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Chemtrail Sandwiches & the Northern California Fires
June 26, 2008

Chemtrail Sandwiches & the Northern California Fires (June 29, 2008)

Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008
From: Susan
To: Editor
Subject: chemtrails and colored clouds

Dear Ken Adachi,

I would just like to pass on something I have observed in the sky.

I live in Santa Cruz County in California. I finally woke up to chemtrails December 15, 2007. Sorry it took me so long.

We have been getting hit pretty heavy with chemtrails daily. Very seldom do they miss a day. I try to point them out to people and get a mixed response, but mostly people do not seem to care or believe what�s happening.

On June 10, the chemtrails were heavy in the sky. A plane laid a thick trail, immediately a smaller plane laid a thinner chemtrail right on top of the thick one and another plane went under the initial thick chemtrail and laid yet another thinner chemtrail on the bottom. Three on top of each other. It was chemtrail sandwich.

The next day a large fire broke out, the Martin fire (June 11), in Bonny Doon in the Santa Cruz mountains. There were also no chemtrails in the sky that day. The fire lasted several days. The chemtrails had ceased for eight days. On June 19 the chemtrails started up again. Two huge, thick chemtrails formed a huge �V� that aimed north, plus various other trails. Damn, they were back.

Now this is where it gets strange. As I was driving around that day (June 19), I looked up and one of the clouds had broken up and had several colors on it. The only other place I had seen these rainbow colors on clouds was on the internet when people were discussing the earthquake in China being caused by HAARP.

I saw colored clouds and the small cloud started to separate and form long wavy lines, like continuing �S�s�. I grew concerned that maybe we were going to have an earthquake; which, of course, did not happen.

The next day, June 20, we had another large fire, the Trabing fire, that destroyed several homes and caused a lot of chaos. On that day, no chemtrails. The next day, June 21, it was 98 degrees and I noticed white clouds that looked like someone threw cotton balls in the sky. They were not connected to each other in anyway and didn�t really seem to move. The sky behind the clouds was very blue and I did not see any chemtrails.

The next day the Trabing fire was almost contained. It was hot and there were not a rain cloud in the sky. While in my house and I could see darkness setting in. The sky grew dark out one window of my house on the other side of my house the sky was blue and there is sunlight in the yard. O.K. Fine, that happens. I checked the internet and they said to expect thunder storms, so we have a quick thunder storm that sets off more small fires that were eventually put out.

It is now Thursday, June 26 and there has not been any chemtrails since that one day last week, Thursday. I find this odd. They have been saturating us with chemtrails and now we get a break?

Bottom line (and thank for your patience in reading this) I think we are getting hit with not only chemtrails, but I think the colored clouds that I saw was HAARP and they are causing this drought that we are experiencing.

I wanted to write you in case any of this has any importance. Thank you for your time.

Felton, California

P.S. Thank you for all the great information you post at this site. I have a great deal to learn and you have helped my along.


Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008
From: Roxan
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: Chem trail sandwhich

Dear Mr. Adachi:

I am delighted that the person wrote from Felton recognized and wrote about these chemtrails. I was just about ready to think I was the only one living in this region that recognized and cared about this {I live in San Jose, in the Santa Clara Valley}, but I just love the Santa Cruz hills and Highway 9 with the beautiful redwoods (if it doesn't all get burned down by the elites in the future).

I still can't believe that these evil charlatan overlords who are also constantly harping about our environment and Earth Hour and the carbon footprint would do such a vile, evil thing, but then again of course they would because of their very nature of their black souls.

The scope of these fires is unbelievable. If I read right in the Yahoo news online, there's over a 1,000 fires burning throughout CA now.

Sincerely, Roxan

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