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12 Year Old Covertly Trained to Remote View at Special "School" in London
September 5, 2008

12 Year Old Covertly Trained to Remote View at Special "School" in London (Sept. 10, 2008)

Subject: child remote viewers in south west london
From: Martin I Morris
Date: Fri, September 5, 2008
To: Editor

Dear Sir,

My partner recently directed me to your site in the hope it may help me. In the early 1980s, I lived in London. I was not very academic, more of a disobedient day dreamer. I don't know why this was. I came from a normal, stable family. Apart from suffering mild epilepsy, I was normal. As I wasn't doing well at school, I was sent to a (centre) in Clapham Old Town London. Here things really started to go crazy for me.

I suffered a lot of de-jar-vu , and while watching TV,or reading the papers, I could always see another take on what I was being told or reading. The "school", as it was known, only had a handful of students attending, and did not follow the regular curriculum. It was very informal and loose. Once a week, we were taken on days out for "field trips", but we never saw any fields. It was always in large, strange buildings, often in Greenwich East London, the Thames Barrier and next to Hampton Court.

Now my problem is my memories from these places are quite bizarre. And now I'm beginning to doubt them myself. These were the days before the PC and TV plasma screens etc, but I swear they had them there. I think we were being used to do things remotely on these screens.

I could swear there was a large humming noise. Everything was made of metal; and cable like I've never seen: millions of thin cables. Is any of
this possible?

Here I met another kid my age ( I was 12 at the time). His name was Tim. We got on well and spoke often. He told me we were in the school because of our teeth! He claimed that our teeth were implanted with something to control and follow us. 'Crazy' I thought at the time.

Amongst other things he told me, were that we should never eat cheap meat! We were being sprayed with little creatures from aero planes and that a handful of "companies" would one day rule the world over!

Bear in mind, we were 12 years old. I thought he was plain mad. He spoke of tiny machines that we could not see by eye, living on us and relaying information back to "they" he used to say. Tim was always treated with kid gloves on these days out. There was always two little brown men (perfectly human, just incredibly small) helping him to do work.

As I said, my memories are very strange, but I remember us being tested on lights and puzzles. I can not remember what this testing was about, but it was not normal surely. Then I noticed something that was very, very frightening. Three other kids and this Tim had fits, epileptic fits. No parents were called and no doctors; just a couple of Indian nurses who did not speak English I think. It was then I realised that we all had something in common. This is the most confusing period of my life

What I'm about to say may make you dismiss my letter, but please don't. It's only the memories of a child, and may not make sense, BUT I think I've been underneath Greenham Common in an Army camp; I'm sure I have. So sure, it freaks me to just think about it.

I had to think things there, I'm sure of it. After two years at this school, I was sent back to mainstream education.

I went on to grow up (I'm now 41) and I keep thinking of the things I was told. A couple of years later, B.S.E [Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis~ Mad Cow's Disease] = "cheap meat"? "Sprayed by planes" = Chemtrails? Poison in the water to stop us breeding = fluoride, estrogen; to name but a few I've noticed over the years.

Now the part that really scares me is last year. I had traveled to India to have some cheap dental work done while on holiday. I needed a copy of my dental records and I nearly fainted when I read the first ever dental treatment I had was in 1978: a root canal filling in a 7 year old child? Done
by a NHS [National Health Service] traveling dentist who visited our remote school. Is this possible? My parents were always proud how I had such good teeth. This was never mentioned to me, ever.

When something happens on the news, I seem to know so much about it and I wonder how? The new ID cards and chips are coming just like Tim said. The water is poisonous. God knows what's coming out those chemtrails!!

So please tell me what you think. To myself, I sound like a loony, but I know what I was told and what I've done. So it's not all lies. What can it be?

You seem very well informed on such subjects. Can you point me in the right direction? It's very strange to sit here and see things unfolding and I'm thinking at the time: 'oh my God, I knew that'. But how? It's only just coming out [in the news]. How could I'd have known?

Yours Sincerely,

Martin I Morris


Hello Martin,

You were trained in Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing as part of a covert government mind control operation, likely Project Mannequin, a top secret NSA program in Britain that was only recently exposed (2007) by James Casbolt. There are many British children (surely thousands, but very likely tens of thousands) who have been subjected to this training, so you shouldn't feel you are facing this alone. You were subjected to mind control in order to keep the memories of your training and other experiences at the "school" hidden from your conscious mind.

After a period of 20 to 30 years, however, fragmentary memories of the programming events begin to leak back into the conscious mind and the person starts having inexplicable flashback memories of weird and strange events; at least that's the way it happens to a lot of victims of mind control. In your case, you remembered your conversations with Tim from the start, so the things he forewarned you about are now becoming more apparent to you and it all seems less 'crazy'. It's natural to doubt yourself since no one told you or asked you if you wanted to be part of this "program". You were chosen as the result of an "aptitude test" that you likely received either before or after being sent to the "school" in Clapham Old Town London.

The fact that you said you were not very academic, but rather a disobedient "daydreamer" tells me that the right side of your brain is more developed than the left side. Therefore, you are more right-brained, or more "intuitive", which means you have above-average psychic ability--and that's what the government was looking for - kids with psychic ability.

You were trained to remote view and remote influence from a distance, so that ability still bleeds through into your conscious, everyday life. Because of your training, your subconscious mind instantly becomes aware of the events you are seeing on the TV news or might read about in the newspaper. That's why you are having the apparent "de-jar-vu" experiences. The info is bleeding through from your subconscious mind into your conscious mind.

It's possible you were trained to be a "sleeper" and are not being actively used as a remote viewer. It's also possible that you are being covertly used, but you are unaware of it. The epilepsy, and the epileptic fits that you saw Tim and the others have, may somehow be part of this deal, but I have no idea what's going on in that regard.

James Casbolt will likely know more of your situation than I, so I'll forward your e-mail to him and perhaps he can add more to the story.

You should not be frightened by this information, but rather embrace it and determine to undo this programming and discover what really happened to you. You have talent as a Remote Viewer and need to learn how to access that talent on your own and use it for the benefit of mankind, rather than serve the dark masters of the New World Order. Tim Rifat is in Brighton and has a great deal of expertise in this arena. He may be able to help you (

Tell me more if you care to expand on your story. The more you attempt to dig, the more memories will come to the surface. You should keep a spiral bound notebook and write things down as they come to you.

Regards, Ken

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