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Interim Battle Report on the Chemtrails War, May 1, 2007

From Ken Adachi (Editor>
Mauy 1, 2007

Subject: chemtrails
From: JS
Date: Tue, May 1, 2007
To: Editor

Hi, Ken:

I've taken note of your diary, and had a question. You provide a detailed account of chemtrail activity in S. Cal. which includes days with and without spraying. I was under the impression that a sufficient amount of cloudbusters and chembusters had been deployed to gift your area and prevent the material from sticking the vast majority of the time, if not all. Can you advise? Have TPTB been ramping up the HAARP engine even more so?

Speaking of which, both today and yesterday in the Bay Area started out in the early morning as typical spring crystal-clear days. By mid-late morning, a salvo consisting of a transmuted and untransmuted chemtrail mess came out of nowhere. I nearly fell ill by the end of today. Positively hideous!

J. S.


Hi JS,

Unfortunately, the Dark Side (Air Force on the operational level) continually tries to bypass our efforts to keep the sky cleared of their poisons, so we have to try and figure out their latest gimmick and attempt to defeat it. Black beams seem to be the latest development in their high tech arsenal to try and get chemtrails to "stick" and deliver their poisonous cargo. Predatory aliens working with the Dark Side are surely involved, as UFOs, silvery orbs, and chemtrail spraying ' cubes'-which pop in and out of visibility-routinely show up in chemtrail operations and are being caught on digital photos more often these days.

In the earliest phase of CB deployment (late 2001, early 2002), the sky did clear rather dramatically and quickly, but they took steps to counter that; even adding non-DOR (harmless) substances to the spray so the sky would continue to LOOK overcast and not break into blue. They wanted to demoralize us into thinking that the CB was having no effect at all. It was not true, of course, but appearance wise, it LOOKED as if the CB was no longer working. Carol Croft mentioned that to me at the time. This was BEFORE the Giant Sylphs started showing up in big numbers in early 2004.

The Sylphs are doing the bulk of the neutralizing and transmutation work on chemtrails. The CB acts like a beacon to draw the Sylphs in and the INTENTION of the CB owner plays into the mix. I'm now getting e-mail from people who find that they can bust chemtrails with intention (mind) alone.

You are far better off with a CB than without one, in my opinion. CB and TBs gifted to cell phone towers will help to draw in Sylphs and still function as "OR" transmitters and convert atmospheric DOR into OR. We found that adding blessed water (Lilly Ochescu) and agnihotra ash (Al Gray) seem to improve the CB, along with sacred geometry coils and Royal Cubit or Lost Cubit (Slim Spurling) lengths applied to silver hexagrams (Mr. E in Canada). Adding a variety of crystals and curing the resin with special frequencies seems to also help (Dr. Len Horowitz).

On most "chemtrails days" in my area , the Sylphs seem to win the battle completely. You can see the banks and banks of transmuted clouds by late afternoon or early evening and you intuitively "feel" that the chemtrail soup was completely neutralized. On other days, you can see that portions of the chemtrails are still intact and that the Sylphs couldn't do the job 100%. On some days (very rarely), you don't see ANY Sylphs show up and the chemtrail soup 'whiteout' remains all day long. I have to assume that Sylphs can't be everywhere at the same time and that sometimes they are forced to neglect my area so that they can work on another part of the world that has greater priority at that moment. It's an ongoing 'battle' to be sure, and we don't always win every time. However, it's very important to bear in mind that you are an IMMORTAL BEING, temporarily housed within a fleshy physical body, and that you have the POWER TO CREATE with your thoughts and your intentions.

You also need to remember that for every negative turn of events that seems to favor the agenda of the Dark Side, there is ALWAYS a positive 'answer' to that problem that will be given to someone on our side and that 'answer' will find its way onto the internet and it will eventually become known to us- of that, you can be sure. .

Never allow yourself to fall into anxiety, despair or defeatism, since you only HELP them and HURT yourself whenever you do that, as they FEED off negative emotions. Negative emotions are literally a FOOD for negative aliens and demonic beings. DON'T FEED THEM!.

Starve them into submission (and conversion) using LOVE, CONFIDENCE, and OPTIMISM. They hate that! It WEAKENS them to no end!

Sincerely, Ken


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