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Mother Concerned About Children's TV Programs and Jehovah's Witness History
September 26, 2012

Mother Concerned About Children's TV Programs and Jehovah's Witness History (Sep. 26, 2012)

Subject: Reprogramming, NWO
Date: Mon, September 24, 2012
To: Ken Adachi


I am very sorry to bother you. I have been doing a lot of research in the past couple of months about the Illuminati and NWO. It was actually an accidental discovery when I was doing research on chemtrails, and something led me to the Illuminati and it's control at the Olympics, which apparently are related. However, now I know all this stuff about the Illuminati and masonry, I am seeing the reprogramming everywhere.

I have a kid who watches a lot of television. All of her shows On Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, and PBS have all the symbols such as the all seeing eye, pyramids, 666, black and white checkered floors, pentagrams, suns, etc. There's just too much of it to be a coincidence. It's a poison they don't even bother to try to hide.

Just recently, my daughter has been glued to PBS, and they just brought a new show to the line up called "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" which is a show Fred Roger's family invested it. I don't know why, that this show is just as disturbing to me as"Yo Gabba Gabba". The reprogramming isn't as obvious as "Yo Gabba Gabba". Have you heard of this show, "Daniel Tiger's"? A lot of parents who aren't aware of the whole situation of the NWO, have really been talking a lot about how they love this show. However, I find myself extremely disgusted by this show just has much as I am with the other kiddie shows. However, shutting the television off is impossible because
I've lost all control over her and living with my step father, I have no rights when it comes to disciplining with my own child. So the television has nothing but this garbage on all day.

You have a lot of information on programming a child, but do you have any information on how to deprogram them? I want her to be able to serve God whole souled.

Also, I noticed you have some information about the Watchtower and Awake! magazines. I am Jehovah's Witness (not yet baptized). I am very Leary about churches because of the blatant Satanism that is right in front of people but they don't knot it. However the bible states that we do need that meeting with fellow believers, and I've been happy with the Kingdom Hall, mainly because they aren't trying to rush Baptism. I've known for a while now that Mr. Russel was involved with the Masonic and Illuminati, but I also have reason to believe that he was a blood sacrifice since he died on Halloween Night. Could he have made them mad? I've heard some people say he was trying to warn people through means of symbols and articles, and they killed him. Probable or just rumor?

My relatives, Sir Walter Scott, Walt Whitman, and Henry Longfellow were also involved in the Masons and Illuminati. Knowing that Russel, too was part of it, put the whole Watchtower organization on shaky ground with me, because I have been doing my best to find absolute truth and to be free from anything tied to the Illuminati, including staying away from anything that my relatives have written.

I've gone through all my Watchtower and Awake! magazines and I can't find any symbols tied to Illuminati besides the tower (Tower of Babel I'm assuming, which is also a major tarot card and plays a key role at rmageddon/"the end of the system of things", and was the theme for the Olympics obviously). If you know of any more symbols that are in today's Watchtower and Awake!'s, please let me know because I swore to get rid of everything tied to Satanism and the Illuminati, and that includes, music, movies, AND anything claiming to be for the Sovereign Lord just to do Satan's dirty work.

Again, I am sorry for contacting you. I've tried contacting others, but no one seems to want to help. It's going to take me a few weeks to read through your website, but keep up the good work!




Hi Tyra,

I don't watch TV so I don't know about those shows. I would only allow apporved videos and not TV if I had young kids. You should have a husband and be living in your own home. Where's the father? If you must live with your mother and father in law, then you need to talk to them and get them to cooperate with your desires to raise your children with good influences. Explain your objections to what the child is watching on TV. Ask them to assist you and take charge as the mother. That's your right and obligation.

If you feel good about being with that Jehovah's group then stay with them. Don't worry about the founders and their past. You are not them. If you see they are being influenced in a negative way, then break off with them. If you see symbols that are Illuminati or satanic, then say something to the others (or just disconnect).

Why do you call Sir Walter Scott, Walt Whitman, and Henry Longfellow your relatives?

I don't know the inside story about Russell. It looks like a satanic killing. Halloween is a dead giveaway. The Satanists destroy their own in satanic sacrifice when that person is considered "finished" or at the end of their 'usefulness'. They have the idea that killing the old guard is a way to gain his "power" or demonic influence. These people are totally nuts and about as demented and twisted as you can possibly get. The more evil they do, the more they gain in Lucifer's eyes they think.

You don't need to be part of an organized group to live a Christian life. You can do that on your own. If the group gives you comfort and a sense of purpose and family atmosphere, then stick with them. Use your own judgment on what to get involved with. Don't let other people take away your rights as a mother. You decide what's best for that child and see to it. Use diplomacy and understanding, but be firm and take charge.

Regards, Ken

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