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The Buffalo Aircrash & False Flag Op Planned During Spring Break?
February 14, 2009 .shtml

The Buffalo Aircrash & False Flag Op Planned During Spring Break? (Feb. 14, 2009)

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From: Anthony Fuquella
Sent: Feb 14, 2009
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Subject: Ken Adachi: Possible Terrorist attack during spring break?


A person I know has connections in the government (oil industry mainly), and one of their relatives is a lobbyist in Washington, DC. She teaches debate. This person told her that there was recent intel stating that the terrorists might be planning a large-scale attack sometime during spring break in order to test the "new administration with Obama".

She said that it was possible that there was to be small "nuclear bursts" involved to knock out electronic equipment in large scale (I think she may have been thinking EMP, not nuclear). This would be a spread out attack, not all in one place. She said that places further inland would be safer. She said that she was told to have at least 2 weeks worth of food on hand. I heard a similar story from someone else saying that they may be targeting hotels.

That is all I have to say. I do not want this to be misconstrued as fact, since it has not been verified (I am not suggesting you would, but just in case). Feel free to write back, but I cannot say anything which may compromise my identity.



Hi Anthony,

A planned nuke false flag in this country was aborted a few weeks ago in the days leading up to the inauguration. Everyone fully expects false flag ops (or at least attempts) this year. They are so anxious to create a pretext for martial law that you can feel it. They may or may not be successful in their attempts. We have a few plans of our own.

The plane that just went down outside Buffalo, NY a couple of days ago was an intentional knockdown. It was taken down with a beam weapon, likely an ultrasonic weapon which have been used in the past to knock down many passenger airliners since the early 1970s. The details were revealed by Otto Skorzeny in a book called Secret & Suppressed by Jim Keith.

They wanted to kill Betty Eckert, as she had initiated a lawsuit against the government because her husband died in the World Trade Center bombings and demolition. She just met with illegal alien presidential pretender Obama in early February about her case. Her well publicized death-within moments of the crash- was intended to send a message to other 911 families to back off.

The plane crash was due to "ice on the wings" don't you know. Apparently, CNN, Fox News, ABC, and AOL now have the unique ability to determine the cause of an air crash within mintues of the crash, unlike the FAA which usually needs anywhere from 10 months to 2 years of investigation to determine the cause.

Don Nicoloff was telling me during a radio interview he was conducting with me as his guest on Feb. 13, 2009, that he was picking up so many anomalies from the CNN reports and videos of the crash scene, that he immediately sensed it was an intentional knockdown. He talked about it in depth on his radio show the next night, Feb. 14, 2009. I'll try and get the audio archive and post it.

Regards, Ken


The August 20, 2008 Spanair Madrid Crash: Was it Really an Accident? (Sep. 13, 2008)

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