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Comments on China & Michael Moore
April 29, 2011

Comments on China & Michael Moore (April 29, 2011)

Subject: Commenting on Rosie's Thoughts for the Future
From: Jennifer
Date: Fri, April 29, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

The Coming China/Russia Invasion of the United States


Very interesting site by the way!!! I just read Rosie's predictions on China invading the US and also the dream from Vicki about China invading from Oregon. I was watching Fahrenheit 911 by Michael Moore and in that video he comments on the police force in Oregon and the cut backs they have had to take. They at any given night only had 8 troopers on for the ENTIRE state. Tell me why and how one state can have that very few police working and who's behind that. Maybe they are getting prepared for them to attack from there. Just some thoughts.

Take Care!



Hello Jennifer,

I posted Rosie's dream/prediction some years ago. The article still rings true as I re-read it today, but there are new circumstances to consider as time marches on and the evolution of consciousness, both in China and the West can change the outcome of the best laid plans.

Despite all the efforts by the Illuminati to build up China at America's expense, they still have not proven themselves to be Supermen. They do not possess the dedication to precision and exactitude in manufacturing that the Germans, for example, demonstrated in the 1930s and during the war. The society has a tradition of essentially third world agrarian life. It's clear that the Chinese communists wish to present the world with the APPEARANCE of great and rapid advancement in all arenas, but they are largely PURCHASING their modern trappings from other advanced countries, such as Japan, who actually have the expertise. All the showy stuff they wanted us to see at the Beijing Olympics and their snazzy bullet trains etc. are being built and installed for them by Japanese and others.

China is highly polluted and it's getting worse with their rapid expansion and acceleration of manufacturing. The people themselves will become more disheartened over time with communism as their expectations rise and they travel to other countries, like Japan, and see how well the rest of the world lives. Because the Chinese expansion has been ginned up so quickly, many young young Chinese people are arrogant and self deluded by communist propaganda into thinking they will take over the world. It's not going to quite work out that way.

The Chinese communists are being abetted, of course, by the Rockefellers and their NWO minions here in America to devolve this country from within and hopefully set us up for a takeover -eventually- by China. Hillary has already supposedly put up the very real estate of the USA itself as collateral for further Chinese credit. This is part of the Illuminated strategy to create the pretext of a legal claim by China to the very soil of America. This high jinx is apparently intended to provide some sort of justification to us goyim morons (and the UN, etc.) to accept China's claim as binding and legitimate. Of course, Hillary's "commitments" to the Chinese are criminal, unconstitutional, and frankly, insane, but that doesn't seem to matter when we're dealing with Illuminated psychopaths.

Naturally, our Rockefeller-controlled NWO traitors in the Executive and Legislative are helping to set up the China takeover scenario; thus the reason for FEMA concentration camps, the 9/11 'War on Terror', etc.

There are a lot of Chinese troops already billeted on North American soil. They are also in the Panama Canal and maybe in the Caribbean and probably in Mexico. When the local traitors set up the false flag events to create the "need" for martial law, these Chinese (and Russian) troops will be part of the international/UN/ Partnership for Peace BS to justify their presence.

The current rash of killer tornadoes in the Eastern half of the United States are surely being manufactured for us by the military traitors who control that HAARP equipment. I see these events as "softening up" operations, similar to a pre-amphibious invasion bombardment, prior to larger and more devastating "natural" events like major earthquakes along the New Madrid fault or here in California. The same mega-earthquiake scenario that was manufactured for Japan on March 11, 2011, will be attempted here in America--and probably this year. The traitors seem to be pushing the envelope as 2012 approaches.

Michael Moore

Michael Moore is yet another Hollywood propagandist and disinformation peddler of the Left wing of Illuminated counter-intelligence. All of his films serve the Illuminated/Zionist/Rockefeller agenda to deceive gullible Americans into accepting certain postulates. Hollywood is a huge propaganda factory which is owned -lock, stock and barrel - by the Illuminati. You need to remember that. Most well known celebrities and stars of Hollywood films are also under mind control. You need to remember that too. If Michael Moore was bringing truth and light, and represented a REAL threat to the Illuminati agenda, you would never hear of him and you certainly wouldn't be seeing any of his films in major theater chains or on cable and TV outlets.

Don't waste time buying into and digesting the MIND CONDITIONING and mind influencing MEMES being inserted into your subconscious mind by counter-intelligence producers like Michael Moore.

NON-COOPERATION with EVERY single aspect of tyrannical impositions (whether under the guise or color of "law"), police state tactics, and unconstitutional intrusions and coercions being foisted upon us is the KEY to stopping the New World Order gang dead in its tracks.

If enough Americans come to grips with what I've just explained above, the takeover is not going to go down. It's only through ACCEPTANCE and passive resignation to the dismantling of America and acquiescence to the NWO's herding of Americans into ever tighter nets of control, will the takeover succeed. Non-cooperation and collective ACTION to stop the players and the takeover agenda is required of every thinking American citizen

Regards, Ken


Subject: response to your Michael Moore commentary
From: Larry (Germany)
Date: Sun, May 1, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Yet more spot-on insights from you- this time about Michael Moore-

I don't doubt Moore's sincerity for a second- but I just think he hasn't a clue about how he is being manipulated as "controlled opposition" (could he be mind-controlled?- it's a possibility)-

Not to mention "false rebellion": remember his 2000 (2001?) speech at the Oscars where his verbal diatribe regarding "Dubbya" ("You ficticious President!") made waves-

As for Moore's film "Sicko": anyone living in Europe and aware of their own health-care system is aware that Moore has grossly manipulated the facts- no health-care system in Europe or the rest of world is THAT perfect-

Many regards,

Larry M

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