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Heavy Chemtrails over Central North Carolina
March 6, 2007

Heavy Chemtrails over Central North Carolina (Mar. 7, 2006)

Subject: chem trails and other stuff
From: Chuck
Date: Tue, March 6, 2007
To: Editor

: Ken,

I have been reading over your site for some time now and wanted to send you a note and let you know while I dont personally believe all thats there it is a great resource and contains a lot of good information. Thanks for fighting the good fight. I have mounds of information related to nearly every topic on your site and I would love to share it with you. Plenty of it firsthand experiences from me, and other interesting items.

For now though, its chem trails on the brain. Today 3/6/07 at my home in central north carolina there is some heavy duty chem trail spraying going on. About 10am I went to a local open air market and found what was a scene straight out of a movie somwhere. The sky was loaded with CT's and most of the people looked like and acted like they were drugged. I couldnt find the items I had come to purchase, and other items of interest were unusually overpriced. After I get home I see CT's in the distance where I had come from, but nice blue sky over my house. Within 15 minutes
at least 6 planes were spraying heavily directly over my house!! The sky is now milky white and I dont dare go out with so much crap in the air. I have never seen this much spraying at any one time before. I called for sylphs, but nothing. Maybe I'm not as in tune as I would like to think.

Not hard to believe considering everything recently. I just resigned from a high stress tech job, so maybe before long I can settle down and get some help out here. I know this is a holographic universe, but I have been so stressed out and upset recently I have been unable to make any positive changes. I guess thats partially what CT's are supposed to do. Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon if you can find the time to reply. Send some positive energy my way I could use it now. Thanks much, in advance. Feel free to post as you see fit, but please remove my last name for any public display for now.

In love,



Hi Chuck,

You need to make or buy orgone generators and toss a 4 oz muffin size TB at every cell phone tower within 2 mile radius of your house. You should also "gift" every pond or stream in your area. You need to build or buy a chembuster and put it in your backyard. The orgone generators act like a beacon for the Sylphs and pull them right into your neighborhood.  It's not going to get better until you do the above. Then, you're going to write me and tell me "Holy cow, I can't believe it! The sky is full of Sylphs!"

So how much longer are you gonna wait before you do what you have to do?

Let me know

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: chem trails and other stuff
From: Chuck
Date: Thu, March 8, 2007
To: Editor

Hey Ken,

Thanks for the reply, and posting the article.

You're right, I want to get started right away. I have a spring in my back yard and a small creek system not far away, not sure how many death towers are in a 2 mile radius, but it's a lot. I don't mind getting my hands dirty, so I will try to find a source of metal particles, crystals and get started ASAP with the chembuster, and other items. Will keep you updated, also getting other information together for you. Will include pics too. My wife had the camera Tuesday, or I would have some now.

I see some have notice strange effects using a chembuster, so if thats the case I can't wait to see the results, because my little piece of earth has seen some strange things already. All I can say is hold on...

Here comes the hot stepper!!



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