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Chemtrails, "It's as imple as that!"
October 19, 2004

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Subject: Chemtrails

Hello Ken,

a few days ago I stumbled upon "chemtrails" - some stuff published by a fellow in Germany with a number of photos (well done and well intended I suppose) but GOSH! "Bullshit" I thought to myself, sounds like Wilhelm Reich resurrected! Then I got curious and I let Google search for Chemtrails - and thus I found your website... and there it is! Wilhelm Reich's Orgon and all his crap with cloud busters and now it's chembusters and Sylphs and what not! Gimme a break!

Here is an excerpt I just read in your website - and let me say a few words about that:

The party line from chemtrail debunkers has changed over the past 3 years. Early on, debunkers wanted the public to think that chemtrails were really just ordinary contrails that were persisting longer than usual due to changing atmospheric conditions and similar tripe. Later, debukers needed to create some sort of logical excuse for chemtrails and were peddling the aerial immunization against 'terrorists' biologicals or solar wind protection gambit.

Lately, the current unofficial party line seems to be
1. protection of the ozone layer,
2. secret military radar blanketing technology,
3. aerosol 'vacinnations' of some sort and
4. some vague referrence to 'protection from aliens' (??? you got me).

ad 1. to protect the ozone layer the contrails would have to be above the ozone layer, but they are considerably lower at some 10 - 12.000 feet.

ad 2. what would the military want to blanket their capability of radar detection of incoming "threats" for? It would seem that they should be very much annoyed by noise echos coming from the cloud cover.

ad 3. there would have to be a much more effective way for aerosol vaccinations (not vacinnations, by the way)

ad 4. referrence? or reference? What aliens??? there just ain't any aliens in our solar system - yet!

Oh, and by the way : the singular of phenomena is phenomenon!

All the phenomena (sic!) as observed by your contributors can be explained by atmospheric conditions, and not to forget: by the greenhouse effect(s) (which you and I and millions of Americans, and Europeans and - increasingly - Chinese are contributing to by driving their cars to buy a pack of cigarettes) : there simply is more moisture in the atmosphere that in one way or another has to come down (as we are witness to by the increasing foul weather conditions all over the world). Such moisture welcomes any kind of condensation nucleus and thus forms clouds. It's as imple as that!

And I am not one ot the Illuminati, rest assured! By the way, why would they want to reduce the number of people - who are their "customers" , surely they would not want to bite the hand that feeds them!

So... pardon the expression: Bullshit!

Best regards, nevertheless,

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Subject: Re: Chemtrails

Hello Claus,

Thanks for pointing out the spelling corrections.

It seems that wagging your finger about spelling errors is the principle reason for writing to me as you have apparently confused me with the chemtrail debunkers to whom I have alluded.

It's not important, though. Your highly fortified opinions on chemtrails, Reich, and global warming will provide enough 'food for thought' to keep me smiling for the rest of the day, and that's a gift that can't be bought with gold. I'm sure other readers of your letter will also come away from your erudition equally charmed; so you've done a good thing today.

Lifting another man's burden, even for a few moments, is the greatest act of charity that we can perform and it should be commended.

Thanks again.

Sincerely, Ken. .




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