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Chemtrails and Odd Weather in the UK
June 29, 2007

Chemtrails and Odd Weather in the UK (June 29, 2007)

Subject: Chemtrails and Odd Weather in the UK
From: Tatt
Date: Thu, June 28, 2007
To:   Editor

Thank you for your fast response. Reading about such things have interested me for a long time. Would you consider making a video/documentary to express your fascinating ideas?

And on the subject of chemtrails. This year has been quite a "dodgy" one shall I say. There's been freak weather occurances and a tornado type cloud formed in Shropshire I believe last weekend and there's been numerous floodings throughout the UK. It's summer time and it feels like winter! Are these due to chemtrails affecting the weather or is the government secretlyconducting geo-engineering to achieve something?

I thank you again,

Yours Sincerely, Tatt


Hi Tatt,

The chemtrails work in league with microwave towers, the GWEN, ELF tower system and HAARP installations (expanding more each year around the world) to control weather in any direction desired.

The recent "mile wide" so-called "tornado" that wiped out an entire town in the midwest of the USA about 3 months ago was artificially created. There is no such thing as a "mile wide tornado" The covert weather manipulators and their corporate propagandists CALLED it a "mile wide tornado", but it was an ARTIFICIALLY created mile-wide WIND STORM created with Tesla-based scalar technology.

The five destructive hurricanes of August-September of 2005 (E.g. Katrina) were also artificially created, pumped up, and steered right smack into targeted locations (New Orleans, etc.)

The manipulators had predicted in early Feb. of 2006 over their propaganda media outlets that there would be 7 or 8 utterly devastating hurricanes in 2006. We didn't have even one of any consequence. They had over played their hand in 2005 and there was no longer enough "Etheric Ice" available in the Atlantic Ocean to create those new storms in 2006. ZS Livingstone wrote all about it.

You are seeing the same artificial manipulation of weather in the UK. Tornadoes occurring in areas that never traditionally have tornadoes is a clear tip off of HAARP activity.

I can only guess at the reasons for forcing destructive weather:

-They want to increase their control over our lives and they do that by artificially creating "crisis" situations that "require" drastic and urgent emergency responses. Extreme and destructive weather obviously serves that agenda.

-They want to push the bogus "Global Warming" thesis in order to install draconian controls and greater regulations-making money off of us,all the way down the line. Look how much obscene windfall profits were gained by Cheney's rip-off Haliburton Corporation as a result of the artificially induced Iraq War. There's Big Money to be made in the Emergency Response Game, very big money.

-Big weather storms fill up the News Hour with extensive coverage, pushing other matters off the screen; particularly POLITICAL matters that are robbing you of your liberties and privacy. Diversion is the first rule of Machiavellian subterfuge.

Regards, Ken


Subject: Chemtrails..
From: James t
Date: Thu, June 28, 2007 7:07 pm
To: Editor


Welcome back. I wondered what happened to you. I live 2 miles from where the US open was held and it was a beautifull "chemfree" week...then on Sat [the big Open Day] they were out in force. They were overwhelming and I didn't even go out much. I felt so sorry for the fans...30,000 on the greens.

I am half done with my chembuster and it does work sometimes. It'll be done in one week and we shall see. I just read that thing by Micheal -new update- and liked it alot. I am mad at the people that want to destroy my planet. I can neutralize planes affects with a look for the most part.

Write about the Grey mass when you have time.

Take Care, James

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