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Chemtrails Over Bangkok
October 17, 2004

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Subject: Chemtrails Over Bangkok

Dear Editor:

Chemtrails exists also in Bangkok. And here's the clincher. Sometime on the month of August 2004, I saw chemtrails and I thought to myself, in a couple of weeks there will be another SARS or Bird flu viruses. It turns out to be true. Two weeks after I spotted chemtrails over Bangkok, there were reports of bird flu viruses in Thailand after being "successfully controlled".

Apparently the theory is quite simple, chemtrails carries the viruses and birds, being high flying are likely to be the first to get the bird flu. The authorities here are completely stump in a cure for bird flu viruses.

Apparently these authorities never bothered to read a book by the Birdman of Alcatraz who mentioned of a treatment of bird flu using a weak hydrogen peroxide (about 0.5%) concentration along with about 500 mg.-1500 mg of sodium perborate mixed in drinking water. I personally drink this one myself when I feel a virus is coming or when my immunity is weak.

Perhaps your orgone generator will really help in Bangkok, but I don't have one. I do use a counterclockwise very large copper wire about 3 feet in diameter, which brings similar results from your smaller more efficient orgone generators. (it really helps to reduce rain patterns in the area where I live for the last 20 years) just like the cloudbusting experiments mentioned in Reich's research. Perhaps putting orgone generators underwater will cause more rain? Just a speculation.



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