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'Super fires' like that in Colo. nearly inevitable in Northern Calif.,
Forest Service scientist says

[Editor's Note: It's was blatantly obvious in October of 2006, while NWO servant "Arrnoold" was governor in California, that the spontaneous outbreak of 15 0 plus fires on a single weekend spanning an area that included the entire southern half of California (about 500 miles long by 100 miles wide) could only be accomplished through the efforts of arsonists. Whether that arson was initiated from the air using high tech Tesla "fireball" technology, or spaced-based LASER platforms, or Gunships with LASERS or beam weapons or ground-based arsonists is unknown to me, but I'm quite certain that the government was behind it. Using invisible stealth planes, chemtrails, and HAARP technology, they keep the rain from falling and then light the match when the woodlands and brush are ripe for the torching. Someday, we will end this tyranny, remove the treasonous psychopaths from government who are responsible for these deeds, and return our country and governance to a bastion of freedom and liberty, with Good Will towards all. That day is coming. ... Ken Adachi]
July 9, 2012

'Super fires' like that in Colo. nearly inevitable in Northern Calif., Forest Service scientist says (July 9, 2012)

Subject: Fires coming to Northern California.
From: Keith Howe
Date: Mon, July 9, 2012 6:30 pm
To: Ken Adachi

Remember the Alamo, and San Bruno!!

They're "inevitable" when the government is lighting them! More clearing of land for Agenda 21 as Government pyromaniacs announce plans to burn Northern California? Watch out for increased AC-130 and drone planes flying over fire-prone areas!

Video tape them!



Subject: quick response to CO "super fires" posting
From: Larry (Germany)
Date: Wed, July 11, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

There's obviously something more to the Colorado fires than we're being told- forest fires tend to consume trees (duh-uh!)so why are entire houses and their BRICK fireplaces/chimneys reduced to ash when trees right next to the ashed abodes remain intact?- there's obviously something else at play here (can we all say "scaler technology"?) and I don't think it's very pretty...

many regards,

Larry in Germany

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