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Two Month Chemtrail Abatement Noticed over Sacramento, California
August 31, 2010

Two Month Chemtrail Abatement Noticed over Sacramento, California (Aug. 31, 2010)

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From: Mike
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Monday, August 30, 2010
Subject: Abatement of Chemtrails in Sacramento, CA

Hey Ken!

I'm Mike from Sacramento, CA and I haven't seen a Chemtrail in about two months. I'm suspicious about the abatement of Chemtrails in the summer here because I think the "Cremation of Care/Owl worship" thing by the elite takes place in the forests near here.

I definitely have not see a Chemtrail here for a while. The sky has been unusually clear.



Hi Mike,

Same here. Big change in the frequency of spraying. Most days are blue skies and real clouds. Whenever there is an attempt to spray, the Sylphs come out in force, and quickly. I have tons of photos of spectacular Sylphs. When I have a little time to spare, I'm going to post some of them.

There is another type of chemtrail infiltration taking place here along the coast. We get what's called a "marine layer" every morning that rolls in from the Pacific and riding in on this layer is a type of "chemtrail fog" that's yellow-brown in color. I haven't spotted it myself, but someone who's more sharp eyed than I has been reporting it to me. Whenever I see Sylphs and no obvious signs of spraying, I know they're working on the chemtrail fog, which obviously is being spayed along the coast and allowed to drift into land.

Last Winter and early Spring, I also mentioned reports of ground-level, unnatural "fogs" that people were forced to drive through at slow speeds in congested traffic areas and some noticed that they picked up "flu-like" symptoms. That deal probably has more to do with the Swine flu dispersion program, since they can't get enough people to buy into their hoaxed "pandemic" routine and voluntarily poison themselves via the Swine flu vaccine ruse. .

I know some areas continue to get hit hard by chemtrails, but many areas are now nearly free of chemtrail spraying. There's no doubt that we are seeing a dramatic reduction in chemtrail spraying. The activities I reported in March, April, and May from our Etheric Resistance team accounted for a huge attrition in chemtrail poisoning. There are other forces at work as well, I'm sure.

I'd like to hear from different areas around the world to know how the chemtrail picture is looking on the local level. Have things improved over London for instance? How about South America? I don't hear much from people in that area. Mexico" Tokyo? Moscow? Major cities of Eastern and Western Europe? (If you're reading this and live in these countries, drop me a line and tell me what you've noticed. ... Ken Adachi )

Chemtrails are not the only thing to be concerned about, of course. The Illuminati is anxious to create a big earthquake scenario in California. They've been peppering the news media with dire "warnings" for the last year or two, so that means they're warming up their scalar earthquake manufacturing gear. ZS Livingstone has reported on the use of shipboard and satellite based scalar equipment to jack up the Katrina hurricane and more recently to stimulate typhoons in the Pacific. The floods in Pakistan and the odd weather in Russia, are probably related to that effort. .Another concern is to prevent a nuke from being detonated (courtesy of the Mossad and their pals in British intelligence and the CIA) in a major American city. Los Angeles would be a likely candidate, but Dallas or Chicago could be on the list as well. Nevertheless, what they want, and what they get, are NOW two different things.

There are other, benign and powerful forces now on the playing field that the Illuminati did not anticipate, but now have to contend with. The satanic psychopaths are being confronted -up front and personal- with powerful adversaries that they are INCAPABLE of defeating or even harming. The scum bags are being told in very forceful terms that they're not going to detonate nuclear weapons-anywhere on earth- and if they try it, they are going to wind up with a puddle of molten metal where once stood an aircraft carrier, or space-based platform, or UFO type launching vehicle, etc. Such a "warning" was recently delivered to US Naval forces in the Persian Gulf. The traitors knew who delivered the message and they KNOW what will happen if they ignore it.

Keep the faith. Think in positive terms and project a video (and firm intentions) within your mind of the COMING collapse of the Illuminated Ones and all of their dire, enslavement agendas.

Think of the theme of the movie It's a Wonderful Life . We are ALL interconnected.

Reality is a function of thought projection. Use your mind and your heart to project a brighter future for your kids and all of humanity. And it will happen ---IF you do your part.

Regards, Ken


Subject: chemtrails
From: Brian (British Columbia, Canada)
Date: Wed, September 1, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

My name is Brian. There has been a noticed reduction in the trails here on the sunshine coast in B.C Canada, though right before a weather front moves in, they spray like hell and people are noticing a lot more as a result.

I have heard compaints about sore throats and such with the heavy spray.

Keep up the good work.




Subject: Chemtrails/Weather Modification
From: Sharon (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
Date: Wed, September 1, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken!

I am not in one of those countries you were hoping to hear from, however I have reached a point of utter frustration regarding the weather modification that is taking place here in Edmonton, Alberta. The chemtrail/HAARP/cloud seeding activity is unprecedented.

I have been watching the skies for about 2 1/2 years, and have become very despondent. I am sure they are making clouds here too, as they are strange looking colours and formations. I was hoping to get some affirmation of this activity. Is anyone else in Edmonton aware of this phenomena?

Do you have any information regarding this Ken? I am aware that testing had been done on soil samples here, and they had come back with abnormally high aluminum levels present. Supposedly the city had got wind of this and ordered testing within a 40 mile or kilometer radius and the results were elevated too. This is all being kept under wraps. I have been trying to expose the spraying, etc. but I hit brick walls. I would appreciate any feed back as I am totally frustrated.

Thank you.
Best of health,
Sharon E


Hi Sharon,

Read my Chemtrail page and you'll get more info on what to do. You have to set up a chembuster and gift all of the local cell phone towers with 4 oz muffin TBs (tower busters). If you're seeing that much chemtrail activity and it's making you depressed, you have way too much DOR negative orgone polarity concentration in your area. You set up the chembusters and gift the cell towers to reverse that polarity to OR orgone. It's all explained in our 2002 original tutorial on fighting chemtrails. It's called "Goodbye Chemtrails, Hello Blue Skies!"

After you "organize" your local atmosphere, you'll begin to see Sylphs showing up in greater numbers and munching on those chemtrails just as fast as they spray them out. You can mitigate chemtrails in you invest in the effort. Sitting there and getting depressed isn't helping you. Read the Goodbye Chemtrails article and get busy.

Let me know how it goes.

Kind Regards, Ken


Subject: chemtrails ceasing
From: Julz (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
Date: Wed, September 1, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken...

I am an avid Chemtrail watcher and I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I was just thinking to myself that I had not seen any chemtrails here for a few months and usually we are inundated with them...happy you are back and on track..

.thank you for doing what you do...keeping us aware



Subject: chemtrails
From: Roger (northeastern Indiana)
Date: Wed, September 1, 2010
To: Ken Adachi


Firstly: I am glad you are okay and have taken care of the problem. Those one worlders (as I call them) are a nasty and wicked bunch. When they mess with me, I beat up on them using Jack London's and some other methods. They have learned to leave me alone, but I'm not done with them. They also tried hard to get me to join them in June and July (I wonder why?)

I sort of got off track when I wrote to tell about the chemtrails. June 28,2010 was the last time we were sprayed here in northeastern Indiana. Just a couple of feeble attempts since then.

We have been having absolutely cloudless, clear and beautiful days lately; several in a row. We haven't had days like this for 15 or 20 years.

One last thing. I just love the articles you are posting-Very educational and inspiring. Keep up the good work and I'll work on them from here. I tell as many as will listen to go to your website.

Sincerely, Roger

One last thing: Grissom Air Force Base is just 30 Miles west of here. They were running chemtrail planes from there. Don't seem to be,anymore. Thanks for reading-no need to reply.


Subject: just info chemtrails
From: RM (Vancouver,Wa )
Date: Thu, September 2, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

I am out in my front yard in Vancouver,Wa watching all of these chemtrails being sprayed right before my eyes. This is amazing!!!! I am now a believer. I counted at least 11 in a crisscross pattern.

Thankyou for your articles.
R. M.


----- Original Message -----
From: Jim S (California)
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Wednesday, September 01, 2010
Subject: Two month chemtrail abatement over Sacramento

Hi, Ken:

I live about 65 miles west of Sacramento, and have been keeping a log of CT activity the past couple of months. Historically, I've observed a hiatus on spraying for a better part of the summer months in this region dating back to 2004. After a more or less six months of nasty activity from the start of the year, July was the first month I didn't notice any spraying. I counted about six days in August with activity (twice I caught a "designer" sinus infection following physical exertion, which I quickly knocked out with a bottle of hot sauce). I anticipate mostly clear skies for the next month; the activity has tended to pick up more regularly around October. I wish I was seeing better results from my gifting efforts, but then again there's no shortage of negative energy ELF generation around these parts.

Jim S

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance."
--Albert Einstein


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