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Chappatti with Ghee
November 9, 2005

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From: anybody want chappatti with Ghee?
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Sent: Wednesday, November 09, 2005 1:29 AM
Subject: HI...been reaading educate yourself...!

Dear Ken Adachi,

I have been reading you website eduate yourself. and some of the things areAMAZING! I guessI've been going through a huge transformation at the moment and one of my friends recommended me the site.

And there's so much confusion and doubt and lostness at the moment, and when I read the website it shows that it's not just me. so many people are going through this.

So anyway i reckon im just writing this email because your website was stuff i could really relate to and writing emails out to people who 'get it' give me comfort. so there's no real particular question here it's just a random mail.

I'm not sure if I can be asking ANY questions here. but because I'm SO confused at the moment. I'm wondering why all this has to be gone through. It's like I'm crying inside because we're living in such a world of falsehood and misery..........and doing stuff I dont want to do (like I'm doing a politics boring essay now). - I'm a student at university.

And why when you think your on the right path do you suddenly experience such massive amounts of fear. and how do you keep on the path of LOVE all the time? And WHAT AM I DOING HERE? and when is the game gonna END??

Okay thanks - no worries if you do not reply to this email. I get you would be very busy.

T ake care and good luck with all the following adventures

Loads of love

vish gheewala

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