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CDC'S Own Data Confirms There Is No H1N1 Pandemic
November 28, 2009

CDC'S Own Data Confirms There Is No H1N1 Pandemic (Nov. 28, 2009)

Thank you Ken Adachi, for all the human lives you have saved, and the suffering you have prevented, by taking the bull (as in B.S.) by the horns and
warning the world with the truth behind this great vaccinicide fraud! You have done more good than you will ever know!

I hope the next step will be to round up the criminals behind this deadly hoax, and bring them to justice at the gallows!

Thank you and God bless you!

College Students Getting Smarter, Shunning H1N1 Vaccine” =1259430922

“CDC'S Own Data Confirms There Is No H1N1 Pandemic”


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