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Reader Happy to Discover that Chembusters Work, Sylphs Are Real, & Morgellons is Curable
January 11, 2015

Reader Happy to Discover that Chembusters Work, Sylphs Are Real, & Morgellons is Curable (Jan. 11, 2015)

On 1/10/2015 , Tony A wrote:

Dear Ken,

I want to thank you for sending me supplies for making my first cb. I spoke to you a while back from NY. I was not sure the chembuster would work but after a few changes and planting it about week later, I noticed chem- clouds dissipating before my eyes; that was years ago. I believe since they have been ramping up it does not work as well as it did because of the sheer amount of chemtrails and different type. I can clearly see there is not any natural weather anymore. I could care less if they know I know about this genocide. I have emailed my representatives without response like we don't exist. Also when you told me about sylphs I was not sure. One day I was out looking and I could see something clearing the sky so I took few pics and then I said let me go out and take one more pic. So any way, few days later I downloaded pics and the last pic was a perfect sylph with butterfly wings just like I had seen online. It parked over my house and swept the sky for miles around in big 360. I'm sure you have seen many so I won't send. It's on my old laptop which I don't use anymore anyway. I have helped people as far as Canada make cbs with your help. Also I have been able to cure all my issues including morgellons going on 4 years without it. Once and a while I get out my 18 volt zapper just to make sure. I hate these bas--terds and can't wait to see them on trial for crimes against humanity. Any advice on upgrading cb to make it more effective? I have also been making orgone pyramids with your instructions. I do have a hard time dealing with all the mass lies and cannot watch TV anymore.



PS. If you know anyone that wants to commit suicide from morgellons please give them my e-mail so I can help them.


Hi Tony,

Thanks for your note. It's really nice to read your comments, so many years later, since many people are unaware of chembusters (CB) and Sylphs. Yes, I also noticed that CBs are having less of an effect, but as you say, the intensity and frequency of spraying, and the contents of chemtrails has changed. Still, the Sylphs show up on most spray days, but not every time.

You can increase the effect of the CB by adding another set of pipes on top of the current set. Buy 6 couplers and another set of pipes and just add them on top. It's a good idea to use a second wooden template to keep the pipes in place.

When politicians simply ignore your letters about poisoning chemtrails or other important matters, they need some publicity. If you have a copy of what you sent, send it to me, along with the name of the rep and his district. The NWO takeover won't slow down or turn around until we get rid of the traitors in congress. Both houses are top heavy with sellouts, fifth columnists, and Israeli dual citizens, toiling in the interest of the World Conquerors, who need to be pushed out and replaced with patriots loyal to the American people and its Constitution.

I'd like to hear more details about how you overcame Morgellons. That's a tough one and I'm sure many people would be interested in knowing what worked for you. Can you explain more?

If you can find the photo of the Sylph, please send it and I'll post it.

We stopped watching TV when they turned off the analog transmitters in 2009. Anyone who is receiving digital TV thru a cable, dish, or converter box and watching it on a modern plasma screen TV is uploading both surveillance video and audio of anyone who is within view of that screen straight into NSA super computers.

I can't get over how many people buy into the hoaxes that fill the news month after month. The Charlie Hebdo staged shooting in France is the latest example. On AM talk radio, they all talk about these staged events as if they were legit. You don't even hear a caller get through who challenges these absurd and obvious ruses. That dumbing down is a result of TV exposure and programming. It is mind control. even though most people have no idea just how insidious and subtle it is.

Regards, Ken


On 1/12/2015 , Tony A wrote:

Hi Ken,

Yeah I understand about everything. I installed the first mini satellite TV system in NY in 1994 Prime Star I was in on ground floor. We had to connect to telephone line for ppview and even way back then I knew they could simply turn on the phone to hear everything you were saying. That was before I even had any clue. I even told people what's stopping them from simply turning it on like answering the phone.



Jan 12 2015

Hi Ken.

A couple other things. When I started healing by going to ocean, I brought salt water home, put in freezer and would use it to clear my nose. I could not breath for years out of my nose. I took ice cold sea water, laid upside down over my bed head down, and dripped sea water and forced up my nasal cavities where mites were [connected with Morgellons]. After week or so doing it everyday, I was able to clear my nose and been that way up to present. I think Himalayan salt would work just as well though. That was the first thing clearing my nose to breath again then went on to the rest. Also when I had Morgellons, anytime I went near a radio, it freaked out from the frequencies it puts off.


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