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Letters to The Editor

Dick Cheney, A Most Dangerous Enemy to Humanity
March 17, 2008 .

Subject: Mitigation
From: Janet (UK)
Date: Mon, March 17, 2008
To: Editor

Hello Ken and Philip,

I was reading about April 1st and I thought about your call for help. We all need help. Dick Chaney is your most Dangerouse enemy, the whole of humanity's dangerouse enemy. This guy wants a scorched Earth. He doesn't care a toot about any of us because he can take his familiy and himself to an underground base. We all need to find a way to stop this creep from suceeding in getting a war on Iran. We are all in Danger

I will do what I can to help you all, but keep in your awareness that a lot of this might be red herrings from the TPTB. The real danger lies with Dick Chaney.

May the Force be with us all in these dodgy times

Lots of Love

Weymouth UK


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