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Regarding Chemtrail Naysayers
May 17, 2004

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Hello sir. My name is Ian Miller and I am a journalist working in the Los Angeles area and I must say that the information on your website is both thought-provoking and well conceived. The reason I am writing this email to you in particular is in response to a letter you received regarding the chemtrail phenomena. The writer I speak of explained away the existence of chemtrails using the hackneyed excuse that those in power would never willingly poison themselves even if they wanted to poison everyone else.

What this person does not understand is that those with power in this country are incredibly far richer than those of us without it. Like you said in your response, the Illuminati has their hands on methods and techniques for all sorts of acts that the average person would never dream of. Look at the fact that they invented a bomb that could level entire cities and they had to use primitive propeller technology to wield it. Look at a man like Magic Johnson (the only man I've ever seen who has contracted HIV and actually gained weight) who used sheer financial power to defeat AIDS. When members of this elite (C. Wright Mills' classic The Power Elite does an excellent job defining these people) feel the appropriate need, they can call upon tools that will not be available to a regular person for decades. This is how they maintain themselves; secret membership and secret knowledge.

The chemtrail context is just another example of this dynamic. Many of those with a significant stake in the status quo of American health care (in its abysmal state) have discovered a way to expose millions of people to allergens, bacteria and viruses in order to perpetuate our consumption of prescription drugs. It is not a coincidence that television screens are chock full of erectile dysfunction, allergy, depression and blood pressure medication commercials. Hundreds of clinical studies around the world show a correlation between exposure to toxins and hormonal dysfunction which results in most major human maladies. Many people talk about health care reform but there can no health care reform unless there is pharmaceutical reform. I have interviewed holistic health care doctors that have created compounds of natural herbs that can cure whole ranges of diseases and the government has done nothing but try everything to stop them from doing their good work. There is no medical freedom in this country. The elite wants to tell you what doctor to visit, what treatments you can and can't receive and how much you will have to pay. This is the common HMO, PPO system and it is killing America one citizen at a time. In order for people to continue to cling to the HMO system, people must remain sick and in desperate need for any kind of medical care.

Chemtrails are the perfect tool for this. Most Americans are used to air travel and seeing airplanes in the sky. The formation of legitimate contrails is a fairly easy process to explain via simple physics. However, simple physics is also the tool that can show you why a chemtrail is different from a contrail as you know. The elite only provides enough information to validate their programs. The rest is up to the inquisitive and the curious natured. For this we are labeled "conspiracy theorists" but it is far better to have developed a theory than to have accepted as law a doctrine that is totally false. Best of luck to you in the rest of your endeavors.


Ian Miller
Health Writer
Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper




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