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Government High Tech Aerial Bombardment: From New York to Lima

[Editor's Note: The use of helicopters in populated areas for purposes of nefarious high tech electronic bombardment needs to be explored in much greater depth. About six years ago, I began taking video of helicopters circling around and around in populated areas of Costa Mesa and Irvine California. They are pulsing some sort of bright, high intensity energy from booms or antennae attached to the underside or sides of helicopters. This energy flashes in high intensity burst clusters of 4-6 pulses and then repeats a second or two later. It's easiest to see these flashes at night of course, but they do this electronic pulse bombardment during the day as well.

The general public is unaware that the police have the technical capability to track people from helicopters by electronically "seeing" their DNA signature on a computer screen. A friend of mine recently told me that he clearly remembers seeing a short TV news segment somewhere in the late 1990's in which the California Highway Patrol (CHP) was demonstrating a new technology of tracking people from helicopters using their DNA as the "tag". They showed a computer on a helicopter in which people walking around below showed up as blips on their computer screen. To follow one individual, they simply turned off the other blips and they could then follow that one individual who was targeted and could be seen on the computer screen wherever he went.

This is part of the REAL reason that police are so anxious to collect a saliva DNA sample from you at every opportunity. Here in California, they now force you to give them a saliva DNA sample even when you are merely arrested and ACCUSED of a felony, no longer just for convicted individuals. Your DNA is scanned and entered into government computer databases and you can then be TRACKED or targeted for psychotronic torture/harassment. Al Bielek mentioned that this DNA tracking/psychotronic technology grew out of the Montauk Project in his video interview with Vladimir Terziski in 1992 . ...Ken]
May 22, 2008

Government High Tech Aerial Bombardment: From New York to Lima (May 22, 2008)

Subject: Chemical spraying over populated areas
From:   JC
Date: Thu, May 22, 2008
To:   Editor

I have came across into your article about spraying over populated areas and I am deeply surprised to know that this was happening, because first I am a Christian and I have witnessed this event by holy spirit who told me about it,it's not a joke.. I have a witness to confirm my words. I really am telling the God honest truth, I would not joke about it because I myself am suffering a lung disease (Sarcoidosis).

I have gone to various doctors and they don't know where it comes from it's unknown, but they say it may be environmental or genetic. I thought that that was a lie being covered up for some reason, I know it's not genetic because no one in my generation or past generations have had such a disease so it must be man made diseases. So it's a confirmed truth the Government has been covering up those events. I have tried to sue them but no lawyer would take the case, because they need hard evidence to form such a case.

I come from New York City, specifically Manhattan just 8 blocks from the World Trade Center. I was diagnosed with the disease in 1997, I could not work since because of it. I moved from that location and headed to Lima, Peru. While living here in Peru, I see odd events with military helicopters, they come and circle around the most populated areas at low altitudes around where I live, I noticed that they circle around several times where the middle to upper class homes and areas are, and suddenly everyone just starts to get cold viruses, it's like they are infecting the population to get people to buy cold remedies and medications. Its really odd to see them circle around populated areas like that, what if the helicopter malfunctions and hits a building? I don't think should do maneuvers like that but they do, and that's odd.

That's what I see around here, and I fear that that is what is happening to all populated areas, governments are making a lot of money on this, and the American public should be told, my opinion is that the public should take out governments that don't protect the public.

I now see that governments want to reduce the population as is told, and I am living proof of it.

Thanks for your time.


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