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A Case Against Money

From Brian <>
August 26,. 2011

A Case Against Money (Aug. 26, 2011)

If this whole Awakening thing is about returning to our spiritual bearings, then what has money got to do with ANY of it? The word itself derives from"mundane", meaning "of the World", and Christ himself admonished his followers to be IN the World but not OF it. How are we to view this? It's one thing to expose the obvious evil of the Federal Reserve System. Many people, and in growing numbers are well-versed in its multifarious ways, but what might we see from other angles?

Most of us are familiar with the story of the Dutch settlers who offered the Manhattan Indians what was at the time $24 or so "worth" of trinkets and beads. Ah yes, those good old trinkets and beads. The natives of course thinking this was a gift of friendship which carried with it an unspoken understanding of sharing what was then the pristine beauty of an untarnished land. We all know what the whites were thinking. They of course got their way and now stands on that ground those pillars of dark energy - Wall St. and the Fed. 'Nuf said. But what of money in and of itself? Would even a re-introduction of Constitutional money signifying a debt-free currency be the way to go when the World is rid of this NWO scourge? Or is the very concept of money part and parcel of the scourge itself?

The feasible reality of a sound money system is probably just an illusory pipedream; the manure is just way too deep. When you realize that much of our Constitution was inspired by a native American mode of thinking on what a notion of government ought to be (the Iroquois in particular), then how would a banishment of money interfere with the basic cause of freedom? Answer: it wouldn't. In fact, just the opposite would hold true. We would experience an exhilarating release from its pernicious grip, and maybe this is as it should be for humanity to profess itself to being spiritually aware.

Money has been the primary tool used by its masters in their plan to enslave a hoodwinked humanity; a plan that's been long in the works. Call it a money-pulation. But are we to get the last laugh by laughing all the way away from the bank and its disease called "money". Wouldn't this just make their plan burst like the fragile soap bubble it really is? Besides, with there being so much "stuff" and the wherewithall to create even more "stuff." Who needs this money stuff anyway? We need to gradually phase out of this paradigm as best we can in these upcoming months and years, and then just barter baby. Or just give stuff away, whatever. Because the alternative is looking exceedingly like a pathetic servility to an extremely onerous State. We're so much better than this, and we've got more important work to do in discovering just who and what we are as the Spirit Beings we sense ourselves to be.

Here's an esoteric look at a story from the New Testament, the one with Jesus"throwing out the moneychangers from the temple". Both "moneychangers" and"temple" are allegorical metaphors in this context.

Moneychangers: Having to do with our orientation of the World as being exclusively physical, thereby perpetuating the illusion of its finite state (death and taxes).

Temple: The true reality of the World in its preternatural state of imperishableness where any changes in its character (of matter) trans-poses rather than de-composes (heaven on Earth).

Brian <>


Subject: The case for and against money
From: Barney (UK)
Date: Fri, August 26, 2011
To: Ken Adachi


Hello Ken,

Here's my take on money, for what it's worth.

Human society, freed of the present system of slavery, involves people naturally working together for the common good. I've experienced this myself, and enjoyed using my skills and abilities in doing things for my neighbours with no thought of payment. If we enjoy what we do, we also enjoy sharing our abilities with our friends. We know that these neighbours will be equally willing to return the favour, using their own unique skills, but that doesn't even enter our awareness. It's just the way it is (or the way it should be).

The other side of the monetary argument is that, as with a centralised government, if we don't have one of our own, sooner or later one will be imposed on us.

I detest government and I despise the curse of money, but we MUST have both for our own protection against the unscrupulous. A centralised administration truly answerable to the people, whose sole responsibility is limited to lawmaking, each new law being subject to the approval of the people, and administering those matters that genuinely need to be dealt with at a national level (roads, rail, utilities), plus a purely physical (not electronic) monetary system which is known and acknowledged to be the absolute property of the people - forever.

The people must hold the power, and the people must own the money, all of which must exist in physical form (no more "credit"), with safeguards to ensure that no"government" or foreign banker can ever take these two essentials from us.

Best wishes,


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