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Sophistry and Faulty Logic
March 12, 2007

Sophistry and Faulty Logic (Mar. 12, 2007)

Subject: chemtrails
Date: Mon, March 12, 2007 11:34 pm

A freind of mine told me chemtrails contain aluminum. The aluminum is supposed to slow our evolutionary proscess, and something to do with harmonic vibrations, that speed up as we evolve. I'm not sure as to the validity of this but it sounds possible, and there exists motive.

Since you already know the Masons run the world, you probaly know they use reliegion for control. If we evolve at a pace that is evident then christianity is expelled and control goes out the window. Its just an idea, I welcome any response.


Hello Anonymous,

Yes, chemtrails contain aluminum. Sprayed aluminum is not good for people, animals or plants. This metal is toxic and certainly isn't helping anyone, so I suppose that could include retarded vibratory effects.

Now, masons rule the world? Yes and no. They are a big part of the Illuminati control apparatus and have great influence in industrial countries, but ' rule' the world is an exaggeration, although they probably like to THINK they rule the world.

Masons use religion for control? Not really. Masons PRETEND to be some kind of Christian organization until you get up into the highest ranks and (assuming you were carefully pre-screened and welcomed into the inner chambers) you find out they are plain ole satanists, just like their Illuminati elite overlords.

Your short hand logic is typical of that seen among Sophists of ancient Greece.

A simple example: . "A horse has legs. Man has legs. Therefore, man is a horse"

The drive to destroy Christianity is part and parcel of the Illuminati's plan to turn this planet into a slave colony and replace Satanism as the only "religion" permissible under the New One World government. The idea that people are "controlled" by conventional religions can apply in a certain restricted sense, but not as a broad assessment, although some people-usually atheists- try to make that argument. No, people become involved with organized religions because they want to be more spiritual or become more inspired by religious teachings.

Your application of Sophist logic leads you to a faulty conclusion:

" Masons are Bad Guys. Masons use religion to control us. Therefore, get rid of religion (Christianity) and now we are no longer under masonic control. Isn't that wonderful!"

No, that doesn't work. That's screwball logic.

Expose masons for the treasonous, fifth columnists that they are and retain your belief and inspiration in the message of Christ. If you achieve that through involvement with organized Christian religious groups, then by all means go for it. Of course, that doesn't include supporting masonic British Israel fundamentalist Christian agents-in-disguise like Robertson, Schuller, Graham, or Falwell. Those guys aren't Christians anyway. They just CALL themselves Christians.

If you want to talk more about this and have me remove your e-mail address from this posting, then  sign your letter with your name.

I do not like to receive unsigned mail.

Regards, Ken

Subject: Re: chemtrails
From: Ramon
Date: Tue, March 13, 2007
To: Editor


I myself do not subscribe to any one religion, Christianity plainly doesn't make sense and has to many loop holes, and I'm not educated enough to make a decision about any others. I do however know that the Freemasons have known about propaganda and manipulation, and have been employing these tactics since possibly the beginning. Since before man made Christianity anyway, I also know that Freemasons have had a great influence on our language. ( we use the term degrees for measurements, as they do for rank and so on ) I don't know what hand (if any) the Freemasons had in writing the Bible, but I wouldn't doubt if they had they're say in interpreting it.

I'm sorry if I came off as a as a know it all or something, as was not what I intended. I'm not even a high school graduate, I was simply trying to learn a little about chemtrails and decided to offer what I heard and a few of my thoughts.

Sincerely, Ramon


Hello Ramon,

Glad to hear back from you. There are other metals besides aluminum being sprayed in chemtrails. The chemtrail soup also includes barium, strontium and titanium. We all need to think about detoxification protocols (baths, etc.) to pull this junk out of our body. There are lots of articles about chemtrails posted at this web site (

The Scottish Rites of Freemasonry grew as a result of the Knights Templar settling in Scotland following their expulsion from France in the 14th century. Their influence is greater in the last few hundred years, rather than during Biblical times. Freemasonry and Illuminism are closely allied.

Christianity grew into a religion in the wake of the teachings and influence of Jesus of Nazareth two thousand years ago. It's not accurate to refer to Christianity as "man-made", although some pseudo-historians like Acharya S try to make that claim.

I do not accept the oft-repeated fundamentalist mantra that the Bible is the "written word of God" and have written at some length on that subject. I've also addressed the intentional mistranslation and omissions found in the King James Bible, but that doesn't mean that there isn't truth and inspired thought found in the Bible

Everyone is free to believe as he chooses. The core teaching of Jesus Christ was simply this: "Love thy neighbor as thyself and do unto others as they would do unto you" Two simple rules of conduct by which to guide your life. That doesn't sound too threatening to me. The blasphemous garbage you hear from British Israel agents working the 'Christian fundamentalist' brain washing Mo Jo over TBN has nothing to do with Christianity or the teachings of Jesus Christ. Perhaps their subtle influence has caused you to view Christianity in such a dim light.

Take care and good luck.

Sincerely, Ken

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