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Chemtrails and Sylphs
December 16, 2012

Chemtrails and Sylphs (Dec. 16, 2012)

Subject: Re: chem trails and sylphs
From: Neal Perrochet
Date: Sun, December 16, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Hello ken:

Looking at your site a few more times noticed pictures of "sylphs". I was astounded and perturbed. I work outside for a living and have monitored weather professionally for over 30 years. I have some small professional experience in monitoring and analyzing weather patterns, storm systems, cloud types, etc as specialist is maritime casualty matters having to do with my earliest professional career before I became a landscape/general contractor and farmer. Also some small experience in navigation, small vessel operation, requiring formal education and commitment to understanding weather.

Along with other landscape contractors I can say with certainty we were some of the first, along with the midwest farmers, to point attention to the spray jobs going on and alerting people to them. All serious landscape contractors and farmers must be very knowledgable of weather. My former home in north central california was one of the most heavily sprayed areas on I've wintessed (and I have been around this planet more than most) . I could daily observe from our ridge top farm the "lifecycle" of various"chem trail" types over many years. The "sylphs" that were shown on your site are part of the phenomenon, in my view, some are quite horrible in in fact in my experience, mostly they are imbued with the terrible sheen and rainbow hued characteristics of dispersants and the appearance of these blobs, which expand exactly as the trails they derive from do, coincide with extreme respiratory distress especially at ridge top or hill top locations where they are closer to the observer. The worst are what I called "jelly fish" clouds, that basically rained down toxic petroleum smelling dispersants onto people underneath them.

Tokyo is also one of the most heavily sprayed areas I have ever seen, along with Cairo and Switzerland. All these locations experience "sylphs" as are shown on your site, I suggest, for a variety of easily understood reasons and some not so easy to understand reasons, such as Harp offects upon the trails causing these bubbles of toxic junk to manifest, etc. Some are obviously trails coalescing into various globular shapes relative to "winds aloft" and have appearance similar to natural cloud formations that undergo the same exact transformations depending on a variety of factors having to do with altitude, temperature, pressure variations and afore mentioned winds aloft.

One of the strangest phenom observed in the general chem junk are the clear lines of air that suddenly form, many times in front of a jet fighter scrambling along the path of said clear line, I recall it has been discussed elsewhere. I have witnessed these lines appearing instantaneously stretching to beyond full depth of observable field to an observer - that is strange, they seem to maintain clarity even as prevailing air currents sweep the spray junk along, they do not bend or twist are break apart but just suddenly disappear after initial formation for a few seconds or even longer.

I do not accept at all a fantastic helper "sylph" without rational scientific evidence of some sort, not just wishful thinking. In my experience, these fractional pieces of original trails, whether manipulated by electromagnetic beam or not, are just part of the phenomenon that pass through the sky along with the general spray operation and eventually pass an individual observer along with the rest ccording to wind currents! For someone to say that the sky was "cleared" by the sylph may be an illusion - the wind blows the chemtrails and associated junk away. I must say, however, I have observed a (probably wishful thinking) battle of the clouds so to speak, where trails are sprayed on us here in shikoku and barrage of normal, beautiful cumulo-nimbus clouds , like a phalanx , comes through "driving" the chem trails away, but logical explanation is that the normal formation, which comes later in afternoon as typical thundershower activity is following on the prevailing air currents the chem trails that are always sprayed early in the morning, so there, I blew my own fantasy with logic.

The only way forward to stop this phenom is to identify and stop the people doing it at all levels, air forces, aerospace industry, govt news propagandists etc. No magic beings in the sky are going to help us I suggest.

Still, open mind, though. Thanks again on Fukushima setting record straight. Just had visit from 92 year old Oka-san from tokyo she is doing well. Many toxic chemical pollution problems are far more hazardous in Japan than the supposed radiation concerns and much is being blamed away here with Fukushima distraction in a corrupt way. Some has to do with the incinerator issues here, dioxin (far more scary than brief increases in radiation) poisoning and too much plastic burning. Yet most modern incinerators are very clean and good way to get rid of trash with very serious recycle efforts as well that they have here. More packaging and container manufacture stressing non toxic materials (hemp plastic for example) would go a long way to avoiding land fill disasters, which I also have some small experience with as a contractor and environment consultant in watershed management relating to ground water contamination, etc.

Sinceerely, Neal


Hello Neal,

You are jumping to conclusions way too early in the game with insufficient understanding on the topic of Sylphs. You need to take the time to read a lot more information on a topic that has been covered here in depth for ten years. There are hundreds of articles and miles of forum dialogs that have been devoted to the topic of Sylphs. ZS Livingstone has written many extraordinary articles over the years explaining who and what Sylphs are and what they do. Your use of dismissive terms like "magic beings in the sky" is your conventional mind trying to dismiss phenomenon that is outside of your normal, accepted experiences.

It's easy to get confused about precisely what is seen in the sky because many activities are taking place, at the same time; some of these things are of harm to us, while other activities are being performed to help us.

The parallel "banding" of clouds from HAARP (GWEN towers, and cell tower) broadcasts were first reported by Tom Bearden in the late 1980s and mentioned in his book, Fer de Lance. I've been mentioning them since 1997. They definitely are part of weather modification, used mostly to prevent normal clouds from building into rain clouds, and in so doing, promote drought conditions. I've taken many photos and wrote a few articles with photos showing how this was done. There are also rigidly straight "black beams" that are associated with chemtrail spraying that I've also mentioned on my Chemtrail page since roughly 2004.

When petroleum products are part of chemtrails, they refract light at a different angle than water vapor so you see a type of multicolor corona effect (like oil seen in a puddle of water) and some might call that a rainbow effect, but the true rainbows seen within or along the periphery of one particular "cloud" or perhaps a few "clouds" nearby have nothing to do with jet fuel sprayed in the atmosphere or are a result of HAARP scalar wave transmissions, as some have erroneously stated on Youtube videos. Those instances are manifestations of Sylphs.

There are some instances when demonic beings will manifest in cloud forms but those instances are rare and they almost always accompany an INTENSIFICATION of bad weather, storms, tornadoes, etc. These instances do not normally occur in Nature and are actually being fomented by government/military operators who OFTEN call upon black magicians and sorcery to achieve their destructive goals in weather manipulation, in addition to their high tech, "secret" weather manipulation toys. There is a demonic dimension to almost all government planned acts of destruction, including 9/11 where you can see very distinct demonic faces manifesting in the smoke rising from the World Trade Center towers as they were collapsing.

Sylph cleaning activity can be recognized because they disperse and transmute chemtrails, restoring blue skies, and prevent the fanning out and overcast conditions that are commonly photographed with chemtrail bombardments. You're dead wrong about the wind merely "blowing away" chemtrails. It doesn't work that way. Before Don Croft came out with the first chembuster in late 2001, I had taken hundreds of photos of chemtrail overcast skies right over my head. This was an almost daily sight here for 4 years until 2002 . But after I "gifted" this area with smaller orgone generators to neutralize the cell phone tower/HAARP arrays (which assist chemtrail over- casting) and installed my first chembuster, then the "picture" changed dramatically. We haven't had a chemtrail "whiteout" in this area since I installed that chembuster. The local black ops/military types were so glad to see my newly installed chembuster that they sent a huge helicopter to hover right over our highly populated urban apartment complex at 2 AM in the morning and shined a bright spotlight around and around our little apartment while hovering 150 feet above our place, in total violation of FAA flight rules for military helicopters in residential areas--just to say 'Hello'

You are making a classic error of association of what you call "logical" with what is, and what isn't possible. 'Logical' is not limited to the things you are aware of. All expressions of reality do not reside exclusively within the third dimension. Just because you can't hold it in your hand, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. This is the classic error of Plato. He assumed that if you get a fine enough magnifier, then you could see the very minute indivisible, building blocks of atoms that make up any element in Nature, but he was wrong. The atom blocks were not solid, nor indivisible. His "logical" assumption was wrong. Your intuitive right brain (connected to your Higher Self) is trying to compete for your attention over your "logical" left brain when you could PLAINLY see that "white clouds" were attacking the chemtrails to transmute and disperse them, but you allowed your 'logical' mind to talk you out of it. You might be surprised to know that I used the very expression "battle" in the skies over Orange county, California when I put out my first big photo spread of sylphs battling the chemtrail boys here in May of 2005

Sylphs Battle Chemtrail Spew Planes Over Orange County, California, May 13, 2005

Elemental beings have always been here: unseen earthly custodians working for Mother Nature. They perform duties in the atmosphere, under the sea, within the mineral kingdom, within the plant kingdom, and even within the fire "realms". Elementals are well known and discussed in esoteric literature and among ancient Greek texts and even written about by Paracelsus, at the time of the Renaissance. They normally reside in a frequency band slightly outside of our own; that's why we normally can't see them, but Sylphs came into the earth's atmosphere from other planetary systems in 2004 in very large numbers to help with the chemtrail onslaught and they began to manifest in so many easy-to-recognize forms (animals being the most common, but human-like manifestations are also seen in many photos), that many people began to notice them "attacking" chemtrails and they seemed to be "eating" them. The globular residue of these chemtrail "digestions" (and transmutation of toxic substances) is something that I began to call "transmuted cloud banks" because they didn't look like "normal" clouds, but they didn't look like chemtrails,or diffused chemtrails either (by the way, Sylphs play a major role in the formation of thunderstorms and rain which helps to clear the air of chemtraill toxins).

Invest the time to read these many splendid essays which ZSL wrote about Sylphs over a span of 8 or 9 years.

You might begin to obtain a different understanding of what's taking place over your head.

Most Japanese have no idea about chemtrail sprayings and even less have any knowledge of Sylphs and their role in helping to detoxify the atmosphere of chemtrail poisons. The more people who recognize and acknowledge the assistance of Sylphs, the more attention (and assistance) you will get from them. When you install a chembuster and then gift the cell phone towers in your neighborhood with 4 oz. muffin size orgone generators (called 'tower busters'), you are not only transmuting the DOR polarity of orgone energy into the life affirming, positive OR polarity, but you are ALSO sending out a distress beacon to Sylphs to come in and help you clean up those skies. You will be AMAZED at how quickly this happens, once you ditch your skepticism and start invoking their help. If you tell yourself that "it can't be so" then that's the reality you've CREATED for yourself and for you, "it can't be so", I've published many letters from people who started off as scoffing skeptics, but gave the attitude (and actions) I mention above a try, and were dumbfounded to realize for themselves that I wasn't exaggerating at all. The human spirit has far more ability and powers than most recognize. We can shape reality to our desires by projecting our will and focused intent towards the goals we desire.

Human beings are not the victims of their circumstances, but rather are capable of being the MASTERS of them. They just don't know it and they don't take advantage of their capabilities.
Regards, Ken


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