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Comments from a Fundamentalist (albeit anonymous) Catholic Basher
June 6, 2008

Comments from a Fundamentalist (albeit anonymous) Catholic Basher (June 8, 2008)

Subject: Union Jack
Date: Fri, June 6, 2008 7:10 pm
To: Editor

I have read a copy of The Union Jack. There are so many statements of unfounded nonsense, I cannot understand why you have endorsed it. Nowhere is there a description of what "spiritual communism" is. The baseless assertion says: well, if you're a premillenialist, then you are a spiritual communist. Balderdash. We have two quotes from before the 1200AD that speak favorably of pre-millentialism. Post-millenialism is the doctrine promoted by ALL STATIST organizations, such as the Calvinist denominations (Presbyterian, United Methodist, most Baptists, Lutherans, most Episcopals) and the God-damned Roman Catholic Church. The Union Jack constantly defends the RCC, which makes me think your site may be Catholic. The Masons, the British-Israel people, the Zionists as well as the CATHOLICS, will ALL be condemned by God.


Dear Anonymous,

I'm publishing your letter as received with your e-mail in tact.

Apparently, you cannot read or understand the English language: Review these words printed ABOVE THE TEXT BOX you filled out to send this note:

"Before sending mail, take the time to read these notes:

1. If you wish to write an e-mail, you need to address me by my name. You need to print your name at the bottom of your letter. Full name or first name as you prefer, but don't send a letter without identifying yourself because I'm not going to reply to anonymous mail. There is an exception in special cases (whistleblowers) and it's discussed below, but routine mail requires a name. .

2. Insulting or negative mail is not welcomed. One can express any opinion without stooping to insult or slander. If you can't keep it civil, don't write. If I publish hate mail, I always leave the e-mail address intact and included in the keywords so that anyone doing a search for that e-mail address will be sure to come across that letter. I won't hesitate to contact law enforcement for any sort of threatening letter and will contact the server of anyone sending threatening or grossly insulting mail.

3. Do NOT add my name to your mailing list-no matter how important and relevant you think it may be-WITHOUT MY PERSMISSION. I do NOT want to be added to mailing lists without FIRST getting my consent.

Additional contact info, including my voice mail, is listed below

..Thanks, Ken Adachi. "

Who do you think that applies to? The man in the moon?

It applies to YOU, moron.


Here's a clue: God does not assign MORONS to speak for Him. Only MORONS believe such things.

Ken Adachi

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