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Croft on Carnicom
October 19, 2006


Subject: Croft on Carnicom
Date: Thu, October 19, 2006 2:54 am
To:   Editor

Hello, Ken.

I would like to register an objection to this article posted on your site.

I saw "Aerosol Crimes" and found it very moving and informative. Just because Carnicom does not mention holy hand grenades and chembusters hardly convicts him of being a CIA disinformant. There is very valuable testimony in the video from Gwen Nelson, a naturopathic practitioner, formerly a major media broadcaster with ALL the major media, and from an experienced pilot. The video is well worth watching, and Croft does his readers a gross disservice by steering them away from it.

I also viewed Croft's recommended "Chemtrails, Clouds of Death" and found it interesting and valuable, the difference being it pushes chembusters and orgone technology. There was at least one questionable assertion in it, though. The maker obviously followed the politically correct view that Adolf Hitler was a criminal mass murderer like Stalin and Mao Tse Tung when the video flashed a propaganda poster about gun control. Facts be told, Hitler was fighting Jewish-borne Communism and was not on the par with Stalin or Mao, and in fact, the so-called "Holocaust" is most obviously a myth, as the concentration camps were for built labor and eventual deportion of Jews, who were considered potential enemies as the Japanese were in America.

The world Jewish population actually showed an increase after the war, as shown by John Beatty in his classic work, "Iron Curtain Over America" and Jewish statistics. There were not even 6 million Jews in all of Europe during WWII, so it is impossible that many died.

The "Leuchter report" negates assertions that the camps had extermination gas chambers. There were gas chambers, but they were used to delouse the clothing of incoming prisoners.

It was intense Allied bombing that made the camps hellholes of typhus infection and starvation. There are scholars and historians languishing in European prisons for making such assertions, as the ruling Zionist Occupation Governments have passed laws making it a criminal offense to dispute the official story of the "Holocaust." What are they trying to hide? The truth, of course. More can be learned doing a web search on Ernst Zundel, David Irving or Germar Rudolf.

This website has some interesting videos regarding the above. Here is a great book list.

I believe all this in spite of the fact that I had a Jewish grandfather whose sister and son died at Auschwitz, but I digress to illustrate that it is possible for anyone to be right about one assertion and wrong about another. Perhaps Croft should recognize this fact and retract his unsubstantiated character assassination of a sincere and obviously hard-working researcher. Either that, or give us the hard evidence for his accusations.

Clifford Carnicom may not be quite convinced of Reichian science. It does not follow that this convicts him of being a slick CIA agent, and in fact, despite what Croft says in his article, "Aerosol Crimes" ends on a positive note by urging the viewer to take action, any action before it is too late.

Best wishes,
Dennis Litwin


Hi Dennis,

I understand your point of view. Don has a tendency to over reach at times and shoot from the hip, especially with dubbing someone an "agent". I don't see it in quite those terms. I've recommended Carnicom as a good source of info since posting pages about chemtrails and he's still on my Chemtrails page. Don has been offended by Jeff Rense because Jeff has put him down over the air and irked by Carnicom because he has ignored his info.

Now, I do agree with Don in that Cliff is essentially a pessimist and a defeatist; so he's hardly an inspiration to anyone looking for a solution. His idea of resistance is to write your congressman. He's far too timid and cautious, in my opinion.

The other extremely important thing is that Cliff has been sent all the info by Don about the GENUINE ability of chembusters to break up, disperse, and TRANSMUTE the negative energies associated with chemtrails and he simply refuses to accept any of it as possible or real. Cliff is very much stuck in third dimension, mechanistic, Eienstien-view physics and won't let go, so he ignores any info that runs counter to his establishment view. This is where Don goes the extra step and accuses him of being a disinfo guy. I don't see it that way. I think we are dealing with the personality of Cliff Carnicom who is over cautious and wishes to play it safe.

As far as Hitler goes, I agree, it's not accurate to compare him to Stalin or Mao. He was very much opposed to communists infiltrating and taking over Germany, as few people seem to realize that the so-called Bolshevik Revolution in Russia occurred in 1917 and the communists were gaining ground like crazy in the 1930s with Hollywood doing much to glamorize the communist state as something wonderful (while Stalin was killing and gulagging people by the millions-all done while the west remained silent). Germany was extremely weak and vulnerable due to the excesses of the Versailles Treaty and set up the conditions for either the communists to take control or the Nazis. It was bound to happen-because of Versailles.

I heard David Irving give a talk locally about 4 years ago and I thought he was very interesting and hardly the Evil Holocaust Denier that the woman who brought the lawsuit against him claimed he was. Irving is now jailed in Austria because of that lawsuit for "thought crimes" that run counter to the Official Version of History According to the ADL and B'nai Brith. That's not good. Talk about the Orwellian state.

There are plenty of survivors of Auschwitz who made it abundantly clear that people were gassed and burned in crematoriums. How many were killed? I don't know. Maybe the numbers were exaggerated and that's where Zundel may have something, but denying that the Holocaust even took place is going way too far. Besides a lot of film evidence, there were plenty of reports that were delivered to both Roosevelt and Churchill (and Anthony Eden) during the war that made it crystal clear that the Nazis were exterminating people in those camps and in LARGE numbers. They sat on the information and did NOTHING, much to the dumbfounded shock of the people who were smuggled out of Europe in order to deliver that information to those two Illuminati puppets.

Regards, Ken


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