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Chemtrails, Sylphs, & The Power of Prayer
June 22, 2008

Chemtrails, Sylphs, & The Power of Prayer (June 22, 2008)

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From:  Thomas
To: Editor
Sent: Sunday, June 22, 2008
Subject: Chemtrails & Sylphs & The Power of Prayer

Dear Ken,

I have read your notice about the e-mail hassles, and regret to hear that You're having such problems. Hopefully this message finds its way to you...

I am just writing to let you know about my most recent experiences regarding the Sylph phenomenon, which I first learned about from reading your website.

I saw my first Sylph almost three years ago, when I was living in Pasadena, CA, after reading about them on your site and thinking, 'yeah, right'. At the time, I managed to see a single, dragon-shaped sylph attack, and completely dissolve, the intersection of two gigantic chemtrails which had converged somewhere North of Pasadena, over the San Gabriel Mountains. It was only then that I thought, 'they're real!'.

My experience that happened this past Friday (June 20th) was every bit as incredible, except multiplied by a factor of 10,000. I was driving north from Cincinnati in my gas-guzzling F-150 on my 40 miles commute to Centerville, Ohio (just south of Dayton) when through my windshield I spied Operation Cloverleaf going into overdrive in the skies over Dayton. It was about 9:00 am at the time, and it looked as though the spray planes had been at work for quite some time. The sky looked overcast, pale, and sickly.

As I was driving, I did not have time to stop, but traffic was light on Route 48 so I leaned forward, braced my forearms against my steering wheel, and said the following prayer:

"Dear Lord Jesus, please give your Sylphs the power to destroy these chemtrails today, Thank You and Amen."

With that, I continued on to work and clocked in, forgetting about what I had seen, and the brief prayer I had made.

When I left work that evening (around 6:15 pm) I looked up and was blessed with the most beautiful sight I have ever seen: the skies were ALIVE WITH SUNSHINE streaming gloriously thorugh the most amazing ARMADA of Sylphs I had ever seen!! There were literally thousands of Syplhs, of all shapes and sizes, flying high over a beautiful sky which looked GLORIOUS and VIBRANT with positive energy.

The Sylphs were in the shapes of Cranes, Dragons, and others which I could not place but in fact I also saw at least one which looked distinctly Angelic in appearance, in fact it looked like a human with wings, or what people commonly believe Angels to look like.

I am now convinced that these beings are in fact ANGELS which have been sent to save us and I only hope that now more people may know the power of PRAYER to bring angels into their life, or as it says in the Bible "Ask and Ye shall receive".

Love Your site, keep up the good work--



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