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How Can You Convince Cancer Nurses that Alternative Medicine Works Better than Chemo?
April 15, 2010

How Can You Convince Cancer Nurses that Alternative Medicine Works Better than Chemo? (April 15, 2010)

Subject: honesty
From: Jim (Scotland)
Date: Thu, April 15, 2010
To: Editor


My name is as in my e-mail. I live in Scotland UK. I have just found out about Dr Bob Beck protocol I have purchased the sota equipment for use on my wife Marlyn who is into her fifth cancer being sent home from hospital to die as no more chemo can be given.

Ii believe this simple program is working for my wife by the grace of my God. My problem is I have different nurses coming into my home daily and nightly and trying to make me give my wife conventional med which almost killed her. I believe the cancer which is breast cancer that came back to her in August 2009 after going into remission wih leukaemia. It was discovered in her lungs, liver, and now a fatty part of lower belly. She is of course very weak, having suffered cancers for seven years and chemo plus ops to remove a breast and lymph node, Nobe's chemo intravenously and later tablet form for leukaemia, then chemo for return of breast cancer. I use now in the last two weeks Dr Bob Becks invention silver pulsar magnetic pulsar and ozone maker. How can I show these medics up for what they are doing to human beings when they know this protocol cures cancers and I believe AIDS?

Thank you for your honesty and courage for opening this site on the web take care and God bless you.

Jim B


Hi Jim,

You have to understand that the majority of nurses and doctors who work in oncology are BRAIN WASHED and assume that conventional treatment is the best and safest, etc. It's a waste of time and energy to try and convert them. That has to come to them individually and from within. You can't force it on them.

You should get the last 3 cancer books by Hulda Clark and study them intensely. You have to do MORE than the Beck protocols. At a late stage of cancer, it's not enough to turn it around with Beck alone. Dr. Hulda Clark has the best info in print to stop cancer, but you need to move quickly. You can continue to do Beck's protocols while following Hulda's info.

Kind Regards,Ken

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