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Comments on Mark Philips & Cathy O'Brien
February 24, 2011

Comments on Mark Philips & Cathy O'Brien (Mar. 1, 2011)

Subject: your website
From: Richard
Date: Thu, February 24, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

I wanted to compliment and thank you for tune info on Mark Philips & Cathy O'Brien, I had just seen them on youtube and was disturbed that she referred to the environmental stuff so much, for one thing, something just wasn't kosher about her talk. Now I think I have a better understanding. I am Christian and have read lots of this type stuff in my 30 yrs as one. I'm 59, look forward to reading all the info on your site and will do my best to order some of the products,

Richard H


Hello Richard,

Thanks for your note.

Cathy has been a victim of MK Ultra mind control abuse and programming since earliest childhood. I cannot blame her for anything. A mind controlled person is a VICTIM first and foremost. Programmed people are manipulated people who are not in complete control of their own mind. If she says things that are misleading, it's because she's been programmed to think that way.

Mark is another story. I don't know his family background or why he joined the CIA, but once you are part of that Nazi-founded organization, then you have sold your soul. That's important to keep in mind. I have to assume that anyone who works for the CIA is going to be programmed, if they weren't already programmed when they joined.

CIA "families" spawn future generation of CIA agents. CIA people also come from military backgrounds and families. It's a generational thing and the children in these families are almost ALWAYS programmed from babyhood forward.

Cisco Wheeler told me a few years ago that she had programmed Mark.

It's a fact that MK Ultra sex slaves were often killed around age 30 as she reported in her first book. The idea that Mark saved her may be completely true. It's also possible that Mark's rescue was a CIA setup from the beginning to make him appear as a White Knight and act as a magnet for other MK Ultra victims to help "rescue" and deprogram them.

That's what Brice Taylor thought when she spent a year with both Mark and Cathy, paying all of their expenses (about $75,000 of her mother's money), thinking that Mark was going to deprogram her and free her of CIA control. Brice was hugely disappointed to find out that Mark not only didn't help to deprogram her, but told Brice that SHE WAS NEVER A VICTIM OF MIND CONTROL PROGRAMMING after draining her of $75,000 and wasting a year of her life.

I'm sure that Mark and Cathy have done good work in bringing the subject of MK Ultra mind control victimization to a wider public forum. If you understand that not every word and not every statement that flows from their mouths is the unvarnished truth, then you can gain from their information without being duped into accepting their disinfomation, such as the untrue statments Mark has made in print about Ted Gunderson and Brice Taylor.

Regards, Ken

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