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California Fires and AC-130 Gunships: Is There a Connection?

[Editor's Note: The California fires in northern California in mid to late June of this year were intentionally set by covert government operatives, probably the military. On June 12 and 23, the media was reporting that the fires were being ignited by an unprecedented amount of "dry air lightning." There is no such thing as clear-air or "dry air lighting". Without Cumulonimbus clouds (thunderhead clouds) providing the matrix for an electrical charge to build up, you don't get the discharge to ground - called lightning. At first, I had assumed they were throwing Tesla-style fireballs into the wooded areas to start the fires, but then I got e-mails from Keith telling me how he had seen AC-130 gun ships flying ONLY on the dates the fires were started. So, instead of using something extremely high tech, like I had assumed, they likely just lobed a few incendiary rockets into remote wooded areas and whussh, you got a nice little "dry-lightning" forest fire cooking.

If you recall, the California "wild fires" of late October 2007 also mysteriously sprung up all over southern California in a single weekend. The media dutifully reported what they were told to report-that "downed power lines' were mostly responsible (didn't see as much as ONE downed power line on TV). However, there were a handful of reports about "possible arsonists" during that HAARP stimulated crisis (the "Santa Ana winds" whipped up the fires very quickly). Of course, no real investigation took place for the suspected arsonists, but they did grab one or two patsies and held them as possible suspects (but we never heard anything on the news about it again). Those two guys had to do an awful lot of high speed driving to get from the north of Los Angeles and down to San Diego and run from the ocean to the opposite to side of the state in order to start those 40 or 50 fires being reported in the space of a few hours. Or maybe they had a little help from friends?...Ken]

August 27, 2008

California Fires and AC-130 Gunships: Is There a Connection? (Aug. 27, 2008)

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From: Keith
To: Editor
Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Subject: Re: California fires Hot info!

Hi Ken,

For the last two days, the News Weather Reports for California have been "PREDICTING" high temperatures and high "RISK" of fires. Does this mean they are going to begin round two of torching California?

Sure enough, at 11:00 A.M. today, an AC-130 gunship flew in towards Moffet Federal Airbase in San Jose. I have not seen one of these since the last group of fires began. The last time these planes were seen in this area was on June 9, 8:00 P.M., June 12, 5:00 P.M., June 23, 5:09 P.M.

I'm telling you ahead of time so that when the fires start this will give more credibility to the likelihood that these craft are involved. Pop a few incendiary rounds into the dry hills and here we go again.

Keith, San Jose


Weather Tampering and California "Wild" Fires (June 24, 2008)


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From: Adelle
To: Editor
Sent: Saturday, August 30, 2008
Subject: re:California Fires and AC-130 Gunships: Is There a Connection?

Hello Ken.

I just read the above article and would like to quickly comment. I live in Northern California. Mendocino County to be exact. We had a total of 130 fires burning at once. One of the largest only a mile from my home. I witnessed incredible lightening & thunder like I have never seen or heard in the 15 years I've lived here. Even people who have resided here over 35+ years had never seen a storm (no rain) like we experienced. Not even during our stormy rainy winters. I have friends who actually witnessed lightening hit the ground in multiple places. And the brush conditions are very dry due to so little rain the last few years.

So, I'm not saying that the gunship theory isn't true, but at least in this area, there is truth to the lightening story. Although I do question what caused these conditions in the first place. Intense thunder & lightening just doesn't occur during the summer months. Maybe more inland sacramento way, but not here. I would lean towards weather manipulation over gunships. At least in this area.



Hi Adelle,

Thanks, you may be right. I've never ruled out weather manipulation. They have the equipment to cause intense lightning and rainless thunderstorms, that's a given. In fact, the unheard of intensity of the lightning and the lack of rain are themselves a clear indication of artificial manipulation. I do remember the TV news saying the fires were started by "clear air" lightning, which I've already mentioned does not exist. Nature must build Cumulonimbus clouds before you get thunderstorm activity or lightning. Did you see dark thunder clouds with the lightning you witnessed?

I need to publish a story that Don Nicoloff told me a couple of weeks ago. They had the most intense lightning storm over Chicago ever remembered by locals, but the story was never reported in the media. That had to be HAARP and satellites.

The fires may have been a combo of HAARP and gun ships, or maybe it was all HAARP. We're just speculating, but based on the coincidence of the gun ship sightings and the fires, it does seem suspicious.

Glad you wrote. You're helping to fill in the story.

Kind Regards, Ken

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