the last several years.

Ken, I want to be optimistic, I went from a close minded skeptic to an open minded one, and even according to Dr. William Tiller ( our focused intent can alter "reality". At the same time, I can't seem to shake the feeling that we aren't going to be around for five more years. I'm not psychic, but I see major events occurring, extreme undersea earthquakes, and major ecosystems dying off (the plankton in the oceans which create most of the oxygen and are basic for life are dying off) that seem ominous.

David Brandt

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