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Chemtrail Poisoning Noted in Israel
August 20, 2007

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From: Yaakov
To: Editor
Sent: Monday, August 20, 2007
Subject: chemtrails Question

Greetings Ken Adachi;
I was sent links to your site by a friend in the USA. It strengthened my suspicions about something that's been going on here. The local Illuminati have publicly sworn to crush our sector (religious) of the population. The past few years we have noticed & someone has documented a repeating cycle of epidemic type disease patterns in all of our towns & neighborhoods, & that this phenomenon can NOT be explained away by any lack of hygiene.

I have also noticed that the 'epidemics' generally start after fly-overs of unmanned drones, encircling helicopters or momentary water supply stoppage for purported repair work on water supply mains. Also there have a strange increase of "training maneuvers" of fighter jets with visible contrails at various altitudes, often low, over our towns followed by such outbreaks as well.

This latter trick being followed 3 weeks later by an immense additional injection of chlorine into our water supply (so much that even with multistage activated carbon filters you can still smell & taste the chlorine) & the epidemic stops spreading (until the next wave). These usually are either odd low-grade/no fever digestive system diseases, or respiratory or a combination of the 2.

Do you have, or can you find, corroborating info on this suspicion?

Yaakov B


Hello Yaakov,

Your observations are correct. You are being poisoned. It's not a suspicion, it's a provable certainty.

I have many articles and links to articles and web sites which lay out the story. Dr. Len Horowitz produced a book a few years ago devoted to chemtrails. called "Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism & Toxic Warfare" (search on amazon)

It's worldwide campaign to reduce the world's population by roughly 85% . They want the world to have a top population of no more than 500 million people.

China is not being sprayed, one of the few large countries not being poisoned. China is being groomed to become the world's leading nation-militarily and economically- replacing the United States. They plan to destroy the entire middle east with their trumped up ethic hatred campaigns and the "Armageddon/End Times/Revelations" nonsense which is explained on my British -Israel page.

You can take steps to detoxify the body and remove many of the contaminants you are breathing. We use chembusters to break up chemtrails and encourage the influx of Sylphs which literally 'DIGEST" and "transmute" the noxious elements being sprayed. Most people with a conventional education find this impossible to believe, but it's true all the same.

Chemtrail dispersion

See "chembusters"


Send me a copy of the report which IDs the recurring "epidemic" I would like to publish it.

Regards, Ken

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