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Chemtrails and Aliens, What's the Deal?
November 27, 2008

Chemtrails and Aliens, What's the Deal? (Nov. 27, 2008)

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From: Mike Jones
To: Editor
Sent: Thursday, November 27, 2008
Subject: ChemTrails

To: Ken Adachi.
From: Mike Jones

Hi Ken,

I enjoy almost every article on your website especially Alien based subjects, btw I'm almost 60 y/o and have always believed.

The reason for writing to you is about the chemtrail question, I agree that decades ago nobody ever saw persistant trails in the sky, but having an open opinion I think maybe it's due to climate change..?

Just the other day I watched a jetliner in the clear blue sky, parts of its trail evaporated quite quickly, and some parts remained for some time after. How can you explain that I thought, like every few hundred meters evaporation, and then persistant trail, like it was being switched on and off.

Do you think that chemtrails are really 'real' or is there a possibility that varying levels of the atmosphere allow vapour to remain which would explain a lot..?

As I said at the beginning, I do believe in quite a few theories, but the lack of proof can create sceptism too. Nibiru.... what are we to believe about this..? there are all kinds of conflicting stories on the internet.

Alien presence... really, where? in all the years I've never seen a watertight picture, but I do think something is here with us, the evidence(?) goes back hundreds of years.

Once again thanks, I enjoy your info.




Hi Mike,

The evidence for chemtrail spraying is overwhelming. There are now so many books and videos on the subject that no intelligent person could deny what's plainly seen. Lab samples have been made of chemtrail fallout on many occasions and they are reveal high levels of metals, desiccated blood, pathogens, and other irritants and toxins. People get sick in the wake of heavy chemtrail sprayings. There are thousands of photos on the net of chemtrails and chemtrail sprayings. There are many reason for chemtrails, but the over arching reason is to weaken immune systems so people will not be able to resist virulent bio-engineered pathogens to be released at a later date. That may be Bird Flu or the 1918 Spanish Flu or some other unknown killer bug. That's their PLAN, at least, it's not necessarily what's going to happen in the end.

The on/off aspect of chemtrail spray lines have been observed for years now. It probably has to do with the government's desire to fool people into thinking that you are looking at ordinary clouds and allay suspicion.

True contrails are a relatively RARE phenomenon, which only occur at very high elevations, in the winter time, and only then, when the upper atmosphere is charged with super cooled water vapor.

Aliens are another topic. The evidence is clear there too if you take the time to look at it.

Nibiru is part of a disinformation campaign that started with ZetaTalk in 1995. The planet probably does exist, but it won't be arriving in 2012 and cause major cataclysmic upheavals, just as it didn't arrive in 2003 --which the Zetas at ZetaTalk had staunchly predicted.

The Nostradamus predictions from John Hogue, The Project Camelot video, Sheldon Niddles, etc, etc, are all spinning disinformation yarns from deceptive aliens designed to keep us locked down in fear for our survival, OR they go to the opposite extreme, and promise us a rescue and salvation from all of these impending woes thanks to our technologically advanced alien space brothers.

It's all BS.

There are friendly aliens, but they won't be the ones who will be announcing themselves as our saviors and space brothers. The Illuminati is controlled and DIRECTED by negative alien factions who are bent on taking over this planet and destroying the bulk of mankind. Their hybrids and minions are everywhere in government, military, law enforcement, etc. (including the latest reptilian savior to occupy the White House in January)

There is much more evidence of the alien presence than you give credit. There's a mountain of data gathered since the late 1940's that can be found in books, film, magazines, videos, documentaries, and on the internet. The info is there for people who LOOK for it. You're not looking for it. You're a casual observer at best and only beginning to awaken to the question of aliens. The questions you pose and the doubts you entertain make that obvious. The crystal clear photographs that Billy Meier published in the mid 1970s alone, should make it obvious to even the staunchest of skeptics that aliens are here and they are real.

Education and enlightenment are personal affairs. The more you practice, the more you achieve.

Regards, Ken


----- Original Message -----
From: Mike Jones
To: Editor
Sent: Monday, December 01, 2008
Subject: Re: ChemTrails

Hello Ken,

Thanks for your response. The reason that I wrote to you was to gain information, believing that you might have some realistic proof on the subjects that I mentioned. I certainly didn't expect the answer that you have sent.

'I am a best a casual observer', thanks. In actual fact I have studied many different 'reports' and as I stated in my original email - I have been a
believer for the past 40 years, and have seen many unexplainable objects.

Ny 'asking' you questions I wanted to see if you had any concrete facts. You haven't. The case of Billy Meier that you put forward has been analysed and found to be a hoax, that you believe it to be true is up to you.

You dismiss Nibiru, yet a number of European governments, and undoubtedly the US gov, are preparing for what they call 'a future event'.

You also point me to the collection of books and videos on the internet as proof, 90% of these are homemade and hoaxes.

I shall continue my research elsewhere...
thanks for your trouble



Hello Mike,

OK, I see that you're definitely a "believer", despite the questions you posed in your first e-mail and the statements you have made here. The point is: what do you believe? You express doubts about everything, yet tell me you have seen many 'unexplainable' things. You seem to embrace a contrarian attitude. You take two opposite positions at the same time.

You write to me, and then turn around and criticize me for telling you the truth, but cling to the propaganda being promoted about Nibiru! And yet you resent being characterized as a casual observer. Give me a break. You prove my assessment with every sentence you write.

I referred to videos and photos about chemtrails on the internet. What evidence do you have that 90% of them are faked? I've seen dozens of videos on chemtrails on the internet and haven't seen one that could be called "faked" . I could stand outside and shoot videos of chemtrails all day long and post them to the net and so could most people in the US and Europe. So what are you talking about?

Billy Meier has not been "proven" to be a hoax. That's ridiculous. Only an uninformed, self satisfied "researcher" such as yourself, would buy into the propaganda spouted by government shills to smear and discredit Billy Meier, a perennial target of the government and the Illuminati.

What's clear is that you are actually a NON BELIEVER and a skeptic who was looking for an opportunity to express your skepticism while dressing it up as an inquiry. Your questions sounded sincere, but I can see from your statements here, that you're actually a die hard skeptic. So why write to me?

So long, Ken

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