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How to Cancel the Effects of TASER Guns
December 11, 2007

How to Cancel the Effects of TASER Guns (Dec. 16, 2007)

Subject: Taser Problems
Date: Tue, December 11, 2007
To: Editor

Hello there Mr. Adachi

How are you? - well, I was simply asking, and maybe for you to ask others, 'can we make something, or use that we could wear that will cancel the effects of Tasering? Now, what would poor little 5' womon cop who was just preceeding to wrestle a 6' man down to the ground do if that happened?

We are all victims in the end of the discusting behaviour our fellow man has lead itaelf down. Including the womon 5' cop.



From Rick



Hi Rick,

You could wear a kevlar suit to stop the barbs from piercing your clothes, but they would taser you in the neck or the face anyway. Modern day American, British, or Canadian cops are being trained to behave like inhumane robots. They no longer possess a sense of humanity or restraint or compunction about the amount of pain they will inflict on a hapless individual. They act like wolves in a wolf pack. I suppose men of conscience either leave police work altogether or they don't join in the first place.

Who could go to work everyday with sadistic sociopaths who think nothing of tasering a person to death and then joke about it as if it were sport? Who could use a taser gun on an 11 year old child? Or on a pregnant woman? Or on an old woman? Or old man? WHO could do such a thing? Only a conscienceless sociopath who is methodically brainwashed and converted into a thug--and never has to face consequences for his brutal behavior.

Woman should not be carrying guns or allowed to do patrol work. They are physically, psychologically and emotionally unsuited for combat. As was seen in the Florida taser incident with Andrew Meyer, female cops will draw a gun before a male cop feels compelled to because she lacks the physical size and prowess to subdue a large male. When in a tight situation, male cops will come to the rescue of female cops time and time again. When facing truly dangerous opponents, female cops cannot cut it on their own and anybody in police work knows that to be true, but no one is going to admit it publicly because it doesn't fit with the NWO-inspired party line of "equality"

We need to organize nationally to bring political and legal pressure on police departments to abandon TASER guns. The NWO manipulators-working through the federal government- are the main driving force behind TASER guns and the inhumane restraint and takedown tactics being taught at police academies. Only when cops who taser people without justification are kicked off the force (and indicted where necessary), when police chiefs lose their jobs for condoning and covering up taser murders, when mayors and city council members lose their jobs for approving taser guns and gestapo tactics, then --and ONLY then--will police TASER abuse, taser murders, and other acts of police barbarism stop.

When fascist conduct is encouraged, those with sadistic tendencies or baser instincts of blood lust or those Little Men who groove on pushing people around will come to the fore while those men of understanding, patience, conscience, and humanity will be pushed aside and made to feel isolated. The fascist mentality depends on a sense of group approval to flourish. Regimentation tends to disguise the barbarization process. And we see this very approval and encouragement of brutalism being taught in police academies today under the guise of the phantom "non-compliant combatant" or "perp" or whatever other name they dream up to scapegoat the ordinary citizen who has the misfortune of being caught in a police wolf pack attack.

We need a national organization with the money and legal expertise to launch lawsuits whenever someone is murdered or abused with a taser gun, as most victims are poor and without resources. Lawsuits must be taken through trial and no out-of-court settlements -with non-disclosure provisions- allowed. Cops who murder unarmed, non-threatening, incapacitated individuals like young Fouad Kaady need to be indicted for murder and not allowed to walk around free and draw pay as a cop.

We must rid this country of police thugs and those responsible for their growth.

Sincerely, Ken


Subject: Taser Countermeasurers
From: Hank
Date: Mon, December 17, 2007
To:   Editor

Any metal foil in an under garment would thwart the electrical current from a taser or stun gun by simply shorting out the circuit. So the taser barbs stick to the clothing but if a metal circuit is made between the two electrodes, then the current will travel across the point of least resistance - that's the metal. I understand that some kevlar bullet proof vests have some metal impregnated within for the purpose of protecting from the crowd control and other radiations from the microwave towers. Such would offer a dual purpose of not only protecting from the tower radiations but from tasers as well. Looks like this might have to be the norm and necessary piece of under garment clothing in the near future.



Subject: Taser
From: Mike
Date: Mon, December 17, 2007
To: nEditor

Hi Ken keep up the good work!

This may help.

Until the thugs wake up.
All the best


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