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Chemtrails or Exhaust Fumes?
May 4, 2007

Subject: "Chemtrails"
From: Tami & Doug
Date: Fri, May 4, 2007
To: Editor

Hello Ken !

I have been visiting your website almost every day to read everything I can about what's 'really' going on in the world. As a result, my husband Doug and I have been observing the skies in our area of Bedford, Pennsylvania for Chemtrails.....the thing of it is, we were always under the impression they were just "exhaust fumes" from the commercial airliners flying over us.

Are they one in the same or is there a difference between Chemtrails and 'exhaust fumes' ?? Our skies here have been pretty "busy" lately !

Thanks so much for clarifying this for us.

Tami & Doug Walsh
Bedford, PA


Hi Tami,

You're seeing chemtrails. Commercial jet engines burn fuel so efficiently that you would never "see"  exhaust fumes, especially from such such a great distance, and they couldn't possibly contain enough particulate matter to be seen as a plume. You wouldn't even smell fumes if you were standing relatively close to the plane with their engines running. How many times have you've flown on a commercial jet and could "see" any sort of visible exhaust plume coming out the rear of the engine? Never, right?

There are now a lot of disinformation web sites on the internet which try to convince people that they are seeing jet engine "exhaust" or the "formation of cirrus clouds" from jet engine exhaust, etc.. It's nonsense, utter bogus nonsense. The "explanations" being offered up by these disinformation web sites to account for chemtrails are so preposterous that it doesn't deserve serious discussion.

Always trust your own intuition to discern the truth of things and, of course, trust what your own eyes are clearly showing you: these planes are spraying out an aerosol spray that will gradually fan out into what are properly identified as CHEMTRAILS. They aren't "clouds", they aren't "contrails", and they certainly aren't exhaust fumes. They're chemtrails.

Regards, Ken

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