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Chemtrail Grid Photographed over California Desert in 1987
July 17, 2007

Chemtrail Grid Photographed over California Desert in 1987 (July 17, 2007)

Subject: 1987 Chemtrail picture taken by me
Date: Tue, July 17, 2007 11:31 am
To:   Editor

Hi Ken,

I live in Costa Mesa, corner of Victoria and Harbor. I notice that almost every Friday they seem to spray over us here.

Great website.

I have a picture on my webpage at:

Chemtrail grid over California desert 1987It is the last picture at the bottom of the page, of a cross with a chemtrail filled sky. The picture was taken by me in 1987. I recall the desert sky was always filled with them during that time period. So in my opinion, the spraying was already taking place back then...notice the 'lattice~grid' pattern of the chemtrails and their tell tale dispersion signiture.

Most researchers point to 1997 as the starting point. I think they are ten years off.

David Sloane


Hello David,

Yes, others have noted that chemtrails were sprayed prior to 1997, but the scale of the operation and the frequency increased dramatically in late 1997 to include most major populated areas of North America and then, many other areas in the world. I have a newspaper clipping with a photo from 1967 or 1966 showing a huge "X" being sprayed over a large industrial city in Connecticut.

Some countries, as you may know, NEVER get sprayed with chemtrails -China being the most glaring example of an extremely large country that is being spared from this aerial poisoning.

The reason should be obvious. China is being groomed by the NWO to become the leading financial and military power on earth, thus replacing the USA in that capacity. Simultaneously, the United States is being undermined, subverted, and betrayed from within by treasonous fifth columnist politicians, treasonous military leaders, and increasingly corrupt state, local, and federal law enforcement-with the FBI being at the top of that list.

China, remember, is the perfect model of the New World Order state: Totalitarian state control down to telling you how many children you are allowed to have, Godless and lacking in humanity to the extreme of rounding up thousands of innocent Chinese citizens and putting them in slave labor camps or killing them to harvest their organs for sale

By the way, in the first photo seen at your web site, you have a huge Sylph in the sky behind the person standing  at the top of the cliff with his arms in the air.

Sylph in California desert sky 1987 .

Regards, Ken

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