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Are Chemtrails Abating?
April 30, 2006

Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006
From: DORIS ECK <>
Subject: Chemtrails in NJ

Dear Ken,
I have been enjoying your site for about the past three years. I enjoy the insights and the commentary about what's really happening in the world.Mainly today I wanted to ask you about chemtrails.

As a kid I was kind of the dreamy type, and I could spend hours lying on my back looking at the sky. Back then, the condensation trails that appeared behind the jets disappeared almost as fast as the plane moved. Around ten years ago, I noticed that with some jets, that still happened, while others had vapor trails that lasted for hours, congealing into a mucky bruise color. I started seeing other people on the Web talking about "Chemtrails," and I knew that was what I was seeing. This is one of the catalysts that started me seeking knowledge on your site and others.

Anyway, I have noticed since March in New Jersey, I have been seeing fewer and fewer chemtrails. It used to be that I would see them every day, always running northeast to southwest. Now I hardly see them at all and if they do show up, the trails don't spread, they don't cover the whole sky, and they don't last very long. Have TPTB given up on the chemtrail program, ori is something else going on now? Not that I mind the lack of chemtrails; we have been having beautiful spring weather this year and sometimes cloudless skies.

You're welcome to answer me on your site, privately or not at all. Thank you for all your good work.

William J. Eck


Hi William,

You're very observant. Yes, chemtrail spraying is now sporadic where it used to be daily in many parts of the country. I'm thinking that the reason is threefold:

1. The deployment of chembusters and orgone generators has continued to grow daily around this country since Don Croft first promoted this info in 2001. This results in changing the atmospheric DOR envelope-associated with chemtrails-into an OR environment (beneficial form of orgone energy).The enhanced presence of OR in the atmosphere allows more and more Sylphs to enter your region

2. The Sylphs can literally "eat" the chemtrails and convert them into harmless "transmuted clouds", so more Sylphs means more chemtrails get converted and the sky looks bluer. I've got tons of pictures that I take daily and I see this "battle" taking place often. The activity of Sylphs had waned for a while last winter, but has since picked up again.

3. I think the traitors are still going through the motions, but I believe that they realize that the chemtrail genocide program is not going to work, so they are likely diverting their time and efforts into getting ready for the war with Iran-just my guess of course.

Everyone should get themselves some muffin orgone generators and "gift" every microwave tower within sight. It's obvious that we're starting to win. We need to go whole hog and get them to give up entirely.

Best Regards, Ken

Reader Feedback

Date: Mon, 01 May 2006 23:12:21 -0800 [12:12:21 AM PDT]
From: W.S.
Subject: Regarding "Are Chemtrails Abating"

Hi! :)

Just read the article mentioned in my Subject line, and I thought you might like to know that the cities in Washington and Idaho that show up frequently in Don Croft's Adventures on your site are under heavy chemtrail bombardment now that he and Carol are gone. I was in Spokane just on Friday, and the classic criss cross pattern was being laid all day long. Over toward southern Idaho was just all brown miasma. I mentioned it to my friend Red Elk and he told me that they've started spraying over his area, too, for the first time in some years. I only saw one large but apparently overworked (that's the feeling I got from it) sylph show up to work on the Spokane chemtrails, and I got pretty ill feeling after a while myself.



Date: Wed, 3 May 2006
Subject: Re: Are Chemtrails Abating?

Hey Ken,

Our Sandpoint, Idaho area is not having a problem with chemtrails that badly. They dissipate pretty quickly here. There are 5 cloudbusters here, 4 of them, which I'm responsible for, which includes the one still at Len Horowtiz's house. There is also a CB in the Kellogg area, which we built for an elderly lady last summer. Most of the towers are busted, except any new ones that pop up. Sometimes the previously busted towers get another round of TBs periodically, in case gifts are found and picked up.

Another local gifter has gotten the mountaintops, since we don't have a 4 wheel drive. We did some gifting in the downtown area, plus gift individuals in various places. We did the most of the towers our first year here, and the other local gifter has gone back and regifted them twice.

There are two known CBs in Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls. One of them, we built.

Spokane, Washington is infested with all the new towers going up, plus WiFi broadband. We would be happy to gift it with a CB. We know a lady there who would host one. There used to a local gifter there, although I don't remember who it was.

Another problem with chemtrails sticking now, is this new WiFi broadband, I believe. It's a new source of DOR.

Ingri Cassel was telling me recently about people's eyesight failing because of all the radiation from these different sources.

Here is a quote from Don Harkins in an article from this month's Idaho Observer. Article entitled.

Part II: The health implications of playing with Big Brother?s most cool tool
--Amy Worthington

Traveling in the wireless age

For three years now Ingri and I have been traveling with a hand-held device called a "zapchecker." ( The zapchecker measures ambient levels of electromagnetic radiation. During dozens of road trips throughout the western U.S. since 2003, we would be driving along and notice that the zapchecker would suddenly "spike." We would then see a cell tower, a hospital or government building with a satellite communications array, a radio station or, sometimes, high tension lines within a half mile or so.

After a few minutes, the zapchecker would calm down again until the next wireless monument came within range. Sometimes, however, it would spike for a moment for no apparent reason. We figured that we had just encountered a microwave transmission superhighway (?) evidence we had crossed paths with microwaves being transmitted between repeaters. On March 30, 2006, Ingri and I traveled from Spirit Lake to Seattle to attend what turned out to be an excellent 9/11 truth event on the University of Washington campus. What we experienced with regard to measurable amounts of  ambient electromagnetic radiation was shocking to us and occupied much of our conversation throughout our journey.

Wherein previous years there would be miles between measurable amounts of radiation being detected by our zapchecker, the opposite was suddenly true. We noticed that our zapchecker was spiking about 90 percent of the time during our 800-mile round trip. In eastern Washington it was "clean" only between cell towers and now there is almost always one in sight. In western Washington, the only "clean" areas were a little spot south of Olympia and an area outside Shelton. In all cases, when we were in urban areas, the zapchecker was solidly "spiked" even when the sensitivity of the device was turned down. We are amazed at how quickly our world came from being irradiated only in spots to being saturated in this odorless, tasteless and invisible ambient danger. Like it or not, except in isolated areas, as of April, 2006, we are bathed in ambient radiation.

PART 1: Police state USA and Big Brother's most cool tool
--Amy Worthington

In addition to tower busting and cloudbusters for chemtrails, all inner city areas, need to be grid gifted to convert all this radiation from the WiFi assault. Even though we don't have the chemtrails as bad in Sandpoint, there's always places to gift locally. So it will continue.
~Donna C.
Donna Carrillo, co-director
Vaccination Liberation (

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Love them, protect them,

Never Inject them.
Diseases caused by vaccine poisons.
Go to: _VaccineTruth.com_ (
or call Vaccination Liberation: 1-888-249-1421
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Date: Thu, 04 May 2006
From: Marcel Wijnen <> Netherlands
Subject: Chemtrails

Dear Ken,

I've read your article about the abating chemtrails in the U.S and just want to briefly mention that over here, in the Netherlands, they have never been so numerous as these last few months. Each morning the trails start, sometimes in groups of 7 or even 9 trails and the sky goes milky white. People experience all kinds of problems, skin (irritations, burning), bleeding noses. Of course the majority of people are still too apathic to notice, but on numerous internetsites it is very much discussed. Really, we are being very much attacked by these chemtrails at the moment. I have no pictures for you to back this up, but I don't think that's necessary. We all know this exists, and I simply don't lie. I'm glad to read about the abating trails in the U.S., perhaps it is time that over here we start to use those orgone generators and such more...

Best regards,

Marcel Wijnen
Leiden, the Netherlands


Date: Fri, 05 May 2006
To: Marcel Wijnen <>
Subject: Re: Chemtrails

Hello Marcel,

Thanks for taking the time to write. I'll add your letter to that story. I'm glad to hear your report as I can only judge based on what I can see here
locally and news from other people.

I'm only guessing of course, but I have to think that the rate of chemtrail breakup is dependint to some degree on the amount of Sylph activity. It could
just be a matter of limited planes to spray and they rotate the area they are spraying, but I still have the feeling that Sylph activity is largely neutralizing their efforts and they might be spraying in areas where the chemtrails will more readily "stick" as it were.

Do you know of anyone who has a chembusters or orgone generators in your vicnity?

If not, isn't this the perfect opportunity to see what effect a chembuster might have for you?

Let me know your thoughts.

Kind Regards, Ken


Date: Sat, 06 May 2006
From: Marcel Wijnen <> Netherlands
Subject: Re: Chemtrails

Dear Ken,

Thank you for replying.

Well, I live in a small country of course. People from all areas report spraying but we're still speaking of an area that is just a couple of hundred miles wide/long in all directions. But still...

Concerning the Sylphs, that's a good one. There were times when I thought that a strange and beautiful "cloud" that drifted by or cut through a trail could very well be a Sylph (I learned about them through your site), but it is difficult to distinguish them from clouds as they float by at the same speed and I don't know the exact characteristics of Sylphs (have to check your site again). But anyway, I don't see them often, so this could very well be a reason.

I lack the knowledge of chembusters, but will get into it. I know that there are people here using them, but I can't tell you how many and if that number is a factor. I don't know people who use them personally, but they appear on forums/blogs and there are (national) sites selling parts for chembusters.
Personally I feel for the method of meditation, it seems there are possibilities there. I aso used the invocation on your site once. I will let you know if something worth mentioning comes along...

Best regards,

Marcel Wijnen


Hi Marcel,

It's encouraging to know that the orgone movement is spreading in the Netherlands.

The idea of meditation as a tool is extremely important. We also use the term 'focused intention' to use the power of thought to create reality. This is essentially what happens when we pray.

The article about Kim making a personal request for help to clear the skies of chemtrails is also a form of prayer and focused intent. We know that you create a stronger connection with higher dimensions by quieting the mind and repeating the prayer in a meditative state. Group meditation with a single focus amplifies the effect greatly.

Keep in touch.

Regards, Ken


Date: Sat, 6 May 2006
From: tweak ooooh <>
Subject: plane sprays hudson river daily / comment on chemtrail abatement

Hey Ken,

Last Wednesday, I saw a unmarked plane, it looked like a commercial jet liner, but all silver, no markigs whatsoever. My friend lives in a condominium overlooking the Hudson river ontop of the palisades cliff. We had been snooping with binoculars as usual, and this plane sprayed not 1, but 5 trails in one shot , including two off the side of the plane. It started around the greater Essex/uUion county area, by Staten Island, up the Hudson river. The trails were THICK, greyish, with pink and blue tones.They evaporated FAST and leave a grey haze behind. and when I realized this, I also realized the chemtrails "fading" around newark. I work by the airport, and I see them every day. they're not disapearing. they're new chemicals. and they leave a grey/pink haze over the sky. next time your in the NYC/NJ metro area, look at the sky around sunset, and you'll see the haze separate with the sky then the real clouds. I'm not talking about the grey/yellow/green smog. Tthis is blue and pink and grey. when I get a tripod up I'll take pictures.

keep up the good fight
- tweak (greg)


Hi Greg,

Yea, there is a newer variation on chemtrails and they do fade out fast into the haze you speak about. I suppose they get better dispersion and perhaps keep people from thinking they are being sprayed. I'm only guessing, but the newer stuff may have less metal particles in them so they would fade out faster into a haze situation.

You STILL want to flood your area with orgone generators no matter what type of chemtrail they are spraying.

Regards, Ken


Subject: Chemtrail reduction in the US and Sylphs
From: "Gary Young" <>
Date: Sun, May 14, 2006 10:08 am

Hi Ken,

I was reading what you,and others were saying about the reduction of chemtrail activity over the US and thought I would put my 2 cents in.

I live in Southwest Missouri, and have been noticing that the chemtrails are more sporadic, and do not stick as well as they used to. However, on spray days it is really heavy, and so obvious that I really don't understand how people can not notice that something is wrong. I also noticed that the Syphs were really sparse over the winter, and have now resumed full force. GO Sylphs, yeah!

Thanks for being there, Gary Young

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