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Chemtrails & Water Vapor Tales
November 27, 2004

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From: CW
Sent: Thursday, November 25, 2004 9:17 PM
Subject: Chemtrails aren't Water Vapour Anymore!

Dear Ken,

Remember back when Chemtrails first started to show in the skies and all the newspapers said, "Don't worry! It's just Water Vapor!". (Well, at least that's what they told us over here in Florida.) The thing is, is that they (the chemtrails) don't show up on GOES Water Vapor Satellite Images!

Maybe, the "water vapor" evaporates and the residue looks like water vapor afterwards being that it is usually 10,000 feet up. The News People Must Be Lying!

If, you could let your "viewers" Know about this, it sure would be great! But please do not show my e-mail address as it doesn't belong to me! I don't have one. And my dad could get upset. BUT! I still think people should Know about the GOES discovery!

Thanks, C. W
Tampa, Fla


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