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Chemtrails- Real or Fake?

January 15, 2008

Subject: Chemtrails- Real or Fake?
From: Josh
Date: Tue, January 15, 2008 7:51 am
To:   Editor

Hey Ken,

I visit your site daily along with several others. I've really been into this kind of stuff you have on your website. I've been very skeptical about everything I've read. As for chemtrails, I do not find enough substantial evidence to prove that they are real or fake. Here are some valid reasons from a skeptics point of view.

-Depending on what the alleged purpose of the chemtrail spraying would be, spray released above 30,000 feet is likely to be dispersed in a highly unpredictable manner, due to high-altitude winds.

-Assuming drugging the population is the purpose, the people behind the conspiracy would breathe the same air the population breathes, so any harm inflicted on the population would also be inflicted on those in charge of the conspiracy.

-Official and governmental bodies have consistently denied the existence of such spraying, although a Guardian article in April 2002 reported on a government report which provided a comprehensive official history of Britain's biological weapons trials between 1940 and 1979.

-To do this would require the cooperation and silence of a large number of low level employees of fuel/airline companies (either in the capacity of the contaminator or allowing the contamination to take place). It would be difficult to keep this a secret.

-The Discovery Channel program "Best Evidence" tested commercial jet fuel during an episode entitled "Chemical Contrails" in 2007 and found no significant traces of aluminum or sulfur.

I'm not saying they arn't real or anything, but I do keep a skeptics view on the subject. I have tried making clouds dissapear by looking at them and they always do before the ones around them, which I'm not too sure what to think of that.

If you have any significant reasons as to why chemtrails are real, I'd much like to hear an opinion from your point of view.

Kind regards,

-Josh St.Amand


Hello Josh,

If all skeptics were as polite and non-confrontational as you, I would have a much greater opinion of skeptics.

I will answer the specifics which you raise in this letter, but a longer, in-depth explanation can be found at my web site and others. Beyond the thousands of articles and hundreds of web sites devoted to this topic found on the internet, people like Len Horowitz, David Icke, William Thomas, Chris Carnicom, etc. have produced both books and DVDs on chemtrail spraying. The documentation of this activity is substantial and very thorough.

Addressing your points:

Spraying takes place A) above 30,000 feet, B) at mid level, and C) even at low level (below 10,000 feet). Most commonly, we see high level spraying. There's nothing 'unpredictable' about the fallout from the spraying. They know EXACTLY what happens to their soup of poisons. They know how long it remains aloft and how long it takes to fall to the ground. The military had worked out all the details of chemtrail dispersion from the 1960s-1980s. They know precisely what to expect. Nothing is left to chance.

It's more than "drugging" the population. That's a faulty characterization. It's more  accurate to describe it as long term and chronic POISONING of the population with the intent of compromising immunity so that the weakest or most vulnerable among us will quickly succumb to virulent bio-engineered pathogens that they will release at a later stage. Chemtrails serve multiple purposes, but population reduction is at the top of their list. The goal is to reduce the world's population by roughly 85-90% That means killing off about 5.5 Billion people within a few decades.

The notion that the perpetrators would be poisoning themselves has been addressed in many essays about chemtrails, but briefly: 

Government weapons designers would NEVER put out a biological weapon in which they did not possess a foolproof antidote for. The Illuminati, the inner government, etc. have access to technology that is easily 100 years in advance of anything we are told about. They're obtained much secret technology from their alien pals which can reverse aging and reverse any disease condition. They can time reverse cellular tissue back to a pre-disease state. This is what Antoine Priore was working on in France in the 1970's when they pulled out the rug from under him. They have the ability to detoxify and remove any poison they are spraying. When they release their most virulent pathogens, the government elites and their military minions will be located miles below earth in deep underground bases. Trust me, they won't be topside when the Bad Times really begin to roll.

Of COURSE officialdom and the government have repeatedly denied chemtrail spraying -- they're the ones doing it to us! Would you expect them to admit it? The government does nothing BUT lie to the American public, now or at any time in the past. Is this news to you?

It's not hard to keep a lid on a worldwide genocide operation when only those with a "need to know" are fed a tightly limited amount of info that they need in order to do their job, but no more. It's only the traitors and planners at the very top who are aware of the full story. And they are already fully committed, programmed, and mind controlled to carry out the takeover agenda.

Those at the top are usually reptilian shape shifters or are human/alien hybrids. Most are not normal human beings in any sense of the word. Although they may APPEAR to be human, they are not human. Someone who has access to much higher inside information than I, had it confirmed that about 70% of the US Senate are reptilians masquerading as human beings.

Beyond the 'need to know' straight jacket, those who play ball with the illuminati are up to their eyeballs in blackmail evidence. Anyone who dares step out of line is ruined in quick order and winds up in the poor house, if not dead or in jail.  You don't understand that the people they choose to work for them have no inner spiritual strength or moral convictions of any substance. They don't choose upstanding men of character or choir boys for their troops; they groom their own army (from childhood) of abused, mind controlled, perverted, and obedient robots who are well paid, receive incredible perks, and are free of criminal prosecution --as long as they play ball.

Most people will blindly obey orders if they are paid ENOUGH money, and these people are paid LOTS of money. Buying people off (and being promised safety and protection in the End Times) is the way 99% of these minions stay in line -- and keep their mouth shut. And even then, SOME have broken free and have been willing to tell what they know- at great risk of being harmed or killed. I speak of people like Brice Taylor, Cisco Wheeler, Arizona Wilder, Cathy O'Brien, Branton, etc.

The Discovery Channel, while frequently informative on non-classified issues, will act as a disinformation outlet for sensitive issues which the inner government wishes to keep under wraps. I could say as much for all of the well known 'documentary' programs such as Frontline, NOVA, etc. Looking to the Discovery Channel for a true presentation of the facts is a little naive. ALL mainstream media is under FULL control. Have no doubts about it.  

Chris Carnicom and William Thomas, among others, have taken numerous air and ground samplings of chemtrail fallout. High levels of barium, aluminum, and other metals are almost always found. You need to do more reading on my Chemtrails page and then go to www.carnicom.com for even more fallout analysis. 

If you read my essay on The Visual Ray, then you should already know why the cloud you are staring at breaks up and disappears. You are withdrawing the orgone energy (which holds the cloud together) FROM the cloud INTO your body via the "rays" coming from your eyes-which act as wave guides. The human body is a repository of orgone energy (the "life force" within) which is at a HIGHER concentration than the orgone energy holding the cloud together. If you study Wilhelm Reich's orgonomy, you would know that orgone energy moves from a Lower POTENTIAL (concentration)  towards a HIGHER potential, exactly OPPOSITE of what you were taught in school to be the Second "Law" of Thermodynamics.

You can learn much more about chemtrails if you invest the time and the DESIRE to discover (and uncover) the truth of things ON YOUR OWN. We live in a time when you have this marvelous library and research center sitting right on your desk. You merely have to type in the words " google.com" and start digging. Self discovery of things true is FAR more thrilling and fulfilling than having to depend on someone else to do the digging for you.

Good luck and best regards,

Ken Adachi


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"I'm not entirely convinced that chemtrails are worse or different from contrails" (June 27, 2007)


Subject: chemtrails
From: Dan
Date: Mon, January 21, 2008
To: Editor

Hi Ken,

I read that letter from the chemtrail skeptic that you recently responded to. I just want to say that I watched the chemtrail "best evidence" program on Discovery Channel and I just wanted to say that it was (surprise, surprise) a piece of crap. So they tested some commercial grade jet fuel and there was none of the stuff in it that some people say is in chemtrails? Wow what a f___ing surprise! Hey, Discovery, how about testing a CHEMTRAIL and see what's in that? Oh, and guess what, the military wouldn't give a sample of military grade jet fuel, oh well. Guess what else, the guy from NASA they talked to totally poo-pooed the notion of there being anything in the skies other than a normal contrail. What a revelation, a guy from
NASA says chemtrails don't exist. They referred to the people who raised questions about chemtrails as, "chemtrail believers". So what, that puts chemtrails on par with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny?

I could go on, but you get the picture. By reading your site and others like it I've learned a little about independent critical thinking. How can people swallow the pablum that Discovery Channel et al. feeds them? Don't they find it bland, tasteless, and lacking in nutrition? But, I guess if you eat at McDonalds three or more times a week you get pretty used to that kind of fare. Ok enough of the rant.

Thanks for the education,



Jan 21, 2008

To : Ken Adachi
P.o. Box 3046
Costa Mesa, CA 92628

Hello Ken:

I love your 'style' when replying to the 'rude', the 'insulting' and the 'uninformed'. I liked the letter from the skeptic "Chemtrails, Real or Fake, Jan.15"
The writer was courteous and not self-rightous as so many skeptics are. The Discovery Channel show that he refered to is easily 'debunked' by anyone that has looked into the chemtrail question.

1) The truth was told for only the first 10 minutes. They admitted that independent laboratory analysis showed levels of barium and aluminum oxide in excess of 20 times normal readings but failed to mention the rest of the analysis.

2) After the first comercial break, the government witnesses were refered to as the 'experts' and those raising the chemtrail question were refered to as 'the true believers' - psychology 101.

3) After the second comercial break and for the remainder of the show, the entire focus of the program was about the mechanics of high altitude spraying. The narrator of the show said "some people allege" (nobody specific) that the chemtrails are made by mixing the barium and aluminum oxide with the jet fuel and thus is expelled in the exhaust. More than 30 minutes of air time was devoted to disproving this theory with aviation 'experts'.

After much reading on the subject of chemtrails, the only source I can find claiming that they come from jet exhaust is the Discovery channel. I have no doubt that real airline mechanics got a good laugh from that part. If jet fuel was full of particulate matter, would that not displace some of the fuel in the tank? Would it not clog up the fuel lines themselves? Disproving ridiculous theories is NOT the "Best Evidence" in my humble opinion.

4) After 1 hour of nonsense, still no explanation from the 'experts' why there are levels of barium and aluminum oxide at more than 20 times normal.

Obliviously, the Discovery channel is controlled as tightly as our news media and would have us believe 'lone gunmen', 'magic bullets' and 'muslims with boxcutters'. As we all try to 'educate ourselves' and those around us, the question arises from friends and family: "HOW can you believe such stuff?".

My answer is twofold: first and formost, NOBODY'S BELIEFS CAN CHANGE THE TRUTH.

Second, I. personally don't need to believe anything. I simply want to hear all the evidence and let the truth sort itself out. The truth might set us free.

Please forgive my long rambling rant. The courteous skeptic inspired me to write about that awfull disinfo show on Discovery Channel.

I also wanted to ask: isn't it strange that the recent UFO sighting over Texas, witnessed by so many, was not accompanied by video? Where are the pictures? If this incident happened as was reported, SOMEBODY must have pictures.

Please keep up the work you are doing, the world needs as much 'education' as it can get.

Best wishes; William .



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