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Letters to The Editor

A Clarification from The Chief Minister,
Ministries Of Humanitarian Council
July 9, 2006

Subject: A/The Link To The Masses
Date: Mon, July 3, 2006 7:10 am
To: Editor <E-mail>

: Ken,

I am Ken Cartier, Sr., the Chief Minister of Ministries Of Humanitarian Council (not in any association with religion).

I have found that many will listen to me once I have open the mind to what is seen as real. This method stems from the laws that, currently, govern our land (USA). When I help them obtain the justice as it it written, they listen to other facts of which I present.

I would like for you to place my info in your listing. Once I have proven to the individual that we do control what is right, the mind is open to all.

Coming as, both, an entity of peace and one of several common denominator to help balance the equation,

Kenneth W. Cartier, Sr., Chief Minister
Ministries Of Humanitarian Council

Time as we know it is running out.

Subject: Re: A/The Link To The Masses
From: Editor <E-mail>
Date: Tue, July 4, 2006

Hi Ken,

I can't really do anything until you give me more information. I really don't know what you are offering or what you do, etc.

You'll have to explain yourself in greater depth before I can make any sort of decision.

Kind Regards, Ken

Subject: Re: A/The Link To The Masses
Date: Sun, July 9, 2006 9:04 am
To: Editor <E-mail>


Apologizing for the vagueness of this submission and understanding that you are a busy person, I will now provide the needed details.

To begin, the corruption of which we face from higher levels can only be fault from the grounds of which make us equal, being the courtroom.

The program and teachings of which we assist in providing not only educates and arms the average citizen but will later become a joint effort tool.

By attending either of these seminars, you will gain that of which is listed below, and more. It makes no difference if your going up against your neighbor or the president of the United States, with these teachings, if you have the cause, the facts, and the elements, you win. It's that simple.

• Power to control corrupt judges and crooked lawyers

• Knowledge to properly file and defend every kind of lawsuit

• Skill to command the other side to produce critical evidence

• Ability to use 'legal language' the court's recognize

• Know-how that puts the winning facts and controlling law into the court record

• Techniques that protect you from dismissal or defeat

• Increased courtroom confidence, knowing you know what you need to know

Our author/attorney, shares inside secrets lawyers don't want you to know ... gained from 20 years of courtroom experience in state and federal courts.

Like all of our author/attorney's teachings, seminars are for everyone who wants to learn quickly and easily what it takes to win a lawsuit, or defend their self from someone out to harm them.

With all of this in mind, understand that when more and more cititens learn and understand these simple princiles that we can then join forces on ANY political issue of which we (jointly) choose. This method forces the other side to provide an answer or change the manner of which they conduct business.

In closing, if we can show the average citizen that they are not as weak as they have been lead to beleive, then they will stand up. At this time my
dr./author/attorney friend are joining efforts to make sure that this happens and you are in the position to help.

Contact Dr. Frederick Graves yourself, if you would like, at [phone number removed].

Seeking your support to support you,

Kenneth W. Cartier, Sr.

Chief Minister Of Ministries Of Humanitarian Council

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