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Charging Water for Health and Healing
December 1, 2008

Charging Water for Health and Healing by Drew (Dec. 1, 2008)

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Subject: Charging Water for Health and Healing

Hi Ken,

Here is something I put together on the energy work I do on water. Given water makes up most the human body, I feel it is an important subject that most people have no overall idea about or what kind of amazing changes they can implement in themselves solely through water.

I drink a lot of water. It's more or less the only thing I drink outside of an occasional energy drink, every now and again a cup of coffee or some good tea if it's around. I stopped drinking soda and carbonated beverages around the same time I became a vegetarian around 7 months ago. The urge just got up and left and was replaced for the desire to drink water, non fluoridated spring water at that. I don't drink tap water or Dasani or Aquafina (both of which are tap water) because all of it has Flouride in it which, if you didn't know, is a neuro-toxin and a mind control agent.

I hope this does not come as too much of a surprise to people that our government would mandate that Flouride be in all of our water 'to prevent tooth decay'. They even have scary public service announcements now on the radio encouraging people to stop drinking bottled water, the voice of the guy doing the announcements sounds exactly what I imagine Satan would sound like if he were doing a PSA.

Whenever I drink water, I do energy work on it or I align it with a particular intent or an energy. If you have never read any of Masaru Emoto's books on the 'Messages from Water' series, I highly suggest you at least take a look because we are up to 65% water by mass (Google him, amazing work). Your thoughts and intent toward water actually change the chemical or vibratory frequency that the water expresses. Water by it's very nature picks up and holds vibrational intent extremely well. Thus, people who talk negatively inside to themselves get sick a lot more frequently than people who talk internally in a self respecting and positive manner. The water holds onto and transmits the frequency you carry through life to every area and cell of your body. If you tell yourself your a genius all the time, guess what message 65% of your body will lock onto? If you love yourself and broadcast loving, healing thoughts towards yourself and others, 65% of your body takes on that frequency.

This is testable and not just theory. I can take two bottles of identical water and do Reiki on one bottle of water and draw Reiki symbols on it. It takes me maybe a minute between channeling the energy into the bottle and drawing the symbols. If I take a sip of the non Reiki'd water, it tastes like ordinary water, it smells like ordinary water, it has no defining characteristics other than it doesn't have fluoride in it and it came from a spring. The Reiki water on the other hand, has become sweeter, more crisp and has a more pleasant smell to it. Now take into account these are identical bottles of water, yet in only a minute I aligned the one bottle to a universal life force energy (Usui Reiki) and the other one, just left it as I got it.

Here's where it gets really interesting.

I am in touch with several different energy systems. Whenever I do energy work on a bottle of water I mentally broadcast into the bottle that 'I align every molecule of this water into a transformative healing and divine energy which works to heal and bring my whole body into alignment with the highest good for myself.' You can charge the bottle of water with whatever intent you want, be it more energy, or a sleep aid or whatever you can think of. Depending on the energy system I use on the water, it will actually change the taste of the water! Just doing Reiki on the bottle and drawing symbols makes it taste and smell sweeter. Me doing Reiki, adding the universal symbol of myself, and saying the name of my Higher Self changes the water a little more. It's a little less sweeter and has a different smell to it; it also feels different in my body when I drink it. If I just draw a symbol for myself with the name of my Highest Self, the water's taste and effect on my body also changes. It makes the water harsher to drink.

I am attuned with 8 levels of tachyon energy out of 9 total at the moment. I can use this energy that I use to cleave clouds and attune my bottle of water to be a low level Tachyon emitter. I hold on to the water with my hands, right hand on top, left hand on bottom and tell my Highest Self and the water 'I attune this water to be a tachyon emitter of a 1 strength and potency' or 2 strength or whatever. The higher the strength, the more Tachyon energy the water emits from it.

Tachyon is a really powerful and invasive energy, there's nothing subtle about it. The tachyon energy emits particles that travel at faster than the speed of light. When I attune water into a tachyon emitter, the water becomes metallic in taste and gets a kind of weird smell to it. When I drink the water, it feels really dense as it goes through my body and I can feel it spreading to areas of my body. If I drink too much of it, I get an energy headache and realize this is just at a level one potency.

I have some crystals and such that I have attuned up to a 40 strength and holding on to them for any significant amount of time makes the area feel numb and usually results in an energy headache. I put one of these crystals on my sister's 10 pound Shitzu, letting her smell it first to make sure she was okay with it which she was and my sister ended up rubbing her dog all over her belly with it which she was appearing to love. My sister's dog passed out in a dead cockroach position for 30 minutes, her breathing slowed down to about the deepest most peaceful repose that I think I've ever seen on a dog and she was unwakeable and unresponsive for more or less that 30 minute period of time just lying on her back lost in bliss. Likewise, my sister got an energy headache. My sister's response 'What the hell did your rock do to my dog?'

I have also begun attuning parts of my body to be tachyon emitters as well. I've started on my throat and so far have been bringing it up slowly from a potency of one up to a potency of 4.5 over the last month. Whenever I do an attunement on my throat, I feel my throat get numb and start to feel denser. I can also feel a dual channel flow of energy going both up into my head and down into the rest of my body. I started at 1 and then every night before going to bed, I'll bring it up .2, and Ii'd repeat several times: 'I attune my throat to be a tachyon emitter of 1.2 or 1.4 or 1.6..." I am going to stop once I get up to 7 which is a safe place for my body. I am also doing a similar attunement on a friend's Liver. Tachyon acts as a detoxifying and cleansing energy on many levels.

Other energies that I sometimes align my water with are etheric crystals which I am attuned to I think around 65 or so of. These are thought forms of physical crystals which posses the same metaphysical properties as a physical crystal like say a Ruby, a Diamond or Citrine. I place two fingers against the bottle of water and I broadcast into the water 'I place an etheric diamond (or quartz, double terminated quartz, amber, citrine, ruby, cacoxenite etc) in this bottle of water' I picture how big the crystal should be as well as its shape and I can perceive them energetically in the bottle of water. I let them sit there a few minutes before I drink the water. The taste of the water and it's energy signature also changes accordingly.

Other energies I sometimes use are the higher harmonics of gold, Gold reiki, the Purple Flame of Saint Germain, or simply the divine light and love of the universe. Sometimes I run energy chains (basic enegy work, good book is Energy Work by Robert Bruce) on the water just like I would do on a tree, myself or on another person when I am doing energy work.

Although I am not positive of it yet, I'm pretty sure it is also possible to instill in the water the properties of vitamins and minerals without you actually having to add vitamins or minerals. Their etheric counterparts would effect your body in the same way the physical vitamins would because the etheric energy body is the precursor to your physical body. Let's take this one step deeper. I could in essence also get all the protein my body needs from water without the water having any protein powder in it just through vibrational intent and resonance with the water. This is internal alchemy at work using something that is 65% of our bodies makeup. There have been studies done whereby scientists looked at vegetables after microwaving it and saw that the majority of the nutritional content in the vegetable was destroyed by the radiation therapy you just did on your food (please stop using your microwave). They had a person then do energy work and healing on the vegetables and wouldn't you know? They went back to the same food and found that it's nutritional content had come back almost 100% within it. Read that again so you can let it sink in. Are you scared of all the carcinogens that the FDA and drug companies pump into your food to give you cancer? This same technique can be used to clean your food.

Realize with this that you are making a more perfect form of water through vibrational intent. People travel to places like the healing fountain of Lourdes to receive blessed water that they think is blessed by the spirit of Mary. Who am I to say whether or not it is in fact blessed by the disencarnate spirit body of Mary? What I do know is that all those people could do the same thing to every drop of water they drink just by invoking her energy into the water by intent and get the same effects without actually having to go to France. The fountain at Lourdes has more or less become a Radionics device that is in constant manifestation of the healing energy people want from the fountain. If you wanted to allign your water with the vibrational resonance as that of say Lourdes or some other sacred place all you'd have to do is put your hands around the bottle and direct the thought into bottle or glass of water, i.e. 'I allign every molecule of this water to the loving healing energy that exists at the fountain at Lourdes'. Then give it a minute for the universe to respond to you. You will find that the energy from the fountain in Lourdes will actually come through your hands and make it's way through to the water. The taste will likely have a subtle change to it, as will the smell of the water.

You could even do some interesting things with the water like making it an activator of your 12 stranded DNA. Point is, the water will respond to whatever intent you throw at it. Want to make someone feel lousy? Give them a bottle of water that you infuse with thoughts of sickness and ill will. Don't be surprized later, though, when Karma comes back to reap its pound of flesh on you, assuming you play the Karma game.

Nobody told me about this, I just started doing it after reflecting on the work of Masaru Emoto. Later, after I'd already been doing energy work on water, I learned other methods from outside sources which increased the functionality of what I was doing. Also, just as a side note, the Reiki water I drink is by far the best tasting water I have ever had in my life.


Drew G.


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