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Fighting Chemtrails in Germany: An Interim Report
July 22, 2008

Fighting Chemtrails in Germany: An Interim Report (July 22, 2008)

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From: Anthony
Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Subject: Fighting Chemtrails in Germany

Hello Ken,

It's been a while since I've written to you, but I'm pleased to report that many parts of Germany are currently enjoying bluer skies, more natural clouds, fresher air and more sylphs than I've experienced since I first woke up to the chemtrails and HAARP pollution.

I just read Beth's report from Michigan and your analysis of the etheric activities. I can confirm that we have been witnessing very similar activities in our skies in recent weeks. The skies at times seemed to be a battlefield of negative entities in the artificial clouds and positive entities in the natural and sylph type clouds. The good news is that the positive entities were totally dominant. This might have been a couple of weeks ago, close to the July 4th date in Beth's report.

Since then, we have enjoyed very fresh weather, lots of persistent (and pleasant) rainfall, which seems to be cleaning up the atmosphere even more. There have been very few Summer storms, despite the obvious attempts to crank up the DOR which can seen in the HAARP clouds, especially Mamatus type "tidal wave" clouds. In Germany they are even trying to claim that the clean air could speed up global warming! This year's temperatures have been much lower than normal, so the official claim is that global warming is pausing but will be back in 10 years time. Yawn! They seem to be tieing themselves in knots with their lies!

One thing that really seems to help on the Orgonite front is the use of earth pipes. I absolutely recommend your readers to use earth pipes wherever they can, together with TBs and HHGs (and remember to charge your crystals (running water and sun is good). And to add some oomph to the Orgonite, add some Turmalin powder and/or granules. The orgonite might not look as pretty (Turmalin is black), but it has been shown to be a good way to make more powerful orgonite. Turmalin has very interesting properties and seems to be jsut what is required at this stage in the game. Earthpipes in or close to places of power, monuments, towers and hilltops! The bad guys have shown us where we need to go! Hilltops are great because that's often where the Chi (Orgone) comes to the earth's surface (I'm no expert, but that's my understanding!).

Other worthy targets, apart from the cell towers of course, are places of suffering, places where there is lots of Dead Orgone, hospitals, prisons, slaughterhouses, etc.

My best wishes to you and your readers! Let's have fun healing the world!


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