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"Why the Attitude?"
March 13, 2009

"Why the Attitude?"(Mar. 13, 2009)

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From: Jefferson, Corey <>
Sent: Mar 13, 2009
To: Editor
Subject: great site, but...

Dear Ken,

I’m writing to you in reference to the below correspondence between you and another inquisitive mind. Why the attitude? You’re doing yourself and this site a disservice in berating people for things as simple as not adding their name to the end of an inquiry when the goal is to spread the word or “fight the good fight” . As much work as you do on the site, it’s only to your benefit that you remain courteous and resourceful to those who may have additional questions or thoughts on your work, as it only makes you and your site look more credible and real. It seems like whenever someone wants to know whether this information is from your own research, or if not, where you’re getting it ; you get defensive and catty and I feel bad for these poor inquiring minds who are just looking to seek answers. If your goal is truly to spread what you hold to be true, then please see it through to Its fruition, and cut down the cattiness.

Best Regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Corey Jefferson

January 22, 2009

"Sincerely Yours" (Jan. 22, 2009)

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From: Levi Illsley <>
To: Editor
Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2009
Subject: Illuminati

Dear Editor Ken Adachi

I was reading an article of yours on Educate Yourself. The conversation itself dates back to 2004. If the Illuminati did indeed originate in the 11th century, where could I find documetation of this? Alsowhere could I find factual documentation that other brotherhoods such as the Templers are involved? I was always under the impression that Galileo founded the Illuminati, in order to fight against the opposition of the Church. You also said that the "illumination" or "light" is "intended for their benefit and advantage." I do agree with this point, but I do feel that when relgious organizations get in the way of science ,such as stem cell research for example, perhaps it is not better that way?

you can see the article I am refering to at this link...

I would be grateful for any advice you could offer.



Is your name Levi Illsley or is that just your e-mail handle or someone else's name whose computer you happen to be using today?

If Levi Illsley is your name, then why don't you acknowledge that you are the author of the words contained in this e-mail letter? It IS a letter isn't it?

I find it remarkable that a person who is interested in the historical origins of the Illuminati would send a total stranger a letter asking that stranger to take his time to fill the voids in his education and not bother to sign his name to that request.

It's not my job to teach you basic manners. It's YOUR responsibility to meet the MINIMUM requirements of civilized discourse.

So here's my advice to you: get out a high school freshman's book of English grammar and look up the chapter on writing letters. You can skip the part that talks about business letters and just read the part on writing a personal letter to a STRANGER. Note what it advises you to do and then get back to me.

Sincerely Yours, Ken Adachi


Hello Corey,

There are two separate issues to address here. The first deals with the idea of expecting me to reply to anonymous mail. I've given notice on my web site that I will not respond to anonymous mail, an odious habit of unthinking and ill-mannered people that has become de rigueur with the advent of e-mail. I won't accept that sort of sloughy disregard for basic etiquette. It may be OK with you, but it's not with me.

In the case of this particular letter, the sender did reply to me and expressed his regret and apologized for not signing his name. That was more than satisfactory for me and I had every intention of replying to his original inquiry in depth, but as it so often happens, I got side tracked with another matter and simply forgot about replying to this e-mail. I get a lot of e-mail with a large variety of content-and most of it important. It's not easy to keep it all on the top of my head.

Since you reminded me of his letter, I will take the time to compose a reply and post it, along with the original inquiry.

I reject your characterization of my response as "cattiness" . For me, cattiness implies a desire to be nasty in the interest of offending or hurting someone's feelings out of a desire for revenge or jealousy. I'm not doing that here. I'm CHASTIZING someone for not following what I've already spelled out in bold face letters over the very e-mail box that was used to send me the e-mail from my web site. When I tell you right over the box you are filling in to send me e-mail "DO NOT SEND ME MAIL WITHOUT IDENTIFYING YOURSELF WITH YOUR NAME", that's fairly unambiguous. If you do it anyway, then that annoys me. And when I see that the sender possesses an educated mind, then I suppose that it bothers me even more. .

In many cases, I will just delete the anonymous mail and not reply in any manner. And very often, I will filter out that e-mail address entirely so I don't have to bother reading another e-mail from that same person.

In this case, I sent the reply and posted it in order to get HIM to recognize his obligation to stand behind his words, but to also send a message to any reader who has similar bad habits, that I'm not going to accept that level of neglect. I answered him because, of course, I could see he was making a sincere inquiry about a legitimate topic and was not intentionally trying to be offensive, His letter was polite in every other regard, except for not signing his name. Had I been in a better mood that day, I probably would have answered him more softly, but when I get a letter from somebody who is clearly educated, there's no excuse. As I mentioned in my reply, I have NO DESIRE TO PLAY THE ROLE OF MOMMY, DADDY, ENGLISH TEACHER, DISCIPLINARIAN, OR SCHOOL PRINCIPAL to a world-wide internet mob.

You either adhere to the principles of civilized discourse or you don't. Sloppy and careless habits, like not signing your name, or not capitalizing words which require a capital letter, are clear indications of a DECAYING civilization; a civilization that is moving closer and closer towards barbarity and coarseness. You see the evidence of this coarsening everywhere-on TV, in movies, and among habits of speech and writing.

I'm not going along with that and I'm not going to capitulate to any expression of that coarseness. You either care enough to present yourself in a civilized manner or you don't hear from me. It's as simple as that.

Sincerely, Ken


-----Original Message-----
From: "Jefferson, Corey IT-IAU EXT" <>
Sent: Mar 13, 2009
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: RE: great site, but...

Hey Ken,

I neglected to see your disclaimer about everyone having to include their name at the end of their correspondence, it wasn’t until after writing the email that I viewed the page in which you clearly state this. However, after reading more and more of the “letters” section it is clear that your definition of “presenting yourself in a civilized manner” is vastly different from many others. I can’t believe you would right someone off as uncivilized because they didn’t include their name at the bottom. Not everyone is familiar with office etiquette and those that are make mistakes and may forget to include their just by accident. I pity anyone with that type of mindset as it does nothing to promote solidarity between each other as people. You’re JUDGING people based on trivial matters and declaring them “uncivilized”, to me that is the definition of catty. If someone stormed in your office with a knife sticking out of their side and blood running down would you turn them away because they didn’t knock first? The pejorative elements of your responses detract intent within. You’re obdurately speaking down to anyone who challenges you or who you dub uncivilized (without merit). It’s really painful to read this at times and there’s no telling how many people you’re turning away from your site, which I know ( you don’t care), but maybe you should care. There is far too much disinformation on the internets for people to filter as true or valid, the very least you can do is set off a vibe that is warm and inviting. There have been many instances in which important questions were asked of you, but because they didn’t ask it the exact way you demand, you write a 3 paragraph diatribe about how ignorant they are instead of answering the question. It’s very disappointing when I look forward to see an interesting question get answered, but instead I’m reading 3 paragraphs of chastising and judging. Why can’t you just suck up the ego and answer the questions? You’re here to educate, please have a little more compassion.


Do you not call this catty:

Hello Anael,

Thanks for your note. I'm amazed at your English ability. Are you Russian by birth? How is it you can speak English so well?It's not my job to teach you basic manners. It's YOUR responsibility to meet the MINIMUM requirements of civilized discourse. I'm especially offended by demands from stupid people who are too unaware, insensitive, and immature to realize that GOVERNMENT SPONSORED covert mind control programs Apparently you possess the maturity of an 10 year old child and think that stopping government sanctioned crimes by the CIA or the FBI, or the NSA, or NASA --


Best Regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Corey Jefferson


Hello Corey,

For a guy who's condemning me for being "judgmental", you're pretty good at it yourself. .

I'm "here to educate" and "just suck up the ego and answer the questions"? Who do think you're giving orders to? I'm not here as your servant, Corey. You are the visitor in my house; and not the other way around.

Do not READ my web site if my comments are so "painful". I wouldn't have a web site if "I didn't care", but I'm not concerned about holding on to readers like you. And don't write to me with your two bit, self righteous analysis either. It's easy to throw darts and play the critic while standing on the sidelines. Do me a favor. Start your own web site and pontificate until the cows come home.

For a critic who likes to throw out vocabulary like "obdurately" or "pejorative", it's a little surprising that you don't know the difference between "write" off, and "right" off. And we usually place a question mark after a question like "Do you not call this catty"; not a colon.

Look, you go out to the airport in your area with the Hari Chrisna robes and accost all who pass with admonitions against intolerance for those who rail against poor grammar, anonymous letter writing, and a lack of "solidarity" among web site editors and sloven individuals who can't be bothered with rising to a minimum level of acceptable penmanship. You will have no difficulty pulling in many who will easily agree with your laid-back point of view (they are usually seen smoking "funny" cigarettes). I just don't happen to be one of them.

So long and have a nice life.

Sayonara, Ken.

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