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Chemtrails: "What can I do about it? "
November 4, 2006

Subject: large amount of chem trails WV
From: Jean
Date: Sat, November 4, 2006 9:38 am
To:   Editor

November 4 2006 1100 am
Hi Ken,

Today upon going out on my deck from my home I am seeing a large spraying of chem least 8 tracts across the small portion of sky I can visualize. My home is situated in a valley bordered by 2 hills that block my view of the horizon, so the view I get is of a small portion of the sky. Noting that, there is a tremendous amount of sky saturated with these trails. I am disturbed by this. What does it mean and my sky has went from a beautiful blue to hazy white. Has anyone else reported a surge of this chemtrail activity? What can I do about it?

I know if I write anyone in government they will think I am crazy but today it is so thick and obvious even my neighbors mentioned it...

Any suggestions...?

Jean C


Hi Jean,

Oh yes, I've got lots of sugestions.

All of your questions are already addressed on my Chemtrails page.

You need to read about orgone generators and the Chembuster and then to install them in your area.

Read about Sylphs too:

Don't bother writing the government. They know all about chemtrails because they are the ones involved in spraying them. Of course, they won't tell you that. They probably won't say you are crazy, but they will treat you like a child and either patronize or humor you. Perhaps they'll even tell you to write your congressman; that seems to be a favorite "har, har" around the water cooler.

Tell the neighbors about the chembuster too and you can share the labor and cost.

We have effectively defeated the chemtrail spraying operation in my immediate area and in many other areas around the world by installing chembusters and orgone generators. You can do the same thing and enjoy the same improvements.

I posted this "Goodbye Chemtrails" article in January of 2002.

It tells you just how effeective a chembuster can be to clear up those skys.

That article is found linked in the FIRST paragraph of my HOME page

It's right here:

Chemtrail Dispersion, Transmutation, & Elimination!.. An Important Development. **Please Read **Update, Nov. 2004
In January of 2002, I posted an article to this web site titled Goodbye Chemtrails, Hello Blue Skies which described a simple, homemade invention developed by Don Croft labeled a Chembuster. This new invention, inspired by Wilhelm Reich's Cloudbuster, demonstrated that it was possible to disperse and break up chemtrails, allowing for a return of normal blueness to the sky, an invigoration of the air with a clean, fresh smell and the production of rain in those areas where drought is being artificially created by HAARP and other secret weather controlling technologies. The Chembuster incorporates three common elements that, when mixed together, produce an orgone generator, a device which transmutes the negative polarity of atmospheric orgone energy into the positive polarity of that energy. The negative polarity of orgone, coined "DOR" by Wilhelm Reich, is the "glue" which holds chemtrails together. Reversing the polarity of the atmospheric orgone envelope causes the chemtrails to break up and disperse. Over the next two years, as more Chembusters were being constructed and set up by readers who became aware of this phenomenon, the concentration of atmospheric DOR sufficiently reduced in those areas to allow an influx of Giant Sylphs into the 'chembusted' atmospere. Sylphs are intelligent air elementals which can literally overlay and transmute chemtrails into real clouds. I realize that it's hard to believe that ordinary people can destroy chemtrails in the manner described, but we have the photos and testimonials to confirm the claim. No one has to continue to tolerate chemtrail 'bombardments' any longer. You can clear your sky of chemtrails! Read the links and view the photos to understand more about Sylphs and chemtrails.

Let me know what action you decide to take.

Regards, Ken

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